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SOD Comings & Goings May 83

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Thought this might be of interest to trivia/history buffs


Comings Tricia Pursley (Devon McFadden)

Goings Lee Godart (Kent Bogard)


Comings Craig Sisler (Alan Lewis)

Dawn Benz (Sally Frame)

Robin Thomas (Mark Singleton)

Anne Kerry (Janet Singleton)

Drew Coburn (Barry Durrell)

Betty Miller (Jeanne Ewing)

John Seitz (Zach Hill)

Gretchen Oehler (Vivian Gorrow)

Lenka Paterson (Marie Fenton)

Elizabeth Franz (Alma Rudder)


Comings Kim Ulrich (Diana McColl)

Goings Kathleen Rowe McAllen (Bilan Marlowe)


Goings Carolyn Jones (Myrna Clegg)


Comings Peter Reckell (Bo Brady)

Kristian Alfonso (Hope Williams)


Comings Caroline Lagerfeld (Patricia Deveraux)

John Vickery (Constantine)

Goings Leah Ayres (Val Bryson)


Comings Sherilyn Walter (Celia Quartermaine)

Jeanna Michaels (Constance Townley)


Goings Leslie O'Hara (Rebecca Cartwright)

Mark Pinter (Mark Evans)

Lori Putnam (Suzi)

Denise Pence (Katie Parker)


Comings Bob Gentry (Hans)

Kim Zimmer (Echo DiSavoy)

Tim Waldrip (Danny Wolek)

Ellen Holly (Carla Scott)


Goings Roscoe Born (Joe Novak)


Comings Robert Lupone (Tom Bergman)

Tom Sullivan (Michael Kennedy)


Comings Brian Matthews (Eric Garrison)

Randy Holland (Rick Daros)

Tracey Bregman (Lauren)

*Interesting to see Zimmers name as she is returning to that role 27 years later. That would be a record for a character return played by the same actor. Meta on GL was away longer but a different actor played the role (Mary Stuart). The nearest in time away would be Anna on Days.

*Bob Gentry is listed as plating Hans on OLTL but that character onscreen was called Giles.Gentry,Pinter and Born are in the top 10 for most male soap roles.

* Lauren on Y&R didn't have a last name at this point.

*On SFT the characters surname was Kendall,or did he use Kennedy at first?He was the first (and last?)blind actor on soaps. Couldn't understand the casting of LuPone as Tom. This was a legacy character who should have been a major lead. LuPone is a fine actor but hardly leading man material.

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Emmerdale has a blind actress but he probably was the last on a US soap.

Why was Vivian back? Was she there to take over for Louise?

Who was Suzi on GL?

I guess Denise Pence was going on maternity leave or was she leaving for a while to do a play?

I didn't realize Ellen Holly came back to OLTL this late, I thought she'd returned a year or two previously.

I also didn't know Devon had left. She was returning for the story with Lynn Carson?

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These comings and goings actually coincide with Feb/March onscreen happenings.

Following the cancellation of Texas,Vivian returned to work for Rachel. Louise left in August 82.Interesting that of all the characters in AW past and Texas,she was written back in.

I think Suzi was short lived love interest for Tony Reardon.If I recall correctly she was a ballet dancer.This was a time that GL was in upheaval and there were a lot of cast and story changes.

Yes,the lesbian story on AMC was in the offing. In the Wisner Washam interview at WLS, he was quite blunt,saying in effect that Jacquie Babbin was a lesbian and ordered that they do a lesbian storyline.

I honestly thought that this was it for Katie on GL but apparently she stayed till 85. She must have been background under Kobe/Long.

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I didn't know that about the lesbian storyline being mandated by the producer. That's interesting. Still I guess Babbin had a point.

Vivian came back in 1989 too, although that was with Iris. I think I remember now seeing a bit of her in 83 or 84 but it's kind of odd seeing her without Iris.

You can see Katie here and there under Kobe and Long. Darcy the Galahad tied her up and stole her uniform. Then she's working as a nurse in the clips where Reva loses HB's baby. I think someone said she just suddenly vanished and they claimed she'd left town with a basketball player. I guess that's still better than Floyd's exit...

Who was Constance Townley?

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That wasn't quite what I gathered from that Babbin interview, but she did seem to think it was about time they did one (and according to those Paley videos on Agnes' site, she had been, probably in her usual fairly quiet way lol, to get them to do a homosexual story for some yeares before then). It has been mentioned before that they decided not to do a gay male storyline, the original idea, because Dynasty was doing one.

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I went and searched out the actual interview and on re-reading it, i guess I was a little harsh on Babbin.

We Love Soaps: Mentioning the gay characters made me think of ALL MY CHILDREN's Lynn Carson, played by Donna Pescow. It wasn't the first time a gay storyline was hinted at on a soap, but it was really the first time there was an out gay character on a soap.

Wisner Washam: That was the product of producer Jackie Babbin. She was gay and wanted to do a lesbian story so we did it. But I don't think we did it terribly well. The world wasn't at open back then and there really wasn't as much opportunity for the character to go places I felt. We maybe got six months of story out of it.

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    • Totally agree with this.  I don’t know why people were excited about this Zeke guy coming back.  He was just going to be thrown at Jordan.  That’s such a waste.
    • Well, the whole Doug Cummings story was a bit of a reference to the Willows...(gothic, dead wife, crazy assistant, Dream's End vs. Willows.)  While I am glad he came over to ATWT, I would have loved what he could do with GL at the time.  Bea Reardon was still on the canvas but not used, so he could have brought Lisa Brown back as Nola...(though getting past the Quolas would have been hard as she should have come back alone..) and built the Reardon's back up..He would have loved writing for Alex, and maybe brought Mike back to rebuild the Bauers and also he would be on the spot to write Bert's death. He could have reignited Vanessa and woken her up from her "I'm a Lewis," coma and  I do wonder what he would have done with Reva?
    • Of all the triangles Rauch and Co. were into...I can't believe they never revisited Harley and Jarsh. Well, I know its because they have to have two women fighting over one man and one woman is evil, but would have been cool to have a no villain triangle...(and saved us from Gush...) And it would have driven the Java nuts and Pharley nuts crazy!!!
    • Totally agree. AL isn’t suited to Summer written this way (which is, truthfully, in character). HK wasn’t credible in the boss-bitch moments, which AL plays more easily.
    • Welcome back, Tripp 

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      I’m glad Tripp is back in Salem and I like that he’s planning on being more assertive. He doesn’t deserve to get hurt again. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if some people in the Soap Universe are gonna be mad about his lines today Hopefully, we get some scenes of Johnny/Tripp and Wendy/Chanel. There haven’t been that many lately and this storyline definitely needs them. I think weaving Talia into it would be a good idea as well. She needs a new man now that the Colin storyline is over.  Rafe is still dumb. There really are no security cameras at that hospital that could have shown that Colin didn’t take Abe?? Speaking of Abe, his storyline is total ff material. James Reynolds deserves so much better than this. 
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