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SOD 1998: Soaps most shocking twists ever

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The 1-20-98 issue of SOD did a special section on what they considered the most shocking twists ever for each soap on the air at the time, here's what they covered:

AMC: Janet throws Natalie down a well, 1991

AW: Rachel/Mac/Janice/Mitch in St. Croix 1980

ATWT: James Stenbeck's alive 1986

B&B: Thorne shoots Ridge, 1988

Days: Marlena's Possession 1995

GH: B.J.'s death 1994

GL: Marion Crane 1995-1996

OLTL: Eterna the underground City 1989

PC: Greg Cooper, hostage taker 1997

Beach: Cole/Olivia affair 1997

Y&R: Tyrone being Black&White 1985

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I never understood why this was on the list. Something like that disastrous Angela story was more suitable.

I'm looking for the 1998 issues which SOD did a section on each show's best storyline and worst storyline. I recall they chose that one for B&B's worst.

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