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Quote/Spacing issue


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when i quote someone the spacing is always off. i will give you an example-

Blahblahblah.... blah


Blahblahblah.... blah

it used to be this

Blahblahblah.... blah

i guess its not a huge issue, but entering all those spaces so it looks proper is annoying. I can screencap if needed. That is if this happens to anyone else. maybe its just me?

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I don't see a difference between the three...

me either, they all look the same

Only as an Admin do I get what he's saying, so you both wouldn't notice the difference. While the content displays the exact same, the method in which they do so is different.

he means that when he quotes someone it should be




However, I presume since the recent upgrade the quoting code now appears this way...

(quote) message (/quote) or (quote)message(/quote)

As for fixing it, that's not something I'd be able to do as that is software related. There is a new version of our software, a major upgrade, that is due out by the end of the month, however. Maybe the fix will be in there?

P.S. Replace ( ) with [ ] and that's what he's referring to.

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