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OLTL promo: Todd/Tomas/TM

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I love how obvious some of the editing is in these promos. TM is obviously not holding a gun on Todd, it's clearly footage from when Marty recently had the gun on him. And I hope that this line was spliced together, otherwise Todd has god awful grammar: "Our lives as we know it IS over." :lol:

RH looks so cute with that hat on.

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So Tea's brother is part of this mess. So lets see.....I can just hear it now

Fake Todd: I was hired by your brother to take Todd's place. But I feel in love with you and really became the real Todd.

Tea(hysterical): How could you! Slaps fake Todd.

Tea: And you.... how could you do this to your sister!

Thomas: The real Todd was treating you like crap. That's why I did it and held him captive! He was suppose to be dead but he's still alive.

Real Todd(walking in): His monkey face look

Tea: OMG

You can repeat the same scene with Blair and Starr. Jack...ditto....

This make zero sense...oye

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