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Information about Ex Y&R/GH star Melinda Cordell's death.

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No human being should be treated this way. I could barely stomach reading that post. I'm not sure why these assisted living facilities don't have to undergo more random and unscheduled inspections.  When the neighborhood greasy spoon has to undergo more inspections than an institution that literally has people's lives in their hands, it's very sad.

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Melinda (Plank) Cordell appeared on several soaps:

EON...Lucy Wilson

GH... Natalie/Natasha Dearborn

The Nurses: ...Gail Lucas

Our Five Daughters...Thelma

SFT... Patti Whiting

SS....Mary Stanley

SOM... Denny Corsworth

Y&R ...Dorothy Stevens

         ...Madame Estelle Chauvin


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