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Eric Steinberg joins DAYS as Dr. Kim!


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• That sexy bastard Eric Steinberg hits Salem as a doctor beginning on Dec. 17. Nice casting. Let’s hope DAYS sees what they have in Steinberg, unlike Y&R. Steinberg comes to Salem from a guest-starring appearance on Pretty Little Liars. Also, one of my fave World Turns’ actresses, Cassandra Creech, is playing Keisha, one of Hope’s fellow inmates. She debuts on Dec. 1.


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OMG! I LOVE the idea of Marie Masters as Laura! I :wub: Marie and she can play layers like no other. That's how Laura should be- layered, not a one-note loony toon.

JLB was TERRIBLE in the part. I remember all the build up the character had when they were re-introducing and................disappointed isn't a strong enough word for how I felt about Jamie Lyn's performance. Every time they made Laura go nuts, she went WAY OTT, and every time she was "normal", she was a total snooze. She wasn't very attractive either, IMO, and did not fit the role of the glamorous Laura played by the gorgeous Susan Flannery the way my mom had always described her to me.

But Marie would be perfect & I think she'd have TONS of chemistry with that new Bill Horton.


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