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GH50: Discussion Week of June 10th...

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How he made you feel Connie, it wasn't good, that's why you had to stay away from him you stupid twit

I don't know how Sonny can say with a straight face that someone should be lockedup.....

Sonny you would know about people "on the take"

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I actually agree.

That's hilarious. I'm not watching the show, but I still check the boards. This is what I was talking about in the last thread. You have all these posts about what [!@#$%^&*] this is and then every once in awhile someone will drop a little pearl like "Britt and Felix have chem" and it's generally someone who likes pretty much everything. I just have to laugh at how extreme all the opinions are. Like I said -- not watching so I have no opinion about who is right or who is wrong. It's just the viewpoints are completely divergent. There is no middle ground.

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It was.

Britch and Felix weren't awful.

FF'd through Sabrina/Patrick.

I just can't take ToddFranco's hair. It's really distracting. Carly is going to be in his bed in no time, they're already setting it up IMHO.

Maurice looks awful. Wow. Is he alright? I'm being serious because he just looks really bad.

Even though I like Olivia I couldn't watch her scenes with Connie.

I was so annoyed watching Lulu try to be this domestic housewife and go on and on and on about how wonderful Dante is. It feels like Ron wants his women to be weepy and worshiping their man. He really does seem to hate women. Genie Francis looked nice and I'm not hating Emme as Lulu so that's a win. I'm still not ready to voice an official opinion because I've skipped a lot.

I like how they spoil it in the previews they completely spoil the end to the episode. LMAO. This show.

The show is still a mess but I could at least watch some of it.

I might have missed it already posted but Kiki and Franco were in the opening today, have they been before today?

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