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E!'s The Royals

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The Royals has been renewed for a second season before it even premieres!

2015 might just be the renaissance of good primetime soap opera!


So glad that is comes on Sunday at 10--a time where I have an empty slot to watch anything until WWHL comes on.

I just hope that this show, like Empire is doing now, leads to the rejuvenation of primetime soaps and eventually leads to networks wanting to invest in soaps [daytime or primetime] again.

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I enjoyed it, though I find the show uneven because of some of the actors:

Merritt Patterson, who plays Ophelia, is an underwhelming actress and her character is such a Mary Sue that I can't be bothered to care. I enjoyed every nasty thing Queen Helena said to her. William Mosely, who plays Prince Liam, is a bore too. Maybe it's the writing but I don't give a damn about his stupid character.

Vincent Regan, playing King Simon, and Alexandra Park, playing Princess Eleanor, are much stronger and I enjoyed them in their cliched roles. The two actresses who played the knockoff Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie of York, were fun and oh, does it seem like the real life York family went down hard with the writers, Prince Cyrus has all the negative qualities of Prince Andrew, both of the daughters are flame haired like Fergie and the "whore of an ex-wife" line...ouch.

Elizabeth Hurley, playing Queen Helena, and Jake Maskall, who plays Prince Cyrus, are the best in the bunch because they get to play the villains and neither of them are self conscious, they're going for it and they're clearly having a great time. Hurley's connections in the fashion business paid big dividends with how the show looks: there hasn't been costuming that decadent since Dynasty. Everyone looked incredible, but Hurley especially does, she is an incredible beauty at 50 this year; her body, wowsa - incredible.

The location shooting at Blenheim Palace and around London was fabulous too - location shooting in England makes everything look good.

Ultimately, the achilles heel of this show is the Prince Liam/Ophelia relationship which I just don't care about at all. The antagonists are the ones to watch: I cheer for Queen Helena to destroy them, I cheered when she slapped Prince Liam, I cheered when she trashed Princess Eleanor's tabloid cover and I await Dame Joan Collins' appearance as The Grand Duchess of Oxford.

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Pretty much agreed with DaytimeFan.

I liked many moments [the pot smoking, anything with Helena]. Some of it was uneven.

I thought they overdid it with the funeral bit. Lord, talk about laying it on thick. And the little kid hugging the Prince? Please. LOL

I wasn't sure what to make of Cyrus's daughters at first but I was LMAO at them by the end. I loved their horror at the idea of being commoners, passing drugs under the table, and getting stoned on the throne. LOL.

Cyrus is a bit too mustache-twirling cartoon villain for me but I like the actor and think there's potential there. I loved the shooting scene at the end. That played well.

Liam and Ophelia don't work because they're trying too hard with them. I like the actor playing Ophelia's father. They should focus more on the daughter who's vagina was spread all over the tabloids.

Loving Helena and Elizabeth Hurley. Hurley acts circles around nearly everyone, IMO. I did like how they showed her crying at her son's coffin and then when she was spotted she turned cold again.

Definitely agreed on the actors playing King Simon and Princess Eleanor. Cliched roles for sure but they won me over by the end, I really became interested in them.

I think the ratings were around 1.4 million for the premiere.

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