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Y&R: Michael Muhney interview

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Oh barf! (LOL).

It's not Shakespeare, Muhney just be an actor already.rolleyes.gif At least Stafford pretends she doesn't try to wield influence over her character's direction.

It's hard to even like the man behind the wretched character when you read interviews like this. He puts the 'grating' in ingratiating.

Good luck to Y&R in putting the lid back on this Pandora's Box.

I guess I should end on a positive note: He sure does know how to work an audience though.

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    • I love VANNA! They are the closet thing to the look & feel of a supercouple since Brenda & Sonny, who I believe to be the last of the supercouples. I'm pro-Sprina, too, just not as rah-rah as Vanna. 
    • Thank you so much! Do you by chance have the missing 2000 and 2001 episodes in German. Ive been thinking about that since we are watching in such fast pace. I would be so grateful if you could add them when you have time. You have been one of the super heros of this community. 
    • It looks like John Hess was headwriter until July, 1969 after having the role since March, 1967.  I believe Barbara Roddell also assumed the role of Jill Stevens in June or July of the same year almost immediately after departing "Another World."
    • Awww...they been holding strong this week so I'm sorry to hear that.   Omg! Sprina is Sprina. And Vanna...lol...I still cannot believe how well that turned out given the year before I was a strong person against that pairing. But they redeemed Val so well that it made sense a year later. 
    • I think it is perfectly usual for any soap fan of any age to have any characters or couples they like as part of their fandom. And, it is certainly acceptable to be interested in Doug & Julie and Challie and any age in between. Me & DOOL I am high on Doug & Julie, Challie, Steve & Kayla, John & Marlena, Cady McClain as Jennifer Rose, Abe & Paulina, Chad, even more. Of course, I think it is particularly usual & definitely acceptable for a lesbian to be into Challie, regardless of age! I would never think of chastising someone for who they were fans of. That's as bad as calling names. Who set you up as judge & jury of who someone can be fans of? I must've missed that memo. Topically speaking I'm a fan of about 90% of Salem & not a fan of about 4 characters. 
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