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Anyone watching the BBC mid-day soap? It is very different as part of it is more an anthology series but I gave it a try and it really grew on me. Characters have depth and the interaction between them are well written. Like Mrs Tembe, Zara, Daniel, Valerie, Karen the most and have a soft spot for the new policeman Tyler. This guy is just love.

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January 2018 Episode Rankings
A total of 22 episodes aired this month.

1. Susan Moyle (Valerie Pitman) : 17

2. Owen Brenman (Heston Carter) : 16

*. Adrian Lewis Morgan (Jimmi Clay) : 16

3. Dido Miles (Emma Reid) : 15

4. Laura Rollins (Ayesha Lee) : 14

5. Elizabeth Dermot-Walsh (Zara Carmichael) : 13

*. Lorna Laidlaw (Winifred Tembe) : 13

*. Bharti Patel (Ruhma Carter) : 13

8. Jan Pearson (Karen Hollins) : 12

9. Ian Midlane (Al Haskey) : 11

10. Matthew Chambers (Daniel Granger) : 9

*. Ashley Rice (Sid Vere) : 9

*. Chris Walker (Rob Hollins) : 9

13. Robin Morrissey (Will Hurran) : 8

*. Michael Fatogun (Benjamin Galadima) : 6

15. Laura Ainsworth (Erin Anderson) : 5

*. Aruhan Galieva (Besa Kotti) : 5

16. Sunjay Midda (Shak Hanif) : 1

* Cherrelle Skeete (Lily Baker) : 1

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