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August 25-29, 2014: Good Week For GH


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I really can't feel bad either. It's so clear this show needs to blow it up and start over. Talented cast... VERY talented cast... but being given horse crap for stories.

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Yeah Days deserves these ratings. I mean they are barely hovering over the 2 million mark. Once James, Ali, and Eileen are off the screen by the end of the year - if Shawn Christian continues to get increased prominence as if he is a Days "legacy" character then we WILL be falling below the 2 million viewers mark. I'm calling it now. They need to pull it together! They've got good characters on the screen with good potential stories to be written - it's just not happening.

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DAYS has a contract until fall 2016. Days was supposed to be cancelled in 2009 but it has managed to squeak it out. It needs better more exciting writing.

GH did fantastic for August. I have no doubt September will be one to remember.

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