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OLTL: Discussion for the week of May 23

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How many days has it been the same day because Joey has been wearing this burgundy v-neck going on a month now... it's like his version of J.J.'s mulberry heather turtle neck on Good Times.

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    • There are definite growing pains with Brooklyn. Her acting style still reads child, when it will need to read young adult to fit-in with her contemporaries. I can see the show wanting to bring back Emma full time to live with grandma Anna down the line. The best thing Brooklyn can do is take acting lessons and mature her acting style, beyond grinning smiles and exaggerated facial expressions. I can see Emma going the way of Robyn Richards. We all loved Robyn, but her acting style never matured. Against the strong teens set of her day - Lindze, Scott, Adrienne - that flaw only become more apparent. I was not surprised when it came time to recast, and boy was Kirsten loved for quite some time.  
    • What is Amelia and Thad's current relationship status? They seemed to be reconciling around his last stint. What an unnecessarily dark turn for that character. Fans were so happy to see him back, and how seamlessly he fit back on the canvas. I wouldn't mind a Mac drop-in too. Kelly did a great job her last few appearances. I was hoping that would become more of recurring role since the JT mystery was left unresolved for so long. I bet Chance could use the visit and the support from his cousin. Maybe a Mac/Adam fling could work out too?
    • Now that some time has passed, I feel the intro looks good...at least on my flat tv screen vs on clips.  That said...I get the vibe that as the year goes on...if it is continuing...that they will adjust it as needed to make it look better. 
    • Tiffany wasn't onscreen - she did a voice cameo over the phone due to Sharon Wyatt's illness, I believe. I think any Lucas but Ryan Carnes is a nonentity. He did great, was popular with the audience and left very abruptly and unexpectedly.
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