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AMC: Wednesday, May 15, 2013 Discussion Thread

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Oh Opal. As soon as she showed up at Branwell you just knew it couldn't end well.

Good scenes between JR/AJ.

Dixie looked like she wanted to say something when Miranda asked Dixie to give her and Aj a moment. I do wonder what type of relationship they have. Miranda gets along well with Brooke and Adam but I wonder if it is any different with Dixie.

Pete and Celia must be heading for some big obstacle with as fast as they are moving at the moment.

Had to figure eventually that they were going to just start shooting Cass up the more she fought.

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That ending w/Cass sad.pngsad.pngsad.png

Are they going to... shoot whatever that Marvin guy does to her? Disgusting!

Chill episode, I liked the JR/AJ scenes though I thought JR's whole spiel about finally getting to be the father he "always wanted to be" was BS! I'm glad AJ rejected him again. I loved Miranda's support for him at the beginning of the ep.

JL/Opal was the highlight. Yes, LOL at Opal telling Evelyn everything and then just going on her merry way. I love it. I actually can't wait for the Celia/Evelyn scenes tomorrow.

I found Celia & Pete overly adorable in this ep. The long stares & reaction shots between them were just too cute. I rolled my eyes a little bit at some of Celia's sugary sweet dialogue though (especially w/Brooke).

I found Lea very stuck up & annoying. I don't care for the foreshadowing of her & Zach's relationship! Though I did laugh HARD at that last line from Zach. Wow laugh.pnglaugh.png:lol:

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