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DAYS: Previews for 1/9 - 1/13


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Monday, January 9

Zack's condition hits Bo and Hope hard; Lexie explains to Hope that Zack is on artificial respiration; Chelsea tells Max how angry she is about the driver of the car; the police are reluctant to tell Bo the truth; John shows Marlena her office.

Tuesday, January 10

Lexie asks Bo and Hope whether they want to donate Zack's organs; the police prepare to tell Bo his car killed his son; Chelsea is devastated by Zack's death; Mimi supports Shawn; Lexie tells Philip and Belle they have an organ donor for Claire.

Wednesday, January 11

Hope breaks down as they prepare Zack for the surgery; Chelsea begins to suspect she may be responsible for Zack's death; Philip and Belle learn the identity of the organ donor; Sami dreams of being with Austin and sleepwalks into Lucas' bedroom.

Thursday, January 12

Bo and Hope are stunned by the police information; the police ask Bo whether his car had been borrowed or stolen; Chelsea tells Max she may be the hit-and-run driver; Bo confronts Chelsea; Bonnie urges Mimi to stay by Shawn's side; Abe supports Lexie.

Friday, January 13

Max is questioned by the police; the investigators impound Bo's car; Bo is torn between turning Chelsea in and facing Hope; Belle and Shawn are stunned to see Zack; Lois tries to kill Alex in the ICU; Austin and Carrie take a carriage ride.


Awww, I betcha that Belle and Shawn see the spirit of Zach or something... I can already see him standing there, looking at them and then turning around and saying "byebye," fading away.

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I get my Belle and Shawn together seeing Zach...Thank God (and Mimi and Kyle's Phillip are not mentioned...YES!).

I wonder how long this will go on with Bo's truck being the vehicle of death and no one putting two and two together.

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