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All My Children

Earl was shot and killed as he and Mark struggled over a gun. Jesse told a despondent Robin that he wrote to Greg, who said there's no chance Greg will reconcile with Robin. Mark tipped the police that it was Earl who beat up Erica. Adam "convinced" Natalie to continue spying on Palmer unless she wants to lose her income. Brooke was shocked to see that Mark is back and is still on drugs. Palmer and Ross plotted to see if Natalie is reporting Palmer's business secrets to Adam. Matt caused Erica to panic by telling her that her facial scars will be permanent. Tom had Langley keep an eye on Laura and her nanny, Jane, because Brooke's home has been robbed (by Mark) several times. Mark is jealous that Brooke has reconciled with Tom. Roy is hanging around in hopes that Hillary will fall in love with him. Benny fretted he'll lose his job as manager of Tom's nightclub.

Jeremy was arrested for Earl's murder after Matt identified Jeremy's bracelet, found near Earl's body. The police caught on to Erica, who lied Jeremy was with her at the time of the murder. Tom left Brooke when he wrongly assumed she's having an affair with Mark. Erica was relieved to learn her face won't be scarred for life. Since Amy died on his operating table, Cliff is afraid to do surgery again. Jeremy's cellmate, Bernard, warned someone is out to kill Jeremy. Mark begged Brooke to help him beat his drug addiction after she realized he's been stealing and selling her things to get drugs. Myrtle warned Langley he'll be under Phoebe's thumb again if he accepts her job offer. Brooke told the police Mark was at her cabin the night Earl was murdered.

Phoebe was miffed Langley nixed her job offer. Erica asked Matt to help break Jeremy out of prison. Jeremy was beaten by prisoners who ganged up on him. Mark nixed killing Jeremy in exchange for a drug stash from Carl's drug-dealer pals. As part of the escape plan Erica tried to get permission to marry Jeremy in his prison cell. Adam pressured Natalie to continue spying on Palmer, although Palmer is suspicious. Cliff talked about leaving town. Mark realized he won't have to admit to killing Eari if Erica executes her plan to break Jeremy out of jail. On Adam's orders Tad took a teen to Tom's restaurant, let her drink liquor and succeeded in getting Panache closed. Brooke told Nina that before Amy's death she heard Cliff admit to Amy he still loved Nina.

Jeff Martin returned to apply for Cliff's vacated hospital job. Erica's prison break attempt was foiled when Jeremy refused to leave with her. Erica and Jeremy's wedding didn't occur. To cover for the escape attempt, Matt and Erica lied that Matt helicoptered into the prison and whisked Erica away because she loves Matt, not Jeremy. Jeremy realized Erica was protecting him with her lies. Ross gave Natalie big bucks, then told her to leave town. Tad and Roy sparred over Hillary. Nina told Cliff she doesn't want him to leave Pine Valley. Mark stole the money Erica planned to live on once Jeremy was out of prison. Matt later took the money from Mark and vowed not to return it to Erica, who spurned Matt's love. Natalie denied Donna's suspicion that Natalie loves Palmer. Skye lost her singing job when Tom's club was closed down. Adam realized Skye is a good influence on Stuart.

Another World

Michael was hassled by a reporter who later turned out to be Donna's long-lost sister, Nicole. As Cass and Kathleen's wedding ceremony got underway, Vince voiced his objections to the union. Peter begged Brittany to keep mum that blood tests proved that he isn't Peter Reginald's father. M.J. freaked out when she learned that Lottie had been murdered and her body was dumped in an alley. Scott and Cheryl came close to making love while stranded in a cabin after they wrecked their car. Cass wrongly assumed that Scott and Cheryl slept together. Matthew is upset over the tension between Rachel, Mac and Mitch. Mary encouraged Donna to go ahead with her plans to marry Michael. Witnesses saw Peter and Brittany threaten each other with loaded guns. Felicia feels sorry for Reginald, who is devastated over losing Mary. Mitch tried to get Rachel to admit that she still has feelings of love for him.

Cass and Kathleen finally walked down the aisle. Michael worried about an ailing Donna. Gomez is giving Donna medication causing her physical and mental condition to deteriorate. Brittany fired at an armed Peter, who told her he kidnapped Peter Reginald and will give him up for adoption if she blabs that Peter's not the baby's father. Mac fumed to see Rachel and Mitch kissing. Scott and Cheryl ignored M.J.'s orders to stay away from each other. Reginald declared war on Vince, who is unaware he's being tailed by a stranger. Matthew was disturbed to see Mac and Mitch in a fight over Rachel. On the day of Donna and Michael's wedding, Reginald appeared in the judges' chambers in an attempt to halt the ceremony. Brittany realized Catlin no longer has feelings for her. Vince refuses to forgive Mary, who attended Kathleen's wedding.

Peter survived surgery, but his condition is grave. Brittany admitted she shot Peter. Reginald vowed to make Brittany pay for shooting his son. Reginald was unsuccessful in stopping Donna and Michael's wedding, which took place in a judge's chambers. Mitch told Rachel he didn't kidnap Matthew, who ran away because of the fighting between Mac, Rachel and Mitch. Peter said he'd claim his shooting was an accident as long as Brittany keeps mum that he's not Peter Reginald's dad. Reginald forced Brittany to admit the truth about Peter Reginald's parentage. Donna was taken to a psychiatric hospital after reacting hysterically to a photo Reginald showed her. M.J. seems unusually disturbed by several prostitute murders. Cheryl, who celebrated her 18th birthday, refused to let her family treat her like a child.

Michael and Adam learned Reginald's "Trump" includes deeds to nearly all the property in Bay City. Jamie told Michael someone gave Donna a drug that reacts like LSD, which is causing her physical and mental deterioration. M.J. got defensive when Adam questioned her reaction to the prostitute murders. Brittany was arrested after Peter charged her with attempted murder. Mitch followed Matthew's trail to NYC. Mitch got Matthew to phone Rachel, who accused Mitch of kidnapping Matthew. Zach agreed to defend Brittany. Cheryl and Scott celebrated her birthday and he admitted he loves her. Vince and Mary posed together for Cheryl's birthday photo. Gomez and Reginald hired a man to impersonate Vince, then told the man to fake an attempt on Reginald's life. Mitch and Matthew spent Thanksgiving in a public shelter. Michael suspects Gomez drugged Donna.

As The World Turns

Hensley, who seemingly murdered Rosalind, left her body in the tunnel where it was later found by the mystery man who wears a monk's robe. Beatrice found the skeleton of Jester's pal Lucky, who had accidentally drowned in the castle moat during an altercation with Earl. Tom was shocked to learn that Earl is an Interpol agent. Betsy learned that Emily mysteriously left town again. Barbara learned that Duncan was the sole beneficiary in the wills of several wealthy women who suddenly died. Tom was elected district attorney. Hal went to Scotland to check out Beatrice's implication that Duncan is the head of a smuggling ring. In Paris, Frannie visited Sierra, who is despondent that Craig isn't the father of her baby. Frannie was unable to find her lookalike, who disappeared in the airport crowd. Margo fired a shot at Hensley, who was trying to rape Barbara.

Barbara passed out when she learned the man in the monk's robe was her supposedly dead ex husband, James Stenbeck. James told a tale of recovering from amnesia and of working for Hensley, head of a smuggling rng. Beatrice, who regained her memory, told Duncan she saw Hensley kill Suzanne. James rescued Margo and was later arrested for killing Hensley. James told Duncan Hensley was the drug dealer, The Falcon. Tom freaked when Margo lost her baby. Iva decided she doesn't want Lily to know they are mother and daughter. James has a Swiss bank account under an alias, Lester Meyer. Sierra said she'll stay married to Tonio until her baby is born. Paul flipped to see his dad James, is alive. Meg and Nella entered nursing school. Emily returned from her latest mystery trip. Meg was interested to find Dusty got a large inheritance.

James paid a secret visit to Emily, who welcomed him warmly. Steve refused to believe Craig, who warned Lucinda is planning to take over Steve's construction business. Tom kept Margo in the dark that she'll never be able to have another baby. In England, a mystery woman, Mona, kept tabs on Frannie. Psychology student, Joslyn Higgins, isn't convinced Frannie's lookalike exists, but Frannie insisted the woman isn't in her imagination. Duncan didn't believe James, who said he didn't know about Hensley's illegal deals. Nick suspected foul play when he got word Lester hanged himself in his hotel room. A photo of Sierra was found in Lester's possession. Ellen is furious at David, who's constantly going off on business trips. Roy found an old coin near Lester's body. Emily has a similar coin. Lucinda is very intrigued with James.

James made love to Lucinda, then romped in the sack with Emily. Margo isn't so sure Hensley was the drug dealer dubbed "The Falcon." Emily told Roy when she was in England she had an affair with Hensley. Lily and Holden returned to Oakdale together after realizing Lucinda had tried to sabatoge their planned Thanksgiving meeting in London. After a visit from Roy, Duncan burned papers and a letter in which Beatrice wrote she suspected Duncan of evil deeds. Seth won a short-story contest, but isn't sure he's cut out to be a successful writer. Margo's doctor said Margo and Tom should wait two years before trying to have another baby. Duncan told Roy he had a coin, called a ruckel like the one found in Jester's room. Barbara recalled Emily also has one of the coins. Frannie had nightmares about her lookalike and the mystery woman, Mona.


Meredith shot and wounded D.J. before he could kill Wally and Dylan. Meredith was arrested and D.J. was hospitalized. Trey told Angelica that he doesn't want to have any children right now. With D.J. out of commission, Kelly bought drugs from a hooker friend, Emily. Trey was elected to another term in Congress. Hassad threatened Sloane, who arrived in Baracq for Ali's wedding. Someone is following Clarissa. Yasmeen admitted that she knows Ali loves Sloane. Dylan was shocked to learn that he's now a wealthy man.

A man with an octopus tattoo attended a press conference held for Ali and Yasmeen. A paralyzed D.J. told Trey Kelly lied when she said D.J. is Scotty's father. Wally was shocked to learn D.J. had no intention of making him a singing star. Angelica denied rumors Trey married her because she's pregnant. Trey roughed up Kelly, who refused to divulge Scotty's true parentage. Thomas agreed to help Kelly kick her drug habit after she was wrongly arrested for prostitution. Trey thinks Thomas may be Scotty's father.

Yasmeen and Ali were wed, but she died in his arms after being felled by an unseen hit man's bullet. Clarissa took care of Scotty while Thomas tried to help Kelly go cold turkey to kick her drug and alcohol habit. Sloane's cameraman, Hubert, got a photo of Yasmeen's killer, but the face is blurred. Thomas had Kelly admitted to the hospital detox program. Ali suspects his enemy, Abdullah, shot Yasmeen. Before she died, Yasmeen told Ali he should marry Sloane. Sam is suing for custody of Scotty.

Thomas caught up with Kelly, who took Scotty and went into hiding at Hal's farmhouse. Brenda told a shocked Myrna Dylan is now a very rich man. Jordy took over as president of Myrna's little publishing empire, but he isn't sure he can do the job. Baxter and Carla learned Victor wrote the letters "MAD" in the sand before he died at the hands of an assassin. "Baxter" kept an eye on Clarissa, who confided her troubles to Mark. Sam doesn't feel guilty about the kiss he and Kate shared. Hubert followed Sloane to Washington

Days Of Our Lives

Bo tailed Victor, who had a secret meeting with Orpheus. Mickey won the election for district attorney, but Doug lost the mayoral race to Alex. Doug suspects that Alex's win was rigged. Patch rescued Kayla from Orpheus. Roman is suspicious that the I.S.A. has fumbled the ball whenever there's a lead on Marlena's whereabouts. Paul told Kimberly that he and Barbara adopted their son Teddy (Andrew). Kayla and Patch stole Orpheus' drawings of the tattoo's worn by Britta, Bo and Patch, then showed the drawing to Roman, who realized they're a clue to the whereabouts of the treasury bonds. Unaware that Orpheus also knows the bonds are in Stockholm, Roman and Patch made plans to retrieve the bonds. Mike was shocked to learn that Robin and Mitch set a wedding date right after Robin slept with Mike. Marlena is still being held captive by Vaughn's men. Hope told Bo she's expecting another baby.

Pete played the helpless cripple act for all it's worth after he saw Lars cozy up to Melissa. Jennifer was shocked to learn the police made a drug raid on a party thrown by Glenn. Alex told a still hospitalized Emma her problems related to Andrew (Teddy) may soon be over. Kimberly consoled Paul when Teddy (Andrew) was ill. Alex named Savannah his executive assistant after she threatened to tell everyone she has the ballot boxes containing the real votes for the mayoral election. Tamara is getting closer to Abe, but still keeping secrets from him. In Stockholm, Roman found the treasury bonds, then was forced to turn them over to a gun-toting Orpheus. Patch and Kayla were trapped in a flooded storm drain while searching for Orpheus. Mike is determined to win Robin's love. Vaughn forced Gillian to lure Shane out of town on a fake lead to Andrew's whereabouts.

Orpheus escaped after a tussle between Roman, Bo, Vaughn and everyone else trying to get their hands on the treasury bonds. Bo rescued Gillian, almost taken hostage by Orpheus while she was impersonating Marlena. Marlena escaped from her captors and then met Orpheus, who she wrongly believes will take her to Roman. Kimberly consoled Neil, who learned Liz doesn't plan to come home anytime soon. Paul is working closely with Kimberly, who complimented his designs for a hospital youth wing. Orpheus shot and wounded Shane who was trying to protect Gillian. Patch and Kayla were rescued from the flooded storm sewer by a woman agent who's been tailing them. Victor learned Bo is working against him. Glenn refused to return home after his mother let him spend a night in jail on drug-use charges. Melissa can't stop thinking about Lars. Roman learned Vaughn had Marlena kidnapped.

Barbara freaked out, but kept it secret her adopted son, Teddy, is Kimberly's kidnapped son, Andrew. Orpheus tranquilized Marlena, then pretended to shoot her. Roman recalled how he accidentally shot and killed Orpheus' wife in a shootout. Patch and Kayla rescued Roman and Marlena from Orpheus. Orpheus escaped from a flooded storm drain and is back on the loose. Melissa told Lars she loves him, but she has to stand by Pete until he is no longer paralyzed. A recuperating Shane was returned to Saiem. Shane and Gillian teamed up to oust Vaughn from the I.S.A. A heartbroken Kimberly is convinced Shane now loves Gillian. Mike made a last-ditch effort to stop Robin's wedding, but she married Mitch. Frankie kept mum about his love feelings for Jennifer while he helped Glenn to reconcile with her. Orpheus gave the Treasury bonds to the I.S.A.

General Hospital

Thinking that he was protecting Anna, Duke told Bert all about the criminal goings on in Port Charles before he learned that Bert is his organization boss, "Mr. Big." Bert was shot and wounded as he and Duke struggled over a gun. Monica brought Alan Jr. and Jason home in a failed attempt to jog Alan's amnesia. Anna was upset to learn of Duke's criminal involvement, and was hurt to learn he had proposed marriage to her because the organization ordered him to. Bobbie placed a newspaper ad for a surrogate mother after refusing to marry Jake unless they can have a child. Damon made sure that Duke's evidence against the organization proved incorrect. Edward and Monica were named co guardians of Alan's assets while he has amnesia. Alan just wants to be with Charity. Tiffany latched onto Sean as soon he and Monica broke off their romance.

Monica told Charity she's married to Alan and won't divorce him. Bobbie and Jake unsuccessfully interviewed applicants from their ad for a surrogate mother. A recovering Bert fumed to learn Duke escaped Bert's thugs, ordered to kill Duke. Anna and Robert realized Bert is the big boss of organized crime in town. Anthony was promoted to a senior hospital staff job. Rick and Ginny considered moving after he got an NYC job offer. Frisco is keeping tabs on the strange men arriving in town. Sean is keeping Robin safely away from Duke's enemies. Monica blackmailed Edward and Jimmy Lee into giving her the money they had promised Tiffany for splitting up Monica and Sean. Charity said she wants nothing further do to with Alan.

Alan, whose memory has returned, returned to Port Charles and his hospital job, but he still hopes for a future with Charity. Frisco checked out organized crime leader, Frederick Bellows, who's been seen around town. Jimmy Lee agreed to help Alan by keeping tabs on Charity, who refused to see Alan. Agreeing to get married right away, Bobbie and Jake chose a woman named Gretchen as the surrogate mother for their child. Anna convinced Bert Duke was killed after Frisco pressured an unwilling Tony into issuing a fake death certificate. Patrick and Terry began dating after patching up their past problems. Sean took Robin away to keep her from being harmed by Duke's enemies, who searched for the child. A snoopy Lucy learned of Bobbie and Jake's surrogate mother plans. Duke went into hiding as Anna and Robert plotted to force Bert and his gang into the open.

Frisco convinced Angus MacKay Damon Grenville is a traitor. To prove his loyalty to the organization, Frisco was ordered to kill Damon. Rick and Ginny bid goodbye to their friends and Port Charles, then left for their out-of-town jobs. Bobbie and Jake were married in a quickly prepared ceremony. Lucy quizzed Gretchen Fielder, who agreed to Bobbie and Jake's surrogate-mother plan. Jimmy Lee decided to stay in Pautauk a few days after he went there to check up on Charity. Anna admitted to Duke she loves him, but isn't sure they have a future. Anna and Angel are helping Frisco and Robert, who hope to thwart Bert's takeover of the dock area. Duke worried about Anna's safety when he learned she and Bert are both boarding a boat named "Sister Island." Felicia fretted that the organization will catch on that Frisco's working with Robert. Angus met with a man named Pilgrim.

Guiding Light

After Jean Claude died on the operating table, Chelsea blamed Rick for his death. Fletcher brought Maeve home from Mexico. Ed examined Maeve, who suffers from hyperthyroidism. Johnny spoke with Jacques Collin, a man connected to his past with Jean Claude. Sharpie, a sleazy carnival owner, was interested to see a newspaper article about Dinah and her new family in Springfield. Kyle and Reva's wedding was interrupted when Maeve rushed in and demanded to know Ben's whereabouts. Mindy made arrangements to visit Kurt in South America, while H.B. received word that Kurt had been killed in an explosion. Johnny insisted to Jacques that he didn't arrange Jean Claude's death. Dorrie teased Dinah about her date with Cameron. Cat learned that Jessie was once Simon's main squeeze. Alan is not sure he did the right thing when he faked Beth's death certificate. Roxie fretted that Johnny is in trouble.

Reva called off her marriage to Kyle, who rushed off to find Ben after Maeve admitted the boy is Kyle's son. A returned Josh Lewis rescued Reva, struck by a car trying to run down Josh. Mindy was kidnapped by a thug, Pierce, who is trying to kill Josh. Mindy learned Kurt was killed by accident in the explosion meant to kill Josh. At Alex's request, Simon tailed Alan, who returned to San Rios. Billy told Vanessa he wants a divorce. Lawyer Barbara Thompson convinced Chelsea to sue Rick for malpractice for Jean Claude's death. Ramona, Dinah's carnival friend, searched the belongings Dinah left behind and found a locket with Vanessa's photo. India penned an unwitting Jarrett into transporting works of art for her. Josh kissed Reva, who told him about her problems with Kyle. Maeve has Ben's birth certificate, proving she's the baby's mom.

Josh had the police investigate Pierce, who was killed when he fell into an animal trap. Calla was jealous to see Ross hugging Vanessa. Billy told Ross he plans to make Vanessa realize he loves her. Reva and Josh romped in bed after admitting they still love each other. A judge awarded Kyle custody of Ben, but Kyle later agreed to share custody with Maeve. Rick became worried when an autopsy on Jean Claude showed he didn't die from his injuries in the auto accident. Philip encouraged Chelsea not to give up her vocal career. Reva told Josh she has no intention of changing her mind and marrying Kyle. Roxie and Johnny made love while stranded in a lodge during a storm. Mindy and Reva realized Josh, who went to meet an Interpol agent, is really meeting with the person who wants him dead. Cameron tried to befriend Dinah, ridiculed by her classmates.

Reva and H.B. joined Josh at Lewis Oil in South America, where Josh and another man, Harry, are trying to find out who's sabatoging the oil rigs. Dinah was pleasantly surprised when Cameron kissed her. Calla worried Ross and Vanessa will be reunited romantically once they locate their daughter. Joe, Shelly and Ramona learned from Vanessa's senile Aunt Grace that Vanessa is Dinah's mother. In his plan to share in Dinah's new-found happiness, Joe and his pals confronted Dinah at Lillian's home. Gerhardt, the agent who wants Josh dead, fumed when his henchman, Paul, failed another attempt to kill Josh. Josh and a comrade, Victor, searched for Gerhardt, who's one step ahead of them. Claire is spending more time with Michelle. Philip and Chelsea plan to go to France to talk to Jean Claude's parents. Kyle fumed to find Josh at Reva's pad. Rick took a leave of absence from the hospital.


Brett, an old friend of Trisha's, was beaten and mugged after Nick saw him talking to Trisha. Gwyneth told Lottie that she's not proper wife material for Curtis. Trisha told Harry that her family had forced her to break up with Steve. Jack prepared to undergo brain surgery, but kept Stacey in the dark about his impending operation. Jim told Shana he's sure Jane is responsible for Zach and Lorna's busted romance. Sunny, a hometown friend of Lottie's, warned her that a man from her past is out to get her.

Kelly ran away after learning Jane had manipulated her into splitting up Zach and Lorna so Jane could have Zach to herself. Harry admitted to Trisha Steve never saw her letter which explained her family forced her to dump Steve. Stacey went into labor, then demanded to see Jack, who was secretly being prepped for brain surgery. Nick warned Trisha she belongs to him, then forced her to make love. Jim is determined to leave the priesthood and marry Shana. Rob told Jim he's hiding Kelly.

Zach broke off his ties with Jane, who left town. Jim found runaway Kelly but she refused to return home. Jack and Stacey cooed over their newborn, Jack Forbes Jr. Jack's doctor warned he must have brain surgery immediately. Harry nixed canceling out his gambling debt to Nick by letting him have access to Steve's car repair shop and delivery trucks in the wee hours of the night. Curtis freaked when Ava blabbed to the entire Alden clan that Jack must have surgery.

Stacey was relieved to hear Jack survived his brain operation. Lottie accepted Curtis's marriage proposal. Jim said he'll marry Shana outside of the church. Eban nixed Alma's advice he forget about Lottie. In NYC, Kelly got friendly with a bag lady named Clara. Jim regained consciousness after a nasty fall, but he still hasn't regained his memory. In an effort to control Harry, Nick had his thug, Gus, threaten Kate's life. Zach went to NYC to look for Kelly.

One Life To Live

Allison dressed up in her Niki outfit and returned Jessica to Llanfair. The police suspect that Viki reverted to Niki and then returned Jessica. Tina emptied out their bank account after Cord learned that Asa, not Al gave Cord the land and the money Cord thought was Al's. Larry pressured Jamie, who fretted that everyone will learn of his connection to the crack ring. Miss Spitz, a former prison matron, was brought to testify at Dan's murder trial. Viki told the police that a woman lured her away from Llanfair during the time that Jessica was returned. Miss Spitz assured Jamie she won't reveal his past in court. Clint fumed when the police questioned Maria about Jessica's kidnapping. Dorian told Judith that she'll prove that Dan didn't kill Susan. Brad and Connie are getting closer. Allison refused to listen to Ruth, who advised her to level with the Buchanans.

On the witness stand, Miss Spitz named Jamie as Susan's killer and head of the crack ring. Judith freaked when Jamie was arrested and later learned Charles knew about Jamie's crack ring involvement. Jon went on his secret mission after Charles told him Dimitri had fled to Devil's Claw, an island in the Caribbean. Tina kept Cord in the dark that she bought Devil's Claw. Jeannie returned to testify against Jamie. Viki was furious Jamie wouldn't admit he knows she was miles away when Jessica was returned. Viki fired Mari Lynn, who Clint had hired to keep an eye on Jessica. Pete volunteered to help Pamela take Asa to the cleaners in a divorce suit. In the courtroom, Brad rescued Jeannie, temporarily held hostage by Jamie. Maria stashed Allison's Niki costume in the trunk of Viki's car. Thomas learned Viki and Clint have been arguing.

Viki was stunned when Clint told her they found "Niki's" clothes and wig hidden in Viki's car. Maria gloated that her plan to split up Clint and Viki seems to be working. Jonathan met with Carlos Dimitri, who believes Jonathan is a sinister mercenary named Johnny Rage. Dorian plotted to warn Jonathan the real Johnny Rage had escaped from prison. Jonathan flipped when Kate showed up in Dimitri's hideout and later told Jonathan she's working with a subversive group. Connie is jealous of all the attention Jeannie is giving Brad. Diane and Jeannie are vying for attention from Dorian, who they both look up to. Tina and Cord were abandoned on Devil's Claw by their boat pilot, Captain Jack. Dimitri gave his henchmen orders to kill Tina and Cord after he learned they're on the island. Dimitri is plotting to get control of Mendorra.

Cord freaked when he learned Tina bought Devil's Island with Asa's money. Viki told Clint to look for other living arrangements since he doesn't believe she — as Niki — didn't kidnap Jessica. Maria got nervous when she learned Thomas offered to help Viki find out who's framing her for Jessica's kidnapping. A jealous Dimitri put Johnny (Jonathan) under house arrest when Dimitri caught him in bed with Dimitri's woman, Aggripina. Johnny (Jonathan) was trying to get Aggripina to give him info on Dimitri's planned coup. Dorian arrived on Devil's Island to "rescue" Jonathan. Cord set off some explosives on the beach as Kate helped Jonathan escape after Dimitri ordered her to kill Jonathan (Johnny). During the fighting, Tina fell into Dimitri's clutches. Rafe was suspended from the police force because he withheld evidence suggesting Viki kidnapped Jessica.

Ryan’s Hope

Harlan forced Lizzie to tell Johnno that if he doesn't marry her she'll take Owney away from him. Erik secretly cast a lustful eye on Siobhan while she was in the shower. Siobhan agreed to let Erik protect her after Max said he fears his enemies might harm her or Sean. Erik is secretly working on a mysterious project with Devlin. Delia tried to borrow money from Roger after she decided that Harlan can be bought off. Johnno refused to marry Lizzie. Jack is suspicious of Erik. Diana said she's glad that Evan is dating Chris.

Devlin got nervous when she learned someone is trying to kill Max. Erik warned Devlin she can't break off their mysterious dealings. Melinda begged Dakota not to tell Pat about her inherited health problem. Erik was angry watching Max comfort Sean, who called out for his "Daddy" after a nightmare. Delia took an heirloom necklace Roger had given Maggie. Johnno threatened to kill Harlan if he hits Lizzie again. Siobhan is disturbed by her thoughts about Erik.

Johnno found Harlan unconscious and bleeding when he went to confront Harlan for beating up Lizzie. Rick found Johnno holding the lamp used to bludgeon Harlan. Dowd resigned after Roger accused him of stealing Maggie's necklace. Dowd and Bess talked about leaving town together. Delia sold Maggie's necklace to get money to bribe Harlan to leave town. Dakota, who knows Delia had the real necklace, planted a fake necklace behind Maggie's vanity table. Max quizzed Diana about Frank's project, "Overload."

Rick was forced to arrest Johnno on charges he murdered Harlan. Johnno told Frank Harlan was barely alive when Johnno arrived on the scene. Siobhan was furious Max ordered Erik to stick by her while she worked undercover on a drug case. Jill and Frank suspect Delia murdered Harlan. Jack is suspicious of Erik, who said Max hired him to guard Siobhan. Ryan and Rick let Lizzie bunk in their apartment. Delia admitted Harlan had attacked her. Roger and Maggie found the fake necklace left by Dakota.

Santa Barbara

Sophia's plane crashed after Gina wrestled with the pilot, who was knocked unconscious. Courtney is plagued by Madeline's "ghost." Lily took the tape that can clear Kelly, then eluded Gina, Mason and Keith, who are all after the tape. Pearl suspects that author Elliot Reynolds may hold a clue to the whereabouts of Pearl's brother, Brian. Julia considered Mason's offer to give her a child. Gina fumed when C.C. rescued Sophia first and then grudgingly took Gina out of the plane wreckage. Keith and Courtney accused each other of killing Madeline. Santana plotted to kidnap Brandon. Sophia and C.C. were shocked to learn that Lily is Gina's daughter. Tori and Cruz holed up in a deserted lighthouse after they were shipwrecked in a storm. A feverish Cruz didn't remember that he made love to Tori. C.C. told Caroline she can do better than Lionel. Lionel and Caroline shared a kiss. Santana and Cruz's divorce is final.

Pearl quizzed bookstore owner, Sybil, who lied she doesn't know Brian. Brian, in hiding, rejected Sybil's suggestion he meet with Pearl. Ted and Hayley rescued Tori and Cruz from the lighthouse, but not before Hayley saw Tori and Cruz making love. Santana held Gina at gunpoint and Gina admitted Lily still has the video tape. Lily hid the tape in a hollowed-out Bible. Gina fumed C.C. didn't keep their appointment to get married in exchange for the video tape. Gina escaped from Santana, but Mason held Gina at bay while C.C. and Sophia were exchanging marriage vows. After Brick agreed not to hold her responsible for Amy's death, Lily told him she has the video tape. A recovering Cruz realized he made love to Tori during the time he was delirious. Keith taunted Eden that Cruz isn't worthy of her love.

C.C. and Sophia's wedding vows were interrupted by Gina. C.C. was forced to marry Gina, who'll turn over the video tape to him after they're married for six months. Eden rejected Cruz, who told her that because he was ill, he thought he was making love to Eden at the time he really made love with Tori. Much to Jane's dismay, Lionel romped in bed with Caroline. Lionel is intrigued that Caroline won't explain her concern for Alice. Courtney went behind Pearl's back and met his brother, Brian, who doesn't know of her connection to Pearl. Brian recalled his past with Alice. Alice told Caroline and Jane she was once raped by a uniformed cop. After arguing with Caroline, Jane reverted to her Roxanne personality and picked up a strange man in a bar. Brian wouldn't listen to Sybil, who urged him to speak to Pearl. Keith is in cahoots with Gina again.

After talking with Courtney, Brian shared a reunion with Alice, but said he still doesn't want to see Pearl. Mason and Julia signed a legal contract, then slept together in hopes of producing the child Julia wants. Courtney kept mum that Madeline was her sister, when she discussed Madeline's murder with Brian, who thinks Madeline was killed by someone she knew. Lionel watched Caroline comforting Alice, who wished she had known her mother. Rosa was upset to see her son, Danny, strung out on drugs. Lionel's puzzled that Caroline shows no motherly affection for Jane. Keith has romantic feelings for Eden. Eden told Keith that at the time of Katie's drowning, Cruz had tried to help Katie, while Tori had believed Katie managed to swim to safety. Keith dropped his vendetta against Tori and Cruz. Mason flashed back to Mary's sudden death when he saw Tori on the roof of the Capwell Hotel.

Search For Tomorrow

Jo, who found Mr. Klein's body, was skeptical when the police said he died of a heart attack. Quinn is intrigued by Gypsy girl, Kat, who rescued him after his motorcycle accident. Jerry failed to pressure Evie into marrying him and splitting town. Miss Hobbs brushed away some cigar ashes in Mr. Klein's apartment. Kat pulled away when Quinn kissed her. Kat later smooched with Malcolm, who is her fiance. Patti tagged after Hogan, who went to Ireland to find Quinn. Malcolm learned Quinn is looking for him. Jo is in danger.

Bela joined Sunny, on assignment in San Simeon, and they were wed in a ceremony arranged by Bela. Sunny wrongly thinks the ceremony was a fake. Judge Henderson told Miss Hobbs they can never marry because of her prostitute past. Jo suspects Miss Hobbs killed Mr. Klein and caused the car crash that killed Suzi. Quinn found Malcolm, who insisted Quinn isn't his illegitimate son. Gypsy Zophie feels Kat and Quinn belong together.

Miss Hobbs plotted to kill Jo because Jo realized Hobbs is a killer. Patti and Hogan made love while locked in Zophie's cabin. Quinn won a local wrestling match that allowed him to escort Malcolm's bride to the wedding. Kat was abducted by Quinn before she could walk down the isle to Malcolm. Since Quinn didn't see the bride's face, he didn't know he's abducted Kat. Zophie insisted to Kat her future lies with Quinn, not Malcolm. Hogan and Patti got lost in the woods while trying to find Quinn.

Stu was hospitalized after Miss Hobbs pushed him down an elevator shaft. Kat was furious at Quinn for abducting her from her wedding. Malcolm was shot and wounded by one of his own men who was trying to stop Quinn from abducting Kat. Kate, no longer hospitalized, tried to contact Malcolm. Miss Hobbs forced Jo to the roof of Liberty House. Patti and Hogan were arrested on charges they helped Quinn kidnap Kat. Zophie told Malcolm Kat belongs to Quinn. Estelle fumed to learn Bela married Sunny.

The Young And The Restless

Jack anonymously sent Ellen the money to continue running her shelter for the homeless. Victor told Casey that Nikki had been unconscious for an entire night. Nina was miffed that Philip doesn't have the time of day for her when Cricket is around. Nina later told Philip that Cricket and Danny are a romantic item. Jill threw Kay's petition to adopt Philip into the trash. Later Kay and Jill argued over which one of them had caused the death of Philip's father. Nina stole a music box from Kay's home. Traci told Danny she doesn't regret her past engagement to Tim because it brought her and Danny together. Ashley scheduled an abortion. Casey warned Victor to talk Nikki out of her plans to go off on a cruise with Victor. Paul and Lauren argued over ner mysterious trip out of town, but she kept mum what she learned about Faren's past.

Matt told Victor Ashley was pregnant. Victor was later shocked to learn Ashley had an abortion without consulting him. Trying to get Jack reinstated at Jabot, Jill called a company board meeting behind John's back. Lauren admitted to newspaper pal Gary she lied to Evan Sanderson that Faren wasn't his missing wife. Ashley cried in Matt's arms and insisted Victor must never know she is aware of Nikki's illness. Unaware judges picked Paul's photo as the nude magazine contest winner, Lauren lied that she destroyed the photos and negatives. Jack kissed a surprised Ellen. Jill stalled in responding to Michael's sudden proposal. Nina trapped Philip into dating her when he wanted to be with Cricket.

John agreed Jack could return to work at Jabot and said he'll try to put their past problems to rest. Danny felt dumb when he mistook record producer Terry Weston for one of his adoring women fans. Philip let Nina drive the sports car Kay gave him, but he clammed up when Nina quizzed him about his family, and shied away when Nina kissed him. Magazine editor Susan Brown was unable to fulfill her promise to Lauren that she wouldn't use Paul's nude photo in the centerfold of her magazine. Carol said she'll work for Jack again, although he won't have a fancy office or a title. Victor told Matt he wants to forget about Ashley forever. Jack confronted Jill, but couldn't get her to admit she has an ulterior motive for wanting him back at Jabot. Brad kept mum to Traci he's not happy about Jack coming back into the family fold. Kay realized Nina tricked Philip into dating her.

The governor's office asked Paul to serve on an anti-crime committee that's declared war on pornography. Lauren went nuts when she saw copies of the magazine with Paul's nude centerfold photo. Nikki was relieved when Victor insisted he's through with Ashley for good.Ashley is haunted by the sound of a baby crying. John assured Brad his job at Jabot is secure, although Jack has returned to the staff. Jack didn't show up for his first day at Jabot because he was helping Ellen at her shelter. Jill was shocked to learn Kay has filed legal papers to adopt Philip. Philip told Jill he spent his summer vacation with Kay and is attending a local college, and he'll fight Jill if she tries to keep Kay from adopting him. Carol is working for Jack again. Ellen needs more funding for her shelter. Nina was surprised to learn Cricket hasn't slept with Danny.


All My Children

Natalie responded to an offer of an art gallery job then found herself framed on charges she's fencing stolen art. Adam secretly engineered Natalie's arrest. Tad enticed Hillary into bed with him, but she refused to reconcile with him. Adam advised Skye to give up her love for Tad. Stuart and Skye moved into Adam's mansion. At a remote cabin in Maine, Nina bolstered Cliff's confidence, helping him save a dying man, Caleb. Nina and Cliff admitted they're still in love. Benny nixed returning to work for Phoebe, even though he's out of a job because Tom decided not to reopen Panache. Jeremy freaked to read newspaper stories that Erica threw him over for Matt. Matt helped Erica "find" Mark's confession letter after Mark phoned to say he split town because he had accidentally killed Earl. Erica gave Mark's letter to the cops, who think the letter was faked to free Jeremy.

Linc, Chuck and Kelly returned after Dr Charles' death. After his prison release Erica told Jeremy their romance is off. Hillary agreed to see a marriage counselor. Nina and Cliff plan to remarry. Convinced Adam set Natalie up, Palmer paid her bail. Tad fumed that Skye told Hillary he saw someone (Skye) while separated from Hillary. Ross disapproved of Palmer wanting to make Natalie a double agent" to spy on Adam. Adam ordered Natalie to get him a key to the Cortlandt security device lab. Natalie accepted Palmer's offer to live in his mansion.

Palmer walked for the first time when he caught sight of Daisy, who had arrived for Nina's wedding. Jeff fumed that Joe said Cliff could return to the hospital job Joe had promised Jeff. Hillary dumped Tad for good after catching him with a half-naked Skye. Ross caught Natalie, as she attempted to steal the lab key Adam wants. Marian helped Matt, who secretly bought Erica's house, then told Erica he wants to share the place with her forever. Mark made contact with Francine, a fellow drug addict, and crashed at her pad. Erica insisted to Matt breaking up with Jeremy is the best thing she's ever done. Erica caught Mark in the act of stealing things from her to get money to buy drugs. Mark told Erica he didn't take her suitcase full of money, someone else stole it. Hillary severed her ties with Roy after learning he helped Skye arrange for Hillary to find Tad with Skye.

Nina and Cliff exchanged wedding vows. Palmer was pleased that he was able to walk Nina down the marital aisle. Hillary told Tad that she's thinking of going to Europe. Daisy rejected Palmer's marriage proposal, then introduced him to Senor Ramon Zerita, the new man in her life. Adam fumed when Natalie wasn't able to get Ross's key to Cortlandt laboratories. Francine and Mark robbed Palmer's home. Erica is determined to recoup her monetary losses and rebuild her career. While doing volunteer work in a shelter, Ellen was shocked to see Mark come in out of the cold. Adam offered Brooke the job of managing editor of Tempo Magazine. Tad told Hillary that he's moving to Los Angeles because Pine Valley has nothing to offer him. Detective Borelli showed Erica and Mark a hospital security video tape of Earl's death scene which shows that a mystery person (Matt) witnessed the shooting. Tad quit his job with Adam.

Daisy left for South America with Ramon. After Tad moved to Los Angeles, Hillary accused Skye of breaking up Hillary's marriage. Tom told Brooke their romance can't be rekindled because of her obsession over Mark's problems. Detective Borelli was forced to arrest Mark on murder charges until they can find the witness (Matt) to Earl's death. Phoebe met Hillary and Langley, who went to Paris. Cliff told Nina he's had a job offer from a hospital in Hong Kong. A fellow prisoner, Ira, sold drugs to Mark. Det. Millie Fitch reported Natalie's every move to Palmer. Natalie gave Adam a clay impression of the key to Cortlandt Laboratories. Jeff told Brooke his former wife, Christina, was addicted to drugs. Phoebe wrongly accused Langley of picking up another woman as soon as he arrived in Paris. Jeff is taken with Brooke. Erica rejected Jeremy, who said he still loves her.

Another World

Victoria was nearly stabbed when Reginald's hired Vince lookalike threw a knife at Reginald. Reginald received a minor wound when he shoved Victoria out of the way of the knife. Vince realized someone set it up to look like he tried to kill Reginald. Vince was last seen driving out of town with Cass and Kathleen. District attorney Peggy Lazarus rejected Peter's decision to drop the attempted murder charges against Brittany. Peter realized Peter Reginald's paternity will come out in court and everyone will learn he's not the boy's father. The police blocked Brittany's attempt to escape from the courtroom as her trial got underway. Catlin told Brittany he still loves her. Mac convinced Rachel not to charge Mitch with kidnapping after Matthew admitted he ran away and then was rescued by Mitch. Reginald turned Peter Reginald over to Catlin's care. Mary nixed returning to Reginald.

Catlin testified Peter threatened to kill Brittany after Peter learned he wasn't Peter Reginald's dad. Peter testified Brittany plotted to kill him, that he pulled his gun to protect her from a dangerous horse. M.J. realized Vince left town with Cass and Kathleen. Felicia warned Rachel to determine her feelings for Mitch. Jamie and Nicole rescued Michael, in a brawl after learning Donna's mental state is deteriorating. Catlin proposed to Brittany. Mac arranged a date with employee Rose. Jamie realized M.J. is hung up on Adam. Mary told Reginald she wants to be financially independent of him.

Reginald was furious to learn Mary is working as a waitress at Vince and Ada's restaurant. Rachel and Felicia's friendship is in jeopardy because of their quarrels over Mitch. Adam told M.J. he's in love with her. Peter cracked on the witness stand and admitted at times he wanted to see Brittany dead. Felicia moved into the Northwoods Inn so she can be close to Mitch. During Catlin's courtroom testimony, Brittany accepted his marriage proposal. Scott was suspicious when Reginald said he approves of Scott and Cheryl's budding romance. Wally is worried about Felicia, who misses Zane terribly. Rachel doesn't like it that Mac and Rose are spending so much time together on business. Michael is heartbroken over Donna's mental condition and that he can't help her get well. Nicole was forced to testify that Peter had threatened Brittany's life.

M.J. freaked out when an old friend, Linda, summoned M.J. to speak to a man from M.J.'s mysterious past. Mac spent more time with Rose after he learned that Mitch gave Rachel an expensive Christmas gift. Rose admitted that Sara, who is Peter Reginald's nanny, is Rose's estranged daughter. Felicia and Rachel agreed not to let their interest in Mitch split up their friendship. During a power failure, Mitch and Felicia lit some candles that caused a fire at the Northwoods Inn. Mary resisted her feelings for Reginald. M.J. told Adam that she cannot make a romantic commitment to him. The jury is deliberating a verdict in Brittany's attempted murder case. A jealous Peter tried to cause a rift between Reginald and Scott. Scott was surprised to see an old flame, Patricia, at Victoria's Christmas party. Michael gave Mary the deed to Mary's Place. Nicole tried to cheer Michael, who's depressed about Donna.

Zach said he'd appeal Brittany's case after the jury found her guilty of attempting to murder Peter. Nancy is smitten with Tony Carlisle, a handsome man she had met on Christmas Eve. Mitch saved Mac's life, dragging him out of the fire at the Northwoods Inn. Everyone spent New Year's Eve at Reginald's new restaurant, TOPS. M.J. received flowers from the "old friend" she's avoiding. Rachel cried when Mitch said she should forget about him because Mitch knows she'll always love Mac. Scott and Cheryl spent another platonic night in each other's arms. A man grabbed M.J. from behind when she got into her car. Cheryl freaked to see Reginald give Mary a New Year's Eve kiss. Felicia was upset to learn her insurance policy on the Northwoods Inn had lapsed. Michael and Scott have become good pals. Reginald shocked Mary by drawing a gun in reaction to hearing a strange noise.

As The World Turns

In England, Frannie suspects the mysterious blind woman, Mona, isn't blind. Iva admitted to Craig she's Lily's mother, but insisted he keep the news to himself. Socialite Corinne Lawrence and her daughter Monica are smitten with Holden. Bob learned Rick was fired from his last hospital job. Lisa told Earl she's going through menopause, then Earl told Lisa he's returning to Europe. Beatrice insisted the weird noises in Duncan's castle are caused by the spirit of a woman named Rosalind. Seth went to London to visit Frannie. Meg went with Seth to escort her Uncle Henry back to Oakdale after his medical treatments. Sierra returned to Oakdale and told Craig she's trying to patch things up with Tonio. Casey kissed Lyla, who's uncomfortable about their age difference. Bob and Kim decided to spend the holidays in London with Frannie.

Barbara’s brother, Rick, was back and tried to blackmail John over their past and an ex-con, Howard Lansing. Seth and Frannie found Mona, who apparently died in her sleep. Seth promised to help Frannie find her lookalike, who left Mona’s on a horse. Lyla and Casey romped in bed. As plotted by Lucinda, James foreclosed on Lucinda's loan to Steve. Seth and Frannie found a birthday card for Sabrina, who they assumed is Frannie's lookalike. James warned Rick to avoid Emily, who rejected Rick's advances. Dusty barely gave student nurse Sage Holland a glance after Casey introduced them. Lucinda encouraged Monica's interest in Holden. Barbara almost caught Emily with James.

Steve said goodbye to Betsy and Dani and returned to Greece after Tonio, James and Lucinda succeeded in taking over Steve's business. Margo told Lyla she approves of Lyla's relationship with Casey. Brian was upset to learn Beatrice wants to return to Scotland. Iva nixed Lucinda's job offer. In England, Frannie was surprised to find Nancy and Kim and Bob on her doorstep. Dusty thinks it's great that Lyla is dating Casey. Rick and John are plotting together to run James out of Oakdale. Howard Lansing, who was released from prison, tried to con some money out of Rick. Frannie was puzzled when several people called her "Sabrina." Sierra noted Craig and Iva are happy when they're together. Rick applied for a job at Memorial Hospital. Emily refused to give Duncan the ancient coin James gave her. Betsy agreed to stay in Oakdale until Steve is established in Greece.

Peter Marsden, a young man who mistook Frannie for Sabrina, wanted nothing to do with Frannie after learning her identity. James and Barbara threatened each other with exposure of their secret love lives. Holden refrained from making love with Lily because he doesn't think she's ready. Barbara admitted to Duncan that she's afraid of James. Meg persuaded Dusty not to tell Emma about Meg's "almost" pregnancy. Tonio flipped out when he caught James and Lucinda sharing a passionate kiss. Frannie and Seth just missed seeing Sabrina, who tailed them around London. Brian convinced Beatrice not to return to Scotland. Earl is upset because he can't tell Lisa the reason for his return to Europe. Barbara warned Emily to break off with James before he hurts Emily. Emma accepted John's marriage proposal. Lisa and Earl became engaged. Meg daydreamed of being Tonic's mistress. Craig proposed to Iva.

In London, Nancy was reunited with her daughter, Penny. Howard blackmailed Rick for more money to keep his mouth shut about their past caper. Iva rejected Craig's marriage proposal and later overheard him say he still has feelings for Sierra. Shannon ran out of the church, leaving Brian standing at the altar. Shannon later disappeared. Earl and Lisa were married on schedule, but decided to honeymoon in Oakdale. Kim and Bob promised to stay with Frannie until she finds Sabrina. Craig noticed the loving looks Casey is casting upon Lyla. James is desperate to get his hands on the nickel (coin) that belonged to Emily. Despite her love for Brian, Beatrice urged him to find Shannon. Holden was upset that Dusty escorted Lily to Lisa's wedding. John gave Howard blackmail money when Howard threatened Andy's safety. Beatrice is now convinced she saw James strangle Suzanne.


Kelly told a disbelieving Sam he's Scotty's father. Sloane and Hubert recognized Yasmeen's assassin (but they don't know his name, which is Colton) when he failed an attempt to shoot Clarissa. Sloane and Hubert tailed Colton, who made contact with a mystery person. Mark told Clarissa he'll use his sources in Columbe to check on the man she knew as Baxter. Thomas returned Scotty to Clarissa's care and took Kelly back to the rehab center to kick her drug habit. Jordy's spending a lot of time with designer Nicole Rousseau.

Mark, head of "Octopus," met with Colton, but they escaped before Sloane and Hubert saw them. Interpol's Ray Fenton told Clarissa Colton tried to kill her. Carla and Baxter realized Octopus (Mark) engineered the Baracq crisis and Yasmeen's death. Mark's mystery boss wants Sloane eliminated. Dylan bought D.J.'s house and told Brenda he will finance Wally's career. Ali was wounded by an assassin.

In Columbe, Tirese gave Sloane information about Baxter's Connection to an organization called "Flagship." Colton murdered Baxter's former Flagship cohort, George Wilson. Before his death, George gave Sloane code numbers that only the real Baxter McCandless would know. Sam and Kate romped in the sack. Thomas took Scotty to visit Kelly at the hospital. Scotty reminded Tracy of her daughter, who's in a foster home. Angelica fainted at the sight of a mysterious man she saw. Ali's wounded arm became infected. Carla saw the coded message Sloane put in the newspaper. Mark told Colton he wants Baxter taken alive.

The mystery man who caused Angelica to swoon is really her first husband, Crawford, who had been serving time in a Turkish prison on drug- smuggling charges. The Cleggs were surprised when Julie and Alison arrived home for Christmas without Tyler. Crawford taunted Angelica that she's a bigamist, then said he's cutting himself in for a share of her wealth as Trey's wife. Colton took Carla hostage. Ali was rescued by an old friend, El Shim. Model Suzy Lane came on to Jordy. Sam lied to the family that he can go back to work.

Clarissa freaked out when she found Carla, who had been murdered and then buried under the snow in Clarissa's backyard. Mark's unseen boss, Edmond, ordered him to kill Sloane because she knows too much about "Octopus." Kelly was released from the detox center. Julie admitted to the family she and Tyler have separated because Tyler was having an affair with another woman. Sloane saw Baxter's coded message in the newspaper. Baxter included the word "MAD" in the message. Mark's coat bears the initials, "M.A.D." Sam kept mum that he had chest pains. Edmond ordered Colton to kill Sloane.

Days Of Our Lives

In Stockholm, Patch was contacted by an old "friend," who ordered Patch to smuggle a cache of emeralds into the U.S. At the last minute, Patch left a jacket containing the emeralds behind, but Kayla took the jacket. Kayla later stashed the diamonds before she was searched by customs officials. Barbara wants to leave town before Kimberly recognizes Teddy. Remembering drug use caused his brother's death, Glenn agreed to help Abe nab drug dealers who sell to high school kids. Savannah was taken off to jail after Abe found her in possession of the mayoral ballot boxes. Abe put a stop to Alex's mayoral inauguration ceremony. Patch was stabbed when he tried to tell his "friend" he no longer has the emeralds. Roman hired a guard to protect Marlena from Orpheus. Putting herself in jeopardy, Gillian leaked the story of Vaughn's past deeds to the press. Robin and Mitch cut their honeymoon short.

Orpheus's bomb in Marlena and Roman's house went off when Marlena was there. Kayla gave the emeralds to Patch, who gave them to his Stockholm contact, Werner. A mystery woman search Patch's pad. Mike was surprised Robin helped him get a grant for leukemia research. Robin learned Mike and Ivy slept together. Roman asked Hope to see if Victor has connections with Orpheus. Hope moved back into Victor's with Bo. Kimberly was surprised to learn Barbara is moving from Salem, although Paul doesn't want to leave. Emma told Barbara to get Teddy (Andrew) out of town. Jennifer caught Glenn with cocaine, then learned he's a narc.

Kimberly and Shane arranged to get Emma out of the mental hospital as part of a plan to trick Emma into revealing Andrew's (Teddy) whereabouts. Roman flipped out that he couldn't save Marlena, who died in the explosion set off by Orpheus. It was later revealed Marlena isn't dead, but her whereabouts are a mystery. Chris tricked Pete into revealing he's no longer paralyzed. Caroline insisted to Kayla Patch isn't the man for Kayla. Jennifer fumed when Glenn turned in one of their pals for drug use. Mitch was jealous to learn Mike and Robin are working together on the leukemia project. Carrie realized Frankie cares for Jennifer. A memorial service was planned for Marlena. Pete tailed Melissa and caught her smooching with Lars. Later, Melissa and Pete broke up after she learned he isn't paralyzed. Orpheus gloated to a mystery woman that he enjoys watching Roman suffer.

Hope is worried that Bo has become so attached to Victor that he won't use the evidence they're hoping will put Victor behind bars for life. Pete left town after his breakup with Melissa. Kayla and Hope saw Patch dressed up as Santa Claus and giving presents to the less fortunate. On the phone, Emma warned Barbara to cancel her plans to bring Teddy (Andrew) to see Paul during Christmas. Gillian and Shane spent the holidays together. Victor spent Christmas alone while Bo and Hope were with the Brady bunch. Mitch is losing his patience with Robin, who refuses to sleep with him. Mike learned that Robin underwent a pregnancy test, but she later said that she's not pregnant. Mike overheard Robin admit that she hasn't slept with Mitch because she loves someone else. Shane and Gillian kidnapped Emma, gave her a "truth drug," then quizzed her about Andrew's (Teddy) whereabouts. A mystery woman crossed paths with Patch.

Alex caught an alive Emma trying to frame him for Andrew's kidnapping. Abe suspected it was murder when Emma was found dead of an apparent drug overdose. Shane kept mum he suspects Kimberly might have killed Emma because she wouldn't tell them Andrew's (Teddy) whereabouts. At a ski lodge, Roman made friends with a woman named Olivia. Robin broke up with Mitch after she and Mike had a heart-to-heart conversation. Because Bo disapproves of Patch and Kayla's romance, Victor arranged for Kayla to find out Patch had once been spying on her. As planned, Kayla threw Patch out on his ear. Before her death, Emma announced publicly Shane and Kimberly will never find Andrew (Teddy). The mystery girl, Adrienne, lamented that Patch didn't recognize her from his past. Paul rejected Alex's offer of kickbacks on construction of the new hospital wing. Emma had told Alex she was going to divorce him before her murder.

General Hospital

Anna and Robert broke the news to members of the police force that Bert was a bad cop. The men on the force helped Anna and Robert set up a sting operation that netted Bert and his organized crime buddies. After learning everyone was onto his schemes, Bert flipped out and was sent to a sanitarium. Bobbie and Jake were upset they had to put a hold on their surrogate mother plans because they're having financial difficulties. Now that Rick and Ginny are gone, Amy moved in with Tania and Tony. Pilgrim had Damon murdered for real after he realized Frisco had faked Damon's earlier "murder." Duke was shot as he prevented Bert from shooting Robert. Tony operated on Duke, who's paralyzed from the waist down. Robert and his team thwarted the attempt to transfer more laundered money out of Port Charles. Frisco and Felicia rallied to help Duke.

Jimmy Lee and Alan fought over Charity. Jimmy Lee told Charity Alan faked amnesia to get back into Monica's life and get his share of the fortune. Charity told Alan she loved the man he was while hiding in Pautauk. The brownstone dwellers will try to keep Duke's club open until he can take over. Buzz told Sandy's he's been offered a chief-of-staff job in Laurelton. Duke had surgery. Frisco wants to be reinstated as a cop. Jake was puzzled that Lucy's spending a lot of money. Anna was named police chief.

Ted survived a mild heart attack after he and Lucy argued over the royalty money from her expose on Kevin. Monica refused to give Alan a divorce because she wants him to suffer for the rest of his life for what he put her and Sean through. Amy and Claudia overheard Lucy threaten Ted's life. Frisco beamed after police force biggies promoted him to detective. Sandy realized Jimmy Lee has fallen for Charity. Anna stood by Duke, who took his first steps since his operation. Robert foiled a hit man's attempt to murder Duke in his hospital bed. Bobbie and Jake's dwindling finances caused them to put off their surrogate mother plans awhile longer. Jimmy Lee romped in the sack with Charity, who accepted his marriage proposal. Duke refused to turn state's evidence after he received threats against Anna's and Robin's lives. Samantha's cousin, Bill Austin, was assigned to work with Frisco.

Someone sneaked into Ted's hospital room and smothered him to death. Jimmy Lee and Charity were married. Anna assigned Frisco to find Ted's murderer. Lucy asked Jake to defend her, if necessary, since she's the prime suspect in Ted's killing. Lucy remembered that Buzz had a violent argument with Ted the day before his death. Bobbie isn't sure she can handle the bond that could develop between Jake and the woman they choose to be their child's surrogate mother. Yank moved into Bobbie’s brownstone boarding house. Alan freaked out to learn that Charity and Jimmy Lee are man and wife. Edward refused to hand over Jimmy Lee's share of the Quartermaine fortune. Duke received another warning not to turn state's evidence against his former organized crime partners. Frisco and Felicia shared their first Christmas together with Tony and Tania. Buzz wouldn't tell Frisco about his run-in with Ted.

After a confrontation with Buzz, Sheriff Broder went to see Lucy, who later found him dead in her apartment. Despite the threats to his life, Duke turned state's evidence and then awaited jail sentencing after testifying about his former organized crime partners. Duke ordered Angus to protect Anna and Robin from Duke's enemies. Monica didn't believe Charity, who insisted Alan is still in love with Monica. Buzz admitted to Frisco he had quarreled withTed, who had ruined Buzz's chance for a hospital job in Laurelton. Buzz insisted he didn't kill Ted. Sean and Monica officially ended their affair. Edward gave Jimmy Lee his share of the family money and Jimmy Lee, Charity and her son Jonah moved to Indiana. Duke and Anna were able to spend New Year's Eve together. Sandy was skeptical when Buzz said he had been driving alone in his car at the time of Ted's murder.

Guiding Light

Kyle returned to Tulsa after a final goodbye to Reva. Dinah was kidnapped by Joe, who wants Henry to pay a ransom for her return. A confused Grace thinks Dinah is Vanessa. Mark is worried he'll be caught smuggling stolen paintings into the country for India. Johnny tried, but failed, to contact Christine, a former girlfriend. After Dorrie found a token from the carnival, Calla and Dorrie searched the carnival grounds, but didn't find Dinah. Jean-Claude's friends discussed the fact he was a diabetic. Roxie accepted a chance to go on an archaeological dig. At an art auction, India revealed a nude portrait of Alex, who wasn't even ruffled by the disclosure of the painting. Dinah tried to get Ramona to help her escape from Joe. Reva freaked when Josh appeared in public during the art auction. Gerhardt, who's also in Springfield, kept out of Josh's sight.

Ross told Vanessa Dinah is their daughter after Joe's ransom note revealed her parentage to Henry. Jean-Claude's lawyer, Barbara Farrell, told Alan Johnny worked for Jean-Claude and his partner, Roland Valere. The trio ended after Johnny had an affair with Valere's wife. Valere set Johnny up for arrest on contraband charges. Gerhardt told pal Hugo Josh and Simon believed the Gerhardt is with Interpol. Hugo paid Cat to cause trouble for Minday and Simon. Fletcher moved in with Maeve and Ben. Simon warned Cat to stay away from Mindy, who rebuffed Cat's advances. Joe and Shelly taunted Dinah by not telling her her parents' identity. Billy romanced Vanessa, but still plans to divorce her. Afraid of losing Ross, Calla failed to keep him from seeing Dinah's medical records.

Josh was delighted when Reva told him she's pregnant. Joe and Shelley took Vanessa prisoner when she delivered the ransom for Dinah. Dinah talked Joe into giving her a knife with which he was threatening Vanessa. Johnny flipped when his former lover, Christine Valere, arrived in town. Alan is paying Christine to renew old times with Johnny. Cameron led the police and Ross to Joe's hideout. Jarrett told everyone he and Claire will marry. Rick was cleared of charges he caused Jean-Claude's death after Johnny found proof Jean-Claude died of diabetic complications. Jackson helped Chelsea get a singing gig. Rusty Shayne phoned Roxie but hung up when his daddy, Hawk, answered the phone. Dinah learned Ross and Vanessa are her parents, but she pulled away from Vanessa when she tried to hug Dinah. Billy and H.B. suspected sabotage when a Lewis Shipping truck broke down.

Dinah was surprised when Ross admitted that he's her father. Dinah later learned that Ross wasn't aware of her existence until recently. Dinah continued to reject Vanessa's motherly overtures. Johnny suspects that Christine helped frame Johnny on contraband charges. Mindy caught Rusty stealing from the cash register at Company. Rusty said he took the money because Hawk "owes him." Rusty was arrested for assault after he got into' a barroom brawl with Cat. Philip talked Dinah and Dorie out of their plan to run away. Jarrett announced that he and Claire were married. Thanks to Jackson, Chelsea signed a singing contract. Hawk and Mindy learned that Reva's pregnant. Hawk was upset that Reva and Josh aren't planning to get married. Johnny told Christine that he plans to open a school for pilots. Ramona is worried about her parents, Joe and Shelly, who were arrested for kidnapping Dinah.

Billy first said goodbye to Vanessa and Little Billy and then left town to run the family oil business in Venezuela. Calla reconciled with Jessie, then told Ross and Simon they're moving out of town. Reva talked Rusty into staying in Springfield, and persuaded Josh to give Rusty a job at the Lewis Trucking. Chelsea was relieved the newspaper agreed to print Philip's article, which vindicates Rick in Jean-Claude's death. Alex suspects India and Alan are up to no good. Alex reminded Alan he can't make business decisions without her OK. Lillian rejected Hawk's attempt to give her an engagement ring. Jessie and Simon reconciled and then romped in the sack. Vanessa responded to Ross's New Year's Eve kiss. Fletcher gave Maeve an engagement ring, but she accepted it as a token of love only. Ross was unable to convince Dinah to make up with Vanessa. Simon suspects Cat is sabotaging Lewis Trucking vehicles.


After Judd left town without Ava, she decided she wants Curtis back. Clara took Kelly to a soup kitchen in New York, where Kelly later spotted Zach, who's looking for her. The officials at the Corinth prison nixed giving Eban any information on Lottie, even though Eban said Lottie is his common-law wife. Nick slapped Trisha, then forced her to attend a party thrown by her family. A friend warned Trisha to get out of Nick's clutches. While high on pills and booze, Trisha berated her family.

Steve was shocked to learn from Gwyneth Trisha's family forced her to give up Steve when Cabot arranged Steve's prison release. Nick told Gwyneth he'll take care of Trisha, who passed out from booze and pills. Lottie no longer has to report to her parole officer. Newcomer Tony Benedict rented a room from Kate and applied for a job as a gardener at the Alden estate. Two punks failed Kelly, who borrowed money from a friend. Eban pressured old pal Sunny for Lottie's location.

Clara rescued Kelly, who was robbed by two punks. Kelly was shocked to learn Clara is really wealthy, and her real name is Mrs. Lydia Wodenhouse Armstrong. Zach, who was at Lydia's pad, asked Kelly to return home with him. Lydia explained she dons her bag lady disguise to remind herself of her impoverished past. Lottie freaked out when Sunny told her Eban is in town. Nick warned Trisha he'll have Steve returned to jail if Trisha tries to leave Nick. Zach and Lorna included Kelly in their new wedding plans.

Zach and Lorna were married. Eban plans to blackmail Lottie for big bucks in exchange for keeping mum that she was his common-law wife. Ava applied for a job at Nick's casino. Nick accused Steve of being jealous that Nick has Trisha under his thumb. Nick forced Trisha to lie to Steve that she's happy with Nick. A despondent Trisha popped more pills. Cecilia fretted she'll lose Steve now that he knows Trisha's family forced Trisha to split with him. On Nick's orders, Gus tracked down Tony, who's renting a room from Kate.

Shana and Jim were married. Jim turned down a job offer at Alden Enterprises. Tony turned down Nick's job offer. Nick was furious Tony is working as a handyman on the Alden Estate. Ann said she loves Harry even though he admitted he's gambled away all of his lottery winnings. Ava is thrilled with her hostess job at Nick's casino. Trisha's friend Jenny admitted she'd once been a hooker and a drug addict, then warned Trisha to get out of Nick's clutches while she still can. Eban threatened to tell Curtis all about Lottie's past. Steve fantasized about being with Trisha.

One Life To Live

Dimitri got away, but Tina, Cord, Dorian, Kate, Jonathan and Aggripina were safely off of Devil's Island before bombs set by Dimitri blew the place up. Aggripina, who was working for the good guys, revealed she had the microfilm Jonathan was trying to get from Dimitri. Allison told Viki she'd kidnapped Jessica because Mitch programmed her to steal the child. Jamie talked Diane into helping him escape from the cops. During his escape, Jamie shot a guard. Diane accidentally ran down Allison with Dorian's car. Jamie ordered Diane to return Dorian's car to the garage. Viki was with Allison when she was mil down, but Viki didn't recognize the driver of the car. Jamie took Connie and Didi hostage. Viki realized Maria framed her for Jessica's kidnapping. Thomas and Clint fought over Viki, who went into a trance-like state and then mistook Thomas for her late husband, Joe.

Charles convinced Jamie to give himself up and Jamie was arrested. Thomas helped Viki keep it secret she's suffering from a temporary memory loss. In a minor shootout Pete was wounded, but Jamie's hostages, Didi and Connie, were released unharmed. Believing Maria might kill her, a hospitalized Allison went into a coma. Cord forced Tina to give Devil's Claw Island to Asa, who offered it to Pamela as a divorce settlement. Brad and Connie married. Didi left for Paris to join her husband Bo Buchanan. Kate offered to buy Devil's Claw from Asa, then learned pirate treasure is supposedly buried there. Viki kept referring to Thomas as "Joe." Rafe sought Allison's mom, Ruth, to see if she can shed light on Jessica's kidnapping. Viki told Clint she's not having an affair with Thomas.

Brad and Connie left to honeymoon in Vienna. Thomas was alarmed to learn Viki thinks Maria is her friend and that Viki told Maria about her amnesia. At Delilah's secret request, Asa pulled strings and got Rafe reinstated to the police force. Diane stole a piece of cloth Jonathan found in Dorian's car. Jonathan later learned a piece of Allison's dress was torn away when she was struck down by the hit-and-run driver. Pamela accepted Devil's Claw Island in lieu of a divorce settlement from Asa, then learned the island is worthless. Cord was furious to learn Tina lied to Pamela that the island is a paradise. Cord walked out on Tina after telling her he can't tolerate her lies and her schemes. Viki put Thomas in charge of her newspaper, The Banner. Mari Lynn and Dan believe Allison kidnapped Jessica. Diane learned Jonathan is suspicious of her.

In hopes of luring Cord to her side, Tina planned a fake suicide attempt that almost became a reality when Tina was overcome by gas leaking from a stove. Maria found an unconscious Tina, who recuperated after being rushed to the hospital. Murray stole Dorian's car as he and Diane planned, but he beat up Dorian when she caught him breaking into the car. Jonathan agreed to help Aggripina, who said that Dimitri wants her dead. Cord and Kate went to Devil's Claw Island on a treasure hunt and were trapped in Dimitri's old hideout after they triggered a bomb left by Dimitri's men. Before the blast, Cord found a chest filled with jewels and gold coins. Viki panicked when Joey had an asthma attack, and the incident made Clint believe his theory that Viki has reverted to her Niki personality. The police searched for Allison's mom, Ruth.

Tina and Asa rescued Cord and Kate from Dimitri's hideout. Tina fumed that she found Kate in Cord's arms. Ruth told the police Mitch had programmed Allison to kidnap Jessica. Cord and Kate secretly took the treasure from Dimitri's old hideout and turned it over to Pamela because she owned Devil's Claw Island. Pamela sold the island back to Asa, who fumed when he learned she already had possession of the treasure. While Judith was visiting Jamie in jail, the lights went out and they were attacked by a man with a knife. Asa secretly kept Pete from going with Pamela, who decided to move back to her home in Malakeva. Clint apologized for thinking Viki had kidnapped Jessica, but Viki said it's too late to repair their marriage. Maria signed Allison's name to a letter that stated Tina had helped Allison kidnap Jessica. Lisa asked Dan to run her father's business for her.

Ryan’s Hope

Delia returned the real necklace to Maggie, who threw it in Delia's face because she thought it was the fake. Lizzie recalled Harlan telling her her ailing mother died in a car accident. Jack was troubled that Devlin rushed off when he tried to discuss Erik. Max told Erik to find out what Siobhan knows about Max's operation "overload." Johnno was denied bail. Devlin was puzzled when Erik shouted at her that Sean isn't Max's son. Ryan fumed when Mark asked for an exclusive story on Johnno's arrest.

Erik told a shocked Siobhan he's her dead husband Joe Novak, that he had plastic surgery to avoid enemies. Lizzie took off with Owney, although she can't cope with the child. Erik (Joe) said he'll let Siobhan stay married to Max if that's what she wants. Frank learned Harlan had many enemies; the police suspect Harlan killed his wife. Johnno told Jill he thinks Lizzie killed Harlan. Ryan argued with Rick, who doesn't think Lizzie's a killer.

Maeve comforted Lizzie, who admitted Harlan had abused her. Jack was shocked when Devlin admitted she and Erik (Joe) work for the International Police. Jill is worried she won't be able to clear Johnno of charges that he murdered Harlan. Joe (Erik) is upset about the time he's had to spend away from Sean. Rick and Ryan argued over Lizzie. Frank asked Diana to help him prove his theory that Lizzie killed Harlan. Dee put a pawn ticket into Maggie's purse, then let Roger think Maggie pawned the missing necklace.

Lizzie admitted that she killed Harlan in self-defense when he tried to sexually assault her. Melinda thinks she should get out of Pat's life. Diana told Jill that the state won't press charges against Lizzie, who kept mum about Harlan's death because she feared she'd lose Owney and Johnno. Roger returned his mother's heirloom necklace to Maggie, then didn't believe her when she said she didn't pawn the necklace. Joe (Erik) and Siobhan still love each other. Siobhan found the electronic bug Max planted in her police station office.

Maggie hasn't told Roger she's pregnant. Melinda accepted Pat's marriage proposal. Siobhan cringed when Max said he'd like them to have a baby. Jack said he loves Devlin and he's afraid Max will harm her when he learns she works for Interpol. Siobhan told Joe (Erik) she's sure there's a secret room in Max's office. Maeve advised Johnno not to marry Lizzie if he doesn't love her. Max nearly caught Joe (Erik) and Siobhan in a romantic embrace. Dakota threatened to tell Maggie Dee pawned the necklace.

Santa Barbara

Caroline visited Alice's father, Gus Jackson, who's in Chino prison because he shot a cop who had molested Alice. Caroline accused Gus of taking their daughter, Alice, away from her. Gus said Alice was institutionalized after his arrest. In the line of duty, Cruz shot and wounded Danny, who was committing a robbery to get drug money. Cruz arrested drug dealer, Angel, who was selling to Danny. Julia noticed Mason's sudden interest in Tori. Mason told Tori about his love for Mary. Brian rejected Pearl, who said he wants to be friends. Alice, who said she always loved Brian, admitted she was upset that he never returned for her after he escaped from the mental hospital. Lionel knows about Caroline's visits to Chino. Cruz and Eden each reminisced about their lost love. Mason reminded Julia their attempt to make a baby is strictly a business deal. Jane suspects Caroline is sneaking off to see a man.

Newcomer Jeffrey Conrad saved Sophia when a wall damaged in a fire nearly fell on her. Tori is pregnant by Cruz. Caroline told Gus she doesn't want Alice to know Caroline is her mom. Jane helped convince Brian to stay in town for Alice's sake. Mason said he'd sleep with Julia again since she didn't get pregnant yet. Caroline admitted to Lionel she visited Alice's dad in prison. C.C. realized Alice is Caroline's daughter. After meeting Alice, C.C. agreed to Caroline's request he try to get Gus out of prison. Eden told Cruz she still loves him. The Capwells schemed to "kidnap" Kelly to force Gina to turn over the video tape clearing Kelly of murder. Lionel figured out Caroline is Alice's mom. C.C., who once had a boxing contract with Gus, accused Caroline of ruining Gus' career.

After Brian reinacted Madeline's murder, Courtney admitted she had killed Madeline in self-defense when Madeline tried to shoot Courtney. Brian and Pearl decided not to tell the police about Courtney's story. Mason is investigating Jeffrey's past. Jeffrey learned Pamela, not Sophia, is Mason's mother. Jeffrey denied C.C.'s suspicion that he's met Jeffrey somewhere before. Gus was released on parole and reunited with Alice. Caroline insisted to Gus they keep mum that she's Alice's mother. Lionel warned Julia she's making a mistake if she lets Mason father her child. Courtney admitted David found Madeline while she was still alive, but he left Madeline to die. Gus told Alice he was sent to prison for killing the cop who tried to rape Alice. Mason told Tori he's sorry he tried to substitute her for Mary. Cruz and Eden contemplated their feelings for one another.

Mason tried to cheer up Tori, who flipped when she learned her manager, George, had skipped town with all her money. Gus doesn't like the fact that Lionel is Alice's guardian. Gina fumed when she was unable to get proof that C.C. has been sleeping with Sophia. Mason stood by Julia, who underwent surgery that should help her get pregnant. Gina was upset that Brandon didn't want to spend time alone with her over the holidays. Cruz and Eden found Gina, who had passed out and then had a dream that she had never been born, a la the movie, "It's a Wonderful Life." Cruz, Eden and Brick, who bought Buzz's place and renamed it "Johnny's," opened the restaurant to the homeless on Christmas Day. Julie is upset over Mason's feelings for Tori. Jane is curious about Caroline's relationship with Gus. Mason found Tori, who passed out after suffering abdominal pains.

Mason took Tori to the hospital after she passed out. Tori was forced to admit to Mason she's carrying Cruz's baby. Julia is jealous and hurt that Mason is catering to Tori's every need. Caroline remembered the prejudices she and Gus endured when they were together. Even though C.C. was ill with a high fever, he had the strength to throw Gina out of his bed. C.C. agreed to let Ted work on a horse farm instead of with the family business. Eden agreed to a date with Edward, the brother of Sophia's friend, Alexandra. Caroline insisted she didn't leave Gus because he's black. Gus hid the fact he still cares about Caroline. Lionel told Caroline Alice deserves to know she's Caroline's daughter. Eden warned Mason not to get too involved with Tori. C.C. is anxious to bring Kelly home from Switzerland.

Search For Tomorrow

Cagney fired shots at Miss Hobbs, who died when she fell off the roof of Liberty House. Judge Henderson manipulated Miss Hobbs into confessing she committed the payroll robbery attributed to Matt. Malcolm, who arrived in Henderson, reburied the skeleton Quinn found in the basement of Kate's house. Cagney regained the use of his paralyzed legs. Kate was upset to hear Malcolm was about to marry Kat when Quinn kidnapped Kat. Kat failed to escape from Quinn. Sunny learned her marriage to Bela was for real.

Sunny told Bela she's not pregnant. Kate took Malcolm to the airport but he didn't board the plane to Ireland. David was cleared of charges that he caused Suzi's death. Wilma returned from a recording session in time to learn David decided to fight his alcohol addiction. Jo and Stu spent time together after his hospital release. Patti and Hogan returned from Ireland. Quinn brought Kat to Henderson and vowed to prove Malcolm is a murderer. Evie realized Quinn loves Kat.

Quinn was shocked to learn from Hogan and Cagney Malcolm is really Matt, their supposedly deceased father. Matt admitted Malcolm was accidentally killed when the brothers got into a fight. Matt said Malcolm was in cahoots with Judge Henderson. Evie, who decided to enroll in pre-med school, nixed making a commitment to Jerry. Kat said goodbye to Quinn after she decided to spend some time at a convent. Matt was arrested for murder. Judge Henderson had Cagney fired from the police force. Matt told Kat he loves Kate.

Jo's dreams came true when Patti and Hogan were married. Estelle was reunited with T.R. Liza met a Travis lookalike, Sam, and they fell in love on sight. Sunny and Bela made up after learning that she's pregnant; and Quinn and Kat admitted that they're in love. Kate was reunited with Matt, who was released from jail after admitting he killed Malcolm in self-defense. The FBI caught up to Judge Henderson, who's been living on the money from the payroll robbery. Evie was accepted into a pre med program. David and Wilma went off into the sunset together. Stu and Jo reaffirmed their longtime friendship.

Final episode aired on Friday, December 26th 1986

The Young And The Restless

Paul freaked out when his mom, Mary, showed him the magazine containing his nude photo. Julia tried to talk to Ashley about her abortion, but Ashley refused to let Julia help her. Matt told Julia to keep mum that he had her come to see Ashley. Jack warned Brad not to make any mistakes at Jabot or with Traci. Jack moved back into John's mansion so he can keep an eye on Brad. Nina taunted Cricket about all the time Danny's spending with Terry. Danny got angry when Terry suggested Cricket influences Danny's decisions about his music. Jill vowed she'll fight Kay's efforts to adopt Philip and change his name to Chancellor. Victor vetoed Nikki's suggestion they go on their planned trip together and leave an ailing Victoria with their houseboy, Miguel. Kay insisted to Philip she's not using him to get revenge on Jill. Ashley nixed telling Jack why she split up with Victor.

Julia tried to help Ashley come to terms with her abortion decision. Ashley nixed telling Victor she knows about Nikki's failing health. Paul fought with Lauren when she said she entered his photo in the centerfold contest for their mutual amusement. Paul resigned from the anti-porn task force. Ellen accepted another date with Jack. JoAnna, back from a buying trip, was shocked to see Paul's centerfold. Nina saw Terry kiss Danny, who was surprised to learn Terry is extending her stay in Genoa City. Jill vowed to tell Philip the real reason behind his dad's death. Kay told Philip her son, Brock, is working in Africa, but he would approve of her adopting Philip. Jill rejected Michael's proposal. Victor is worried about Nikki's bouts of fatigue.

Jack took an interest in Nellie, one of the ladies who frequents Ellen's shelter. Jack stole a letter Nellie had long ago written to her son, George Flint, who Nellie insists is dead. Kay told Philip a court date has been set for his adoption hearing. Nina told a shocked Cricket she saw Terry and Danny in a passionate clinch. Jill is convinced Kay has brainwashed Philip. Paul warned Lauren to start considering the consequences of her rash actions. Jack gave a very proud Nellie, money to pay her heating bill. After reading a newspaper article about Paul's nude photo incident, Evan learned Lauren is the woman he knows as Cathy Wilson. Evan turned up on Lauren's doorstep convinced she lied when she said Faren isn't his missing wife, Michelle. Faren and Andy want to have a baby in the near future. Nikki kept mum that she's having dizzy spells.

Cricket tried to console Nina, who wants to get her baby back from the people Rose sold the child to. On Christmas Day, Jack reunited Nellie with her longlost son, George. George, who was paralyzed in an accident, lost his job and was divorced by his wife, said he didn't contact Nellie because he felt he was a failure and believed Nellie was better off without him. Rose, who's back in the baby-selling business, visited Stephanie, a teen mother with two small babies. Rose promised to make life easier for Stephanie. Lauren nixed Evan's request to see a photo of Faren to prove that Faren is not Michelle. Cricket was furious to learn that Nina stole money from her purse. Jack stalled when Ellen said she wants to know more about him. Ashley asked Traci to keep mum that Ashley made reservations for a vacation in Barbados. Lauren panicked when Paul said he often wonders if Faren has a family somewhere.

Ashley, who had a breakdown, wandered around a New York City park after missing her connecting flight to Barbados. A cop took Ashley to a mental hospital. In a letter, Philip begged Jill not to interfere with his wish to be adopted by Kay and to change his name to Chancellor. Rose fumed when Stephanie refused to turn her baby over to Rose, who's arranged to get big bucks for the child. Stephanie told Rose Nina and Cricket are looking for Rose. Rose told her henchman, Vince, to take care of Nina and Cricket. Mitchell warned Kay her past will be dredged up during Philip's adoption hearing. Jack helped Ellen cope with the New Year's Eve chaos at the shelter. Nikki insisted her houseboy, Miguel, keep mum that she had another dizzy spell. Nina told Stephanie Rose sold Nina's baby after lying to Nina that baby had died. Matt accused Victor of not wanting Matt to get close to Ashley.

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Thanks so much for the walk down memory lane. God, I was such an AMC fanatic at that time. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED that era of the show. Jorn Winther had just returned as EP replacing Jackie Babbin, and the show, which became kind of juvenile under her, suddenly became adult and intelligent again. Jorn promoted Lorraine as co-HW alongside Wisner. Alas, ratings never improved during his tenure, and he would be canned five months later. Great stuff!

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Hmm, not to be pushy, but you should look in to Zetaboards. It's free and all you have to do is register LOL

Personally, I selfishly just want all those OLTL synopses you've managed to collect. Unfortunately, the archives at SON don't go back very far so i can't retrieve them myself.

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Thanks for posting these! I love reading the Days and ATWT ones in particular.

(Another idea for archiving them online would be to start a Blogger or Wordpress blog. Literally all you've have to do would be paste the content into the field and hit "post.")

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Matt caused Erica to panic by telling her that her facial scars will be permanent.

Erica was relieved to learn her face won't be scarred for life.

Yet, not one mention of this was made years later when Erica suffered another horrible accident and feared yet again she would be scarred permanently. Not. One.

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Yes, I did not know she suffered this in 1986. I was surprised when I read it.


All My Children

Cliff, Nina and Bobby moved to Hong Kong. Phoebe and Langley patched up their differences, but he warned her he has no intention of remarrying her. A pregnant Yvonne begged Jesse to help her. Angie read the riot act to Yvonne for almost breaking up Angie and Jesse's marriage. Mark stole money from the Chateau, where he's working as a piano player. Matt came on hot and heavy with Robin, who rebuffed his advances. Matt and Erica signed a contract that allowed her to move back into her home with Matt. Matt fumed that Erica let Mark move in with them. Adam ordered Natalie to break into the Cortlandt Laboratory to sabotage the projects Palmer's people are working on. Natalie admitted that for Timothy's sake she had followed Adam's orders to spy on Palmer. Matt fretted that Det. Borelli will discover Matt witnessed Earl's killing. Erica refuses to believe Mark is still on drugs.

Angle fumed to learn Jesse and Yvonne had a rendezvous when Yvonne was living in Chicago. Ross gloated to Adam that he didn't destroy Palmer's research program because Palmer moved the researchers out of state. Phoebe and Langley returned to Pine Valley, but Hillary stayed on in Paris and dated Jean Louis Brouet, a Frenchman. Brooke agreed to run Tempo Magazine for Adam, who moved the magazine headquarters to P.V. Natalie slapped Ross, who kissed her passionately. Mark snorted cocaine when Brooke insisted he get help to lick his addiction. Angie feels Jeff is a wonderful and dedicated doctor. Matt bought the Ron-Da-Voo nightclub. Jesse let Yvonne move in with him and Angie after learning Yvonne is ill. Ross kept mum that on Adam's orders, Natalie broke into Cortlandt Laboratories. Julie is miffed that Charlie spends all his time studying.

Brooke arranged to do an interview with entrepreneur Travis Montgomery. Erica decided Travis, who bought her New York City penthouse, is the perfect man to invest in her idea to market designer clothes. Angie is convinced that Jesse got Yvonne pregnant. Hillary returned to Pine Valley a changed woman after her Parisian experience. Yvonne was hospitalized after she had stomach pains. Robin played a mean game of poker with Ford, a customer at Matt's club. Palmer mysteriously went out of town after Natalie admitted to him that Adam forced her to break into the Cortlandt Laboratories. Erica fumed that Matt and his cigar-puffing pals played poker in her posh home. Charlie freaked out when he blew an exam. Ellen gave Mark a shoulder to cry on. Matt listened with interest when Det. Borelli said that the video tape didn't reveal the identity of the person who witnessed Earl's death.

Matt admitted to Erica that he saw Mark kill Earl. Yvonne gave birth to a daughter. Yvonne told Jesse that she'd made a deal to turn her baby over to thug, Otis, who planned to sell the baby for big bucks. Erica was frustrated that Travis Montgomery canceled out on a date to meet her. Ross and Natalie suffered guilt feelings after slipping between the sheets together. Ross, who was unable to make love to Ellen, accused her of being obsessed with trying to help Mark with his drug problem. Angie believed Jesse and Yvonne, who insisted that Jesse didn't father Yvonne's baby. Everyone searched for Mark, who's staying at Francine's pad.

Another World

M.J. freaked out to learn her mystery assailant was Chad Rollo, the "friend" she's been avoiding. Sara formally introduced Nancy to heartthrob Tony Carlisle. Catlin and Brittany went to Montana while Zach is appealing her trial verdict. Mitch accepted a bartending job at TOPS after Felicia agreed to manage the club for Reginald. An unseen man attacked Mary. Felicia hired Chad as talent coordinator at TOPS. Jamie suspected M.J. was lying when she said she doesn't know Chad. Dr. Bowden admitted to Michael he manufactured the drug that was used to reduce Donna's mind to mush. Bowden insisted he had no part in giving the drug to Donna, that it was entirely Gomez's doing. Wally and Chad took an instant dislike to each other. Adam is worried about M.J., who's acting distant toward him. Mary spent time with Reginald. Nicole got a singing job at TOPS.

Mary was shocked to learn her "attacker" was Vince. Mary and Ada kept Vince's presence a secret from the police. Peter is very inierested in district attorney, Peggy Lazarus. Mitch backed away from Rachel and apologized for disrupting her life with Mac. The police don't have any proof that Gomez drugged Donna. Michael searched for the mysterious photo that caused Donna to freak out at the time Reginald showed it to her. Vince was livid that Mary suggested he drop his vendetta against Reginald and turn himself in to the police. Rose warned Rachel never to give up Mac. Victoria decided she wants to leave town so she can get out from under Michael and Reginald's thumb. Adam was upset when M.J. refused to meet his parents. Greg flipped when he spotted Nancy and Tony in a romantic clinch. Mac shared Rose's birthday with her and reunited her with Sarah. M.J. had a run in with Chad.

Mary fretted over Reginald, who had a severe heart attack. After being rejected by Reginald, Peter took it upon himself to take over Reginald's business interests. Mitch agreed to stay clear of Rachel, but told her that he'll always love her. M.J. realized that Chad is running the prostitute ring that she and her fellow police officers are trying to shut down. Adam warned Tony, who's a reporter, not to butt into the investigation of the murdered prostitutes. Someone tailed Linda, a prostitute who works for Chad. Cheryl and Scott argued when Scott accused Vince of causing Reginald's heart attack. Chad told M.J. that he's the only man who ever cared about her. An ailing Vince collapsed in Mary's arms after she accused him of causing Reginald's heart attack. Peter launched his own search for the mysterious photo that Donna was shown before her breakdown. Michael and Nicole also looked for the photo.

Michael went to Chicago to get Donna, who had disappeared from the mental hospital before Michael's arrival. Rachel ran to Mitch's arms after she wrongly assumed that Mac was planning a romantic New York City rendezvous with Rose. Chad pleaded with M.J. to keep the cops from arresting his prostitutes, who are working the Pig Whistle Bar. Cheryl was jealous to see that Scott had renewed his friendship with an old girlfriend, Patricia (Trisha), who visited a still critical Reginald. Mary visited Reginald, then doctored an ailing Vince, who's at her pad Wally is worried about Felicia, who planned a Valentine's Day party in honor of what would have been her and Zane's first wedding anniversary.

As The World Turns

Frannie learned from groundskeeper Herbert Finely that Sabrina was raised by Mona after Sabrina's parents, the Fullertons, were killed in an accident. Bob met with Peter Marsden, who admitted Mona was his aunt and that she only pretended to be blind. Shannon and Harriet went to Duncan's home in Scotland where they found photos of all the women from Duncan's past. Margo was glad to learn she and Hal will be working together again. Duncan told his pal, Charles Cavanaugh, he wants proof James killed Suzanne. Rick spied on Emily, who smooched with James. Craig doesn't approve of Lyla and Casey's romance. James warned a mystery man that Duncan is getting close to the truth about Thomas and the past. Rick has the nickel that was stolen from Emily. Beatrice remembered a letter in which Thomas said Suzanne was involved with Lester Meyer, which was the alias used by James.

Lucinda warned Tonio that if he wants to inherit her business empire, he'd better curb his womanizing ways and reconcile with Sierra. Someone using John's name sold the ruckle that was stolen from Emily. John learned the seller of the ruckle is connected to Howard. Harriet cautioned Shannon not to get involved with Duncan again. Howard set out for London. Peter admitted to Bob and Seth Mona had a very hefty savings account. Rick, who's really in cahoots with Howard, warned that John is getting suspicious of them. Frannie's friend Joclyn took note of Peter's phone number. Iva and Lucinda sparred over Lily again. Barbara warned Emily to stay away from James because he is big trouble. Emma broke up with John after learning he had kept mum about Meg's pregnancy scare. Tom has been offered a job in Washington. Corinne and James are plotting to take over Lucinda's business.

Peter Marsden was murdered. Joslyn panicked to learn that Peter had possession of some journals kept by Mona. Howard opened the door when Joslyn arrived at Peter's pad. Someone set fire to Thomas's cottage while Duncan was searching the attic, where he found a strongbox. Both Barbara and Shannon rushed to Duncan's hospital bedside after he survived the fire. Beatrice is sure that she met Emily in Scotland. Rick eavesdropped on Emily's session with her shrink, Dr. Michaels, and learned that Emily is having an affair with James. James offered to buy Tonio's stock in Walsh Enterprises. Lucinda learned that someone tried to buy Barbara's Walsh stock. Emma refused to speak to John. Margo hid the fact that she's upset that Tom accepted the Washington job offer. John flipped to learn that Karen won't return to town to testify against James. James lied to Lucinda that he has no interest in Corinne.

Tom left for Washington while Margo kept mum that she wanted him to stay in Oakdale with her. Joslyn realized that Howard was lying when he claimed to be Peter Marsden. Later, Joslyn was murdered and her body was left in Peter's study. Emily freaked out when her mother, Susan Stewart, arrived on her doorstep and announced she's bunking with Emily while she is job hunting. Herbert Pinely was murdered after he recognized Howard, who had once quizzed him about Sabrina's parents. Penny told her husband, Anton Cunningham, about the search for Sabrina. Seth rescued Frannie, who was nearly killed by Howard. Bob learned that several pages relating to Sabrina are missing from Mona's journals. Duncan and Cavanaugh found nothing but ashes in Thomas' strongbox.


Sloane met Baxter, who saved her life when Mark and Colton fired shots at each other. Mark and Colton both died in the shootout. Ali learned Mark and Colton were responsible for Yasmeen's death. Baxter reported to his secret agent boss that Mark was the "mole" who was working for "Octopus." Crawford told Angelica he wants big bucks to get out of her life. Sloane learned Ali is alive. Clarissa rejected Baxter, who explained as much as he could about his secret agent work. Kelly is worried about Tracy, who has disappeared. Brenda and Wally shared a kiss. Meredith and Dylan are becoming more than friends.

Crawford forced Angelica to give him more payoff money. Meredith admitted to Dylan she's in love with him. Ali consoled Sloane after Mark's funeral. Trey thinks of Kelly whenever he makes love to Angelica. Kelly realizes Thomas wants more than friendship from their relationship. Baxter asked Wally to help him reconcile with Clarissa. Sloane and Ali went off to a secluded cabin together, then he asked her to marry him. Wally and Brenda are looking for the right time to tell Dylan they're in love. Leanne believes Trey and Kelly still love each other.

Sam ended his affair with Kate, but insisted that she continue to work for Myrna. Sloane accepted Ali's marriage proposal. Baxter and Zed talked over old times and Zed admitted he misses Jenny. Crawford forced Angelica to give him a diamond earring and ordered her to start stealing valuables from the Clegg home. Thomas was shocked when Wally suggested that the family forgive Baxter. Leanne fears that she's losing Jordy's love. Tracy bought drugs after a welfare worker refused to reunite Tracy with her daughter. Dylan and Meredith romped in the sack. Sloane and Ali agreed to get married in Baracq.

Meredith learned that she's pregnant with D.J.'s baby. Kelly found Tracy, who died of a drug overdose. In order to make Sam jealous, Kate hired an actor, Burgess Gibson, to pretend that he's Kate's old flame. Paula is thrilled that Sloane and Ali are taking her to Baracq to plan Sloane's wedding. Meredith split without a word after Dylan asked her to marry him. Angelica stole a broach from Myrna. Thomas stomped off in a huff when Wally tried to reconcile Thomas and Baxter.

Days Of Our Lives

Abe arrested Kimberly on suspicion that she murdered Emma. Gillian was surprised when Shane said he's keeping her as his I.S.A. partner. Ivy was hurt by the news Mike and Robin are back together now that Robin and Mitch are having their marriage annulled. Patch had another run-in with Adrienne. Maggie warned Melissa not to jump into a romantic relationship with Lars. Chris is intrigued by lady district attorney, Leslie Landman. Patch is convinced Kayla is better off if he's not involved in her life. Alex flushed pills down the toilet after learning the police know Emma was poisoned. Glenn was furious with Jennifer, who unwittingly foiled his attempt to capture the pusher who's selling drugs to their friends. It was learned that the high school coach is the pusher. Kimberly admitted having a fight with Emma, but insisted she didn't kill her.

Patch spent time in jail after Roman learned he had stolen, and then returned, evidence that points to Kimberly as Emma's killer. Roman said goodbye to Olivia and rushed home to help Kimberly. Alex testified that Kimberly had once tried to kill Emma. Kimberly told the judge that the "attempted killing" was part of a plot to get Emma to reveal Andrew's whereabouts. Roman is suspicious of Adrienne's interest in Patch. Kayla was forced to share her pad with Adrienne, who said she had been robbed. Robin was pleased to learn Mike plans to convert to the Jewish faith. Chris and Leslie spent more time together outside the courtroom. Frankie was disappointed when Jennifer said she'll wait as long as necessary to patch up her romance with Glenn. Melissa rejoined Lars' dance troup. Roman doesn't believe Kimberly murdered Emma.

Roman was surprised to see Olivia Reed, who accepted a job in Salem. Tom was forced to suspend Kimberly from her job at the clinic because her patients think she's a murderess. Adrienne interrupted Patch and Kayla, who were about to make love. Hope is worried that Victor lies a hold over Bo. Mike gave Robin an engagement ring. Alice isn't sure that Mike should convert to the Jewish faith. Mitch took a job at Salem General Hospital. A social worker refused to let Kimberly spend time with Max, now that Kimberly's accused of murder. Kimberly moved back into Shane's home. Barbara, Paul and Teddy (Andrew) moved into a home in the suburbs. Olivia helped Roman sort through Marlena's belongings. Emma left behind a videotaped message that she'd never reveal Andrew's whereabouts. Mike split his time between his family and spending the Jewish holidays with Robin. Kayla offered Adrienne a clinic job.

After learning that Glenn is a narc, the coach fired shots at Glenn and Jennifer. Patch rescued Adrienne from two thugs. Kayla caught Patch searching Adrienne's belongings for a clue to Adrienne's past. Mr. Coleman spied on Tamara, who shared a kiss with Abe. Roman suspects that Kimberly's fingerprints were planted on the vial of poison used to kill Emma. Barbara is making sure that Kimberly will never see Teddy (Andrew). Tom was jealous when Alice heard from an old boyfriend, Tiger. Marlena was seen sitting in a beautiful garden. Orpheus kept tabs on Roman, Carrie and Olivia. Victor and Orpheus agreed not to interfere in each other's business from now on. Leslie subpoenaed Paul and Neil to testify against Kimberly.

General Hospital

Robert admitted he knows Angus is Duke's father. Frisco and Felicia headed for Laurelton to begin investigating the murders of Ted Holmes and Sheriff Broder. Anna is worried about Duke's safety after he was sentenced to four months in prison for his involvement with the organized crime members. Jake and Bobbie told Gretchen they're ready to go ahead with their surrogate mother arrangement. Robert gave Sean the deed to his diamond mine. The police know Broder was poisoned. Sandy lied to the police that the poison they found in Buzz's pad really belonged to her. Alan had harsh words with Sandy, accusing her of treating a hospital patient badly. Patrick taunted Lucy, who was in a tizzy after Anna quizzed her about Broder's death. Bobbie is upset that Jake may defend Lucy if she's booked on murder charges. Edward tried to play matchmaker for Alan and Monica.

Tony helped a nun, Sister Camellia, who fainted when she saw a photo of Duke in the newspaper. Robin and Anna said goodbye to Robert, who returned to Australia — and Holly. A fellow prisoner, Ellerbe, foiled an attempt on Duke's life. Angus is worried organized crime rivals have learned Duke is Angus' son. Duke and Angus also worried that the crime leaders know about Duke's involvement in a murder at L'Orlean. Sister Camellia admitted to Tony she'd been in a sanitarium before she became a nun. Yank told Sandy and Patrick he put the strychnine in Buzz's medical bag. Bobbie and Jake are hopeful Gretchen will soon be pregnant with their child. Sister Camellia told Tania her father sent her to the convent to protect her from the outside world. Buzz admitted to Anna he doesn't have alibis for Ted's and Sheriff Broder's murders. Monica took Sandy under her wing.

Camellia, who is Angus' daughter and Duke's half-sister, was horrified when Frisco said Angus had once ordered a hit on Duke's life. Lucy was arrested for the murders of Ted and Sheriff Broder after a handwriting expert testified against her. Camellia had a flashback about killing a man who had raped her. Camellia and Duke are keeping their past "relationship" a secret from Angus. Terry freaked out to find blood-stained effigies of herself and Patrick in the the apartment that she had shared with Kevin. Sean and Tiffany romped in the sack. Jonathan, a rival organizedcrime member, intentionally violated his parole to get thrown into prison alongside Duke. Tony suspects that Camellia has known Duke for a long time. Samantha helped Frisco investigate the threats to Terry's and Pat's lives. Patrick suspects that Lucy is guilty of trying to terrorize Tiffany.

Duke and Angus refused to fill in the missing pieces of Camellia's memory of her past. Duke and Angus realized that Jonathan had been sent to kill them by poisoning their food. Duke and Angus discussed a dead man, Evan, who was Jonathan's cousin. In a flashback, Camellia saw herself making love with Duke. Anna learned that Camellia is Duke's sister. Tony was furious to find Tania working at the hospital while Bobbie baby-sat for Barbara Jean. Sandy agreed to help her friends, Hillary and Kay, who are looking for jobs. Hillary and Kay tried to get chummy with Frisco. Gretchen told a disappointed Jake and Bobbie that the first attempt to artificially impregnate her didn't take. Lucy told Jake she received a life-threatening note, but Jake suspects she sent the note to herself.

Guiding Light

Rusty took over Simon's job at Lewis Trucking after Simon transferred to Lewis Oil's North Carolina office to live near Jessie and Calla. Johnny refused to use his plane to pick up and deliver Alan and India's (stolen) art works. Rick received a Chicago job offer. Alex fumed to learn Alan bought land in Venezuela without her consent. Lillian finally accepted Hawk's marriage proposal. Mindy was roughed up by Lewis Trucking drivers, who followed Cat out on strike. Johnny and Roxie are getting closer. Chelsea urged Philip to accept a writing job on Alan's newspaper, the Mirror. H.B. introduced Josh to Sylvia Fox, who's interested in buying a Lewis Oil refinery. Sylvia is secretly working for Gerhardt, who is behind the attempts on Josh's life. Dorrie feels Dinah is neglecting her now that Dinah has found her family. Christine is intrigued with Jackson.

Philip interviewed art gallery owner, Faith, for his article on underground art. Mindy admitted she's attracted to Rusty. Maureen wants to resign from her hospital administrator job because she gets no respect and she wants to spend more time with her family. Rick left town after accepting the Chicago job offer. Philip hired Chelsea as his "Girl Friday," then the two romped in the sack. Dinah and Cameron shared a kiss. Dinah softened her attitude toward Vanessa. Josh arranged for Johnny to fly Reva overseas to keep her away from the people who are trying to kill Josh. Hawk agreed to tell his first wife, Sarah, he's going to marry Lillian. Despite Christine's pleas, Johnny still nixed working for Alan. Alan and Alex learned someone sabotaged one of their oil refineries in Korea. India fretted that Faith has info for an expose on crooked art dealers.

Alan ended his affair with Christine. Rick's family gave him a send-off party before he left for Chicago. To get in tight with Cat, Rusty pretended that he doesn't like H.B. Johnny flew Reva to a French villa where she'll be looked after by Josh's lady friend, Dr. Geneva Baker. Reva was surprised when her mom, Sarah, arrived at the villa. Mindy made a date with country-clubber, Chad, after Rusty rejected her kisses. Gerhart fumed to learn that Reva fled to France. Ed convinced Maureen to reconsider her decision to quit her job. Alex let Philip use her resources to check out leads for his story on phony art dealers. Alan suggested that India hire Christine as her assistant. As part of a plan to get the goods on Alan, Johnny agreed to pick up and deliver Alan and India's art-gallery merchandise. Ross agreed to let Dorrie move in with him and Dinah. Billy wrote Vanessa that he's divorcing her.

Brixton escaped from the Lewis warehouse while Rusty disarmed the time bomb set by Brixton. Rusty saved Mindy and Roxie from Cat, who split after taking them hostage. H.B. and Alex accidentally trapped themselves in a fur vault while trying to escape from Brixton, who had attacked them. After arguing with his superiors, Rusty quit his Chicago police force job. Josh spent time in Paris with Reva. Josh worried when he couldn't reach H.B. by phone. Christine is worried that Alan will turn against her. Maeve and Fletcher quarreled, but later made up. Johnny spent time with Christine, who was miffed that he's still seeing Roxie. Rusty gave Gerhart's number to H.B. and Josh. Hawk freaked out when Rusty admitted that he's working for H.B. Dorrie agreed to split her time between Dinah and India.


Nick warned Trisha he'd kill Steve before he'd let Steve have Trisha. Steve fumed to learn Cecilia and Harry kept mum that they knew Cabot forced Trisha to dump Steve. Lottie nixed Curtis's suggestion they elope. Lorna is happy being married to Zack and feels she's getting closer to Kelly. Ava told Trisha Cecilia helped Cabot get Steve released from prison. Kelly tried to help a troubled Rob. Ava is curious about Tony's connection to Nick. Nick told Tony some dangerous people are looking for Tony.

The Alden clan, and especially Gwyneth, were shocked to learn Clay Alden isn't-dead. A government agent, Mr. Brown, told the family Clay had been working on top-secret assignments and he's been a prisoner in a Far Eastern country. Mr. Brown said Clay has had-facial plastic surgery. Gus, who works for Alden Enterprise Trucking, reported to Nick that their mysterious "shipment" arrived via one of the Alden trucks. Zach accepted a legal case in San Francisco. Trisha had another falling-out with Steve. Tony refused to tell Ava about his connection to Nick.

Nick lied to Trisha that they're man and wife and kept mum that a drunken Trisha passed out after refusing to marry him. Eban stole a bag of cocaine from one of Nick's mysterious shipments delivered in an Alden truck. Nick was furious when Gus reported that the "package" was missing. Gwyneth said she could kill Nick because of what he's done to Trisha. Gwyneth nearly shot Harry when she mistook him for an intruder. Tony remembered Marie, his one-time fiancee, who broke up with him when he went off to college. Cecilia begged Steve to give their marriage another chance now that Trisha's "married."

Clay rescued Gwyneth from a mugger. Gwyneth freaked when Clay told the Alden clan that he'd caught her in bed with Phillip- Clay vowed to make Gwyneth pay for all the pain she's caused him. Nick told Trisha that he was taken in by an American family when he emigrated from Greece to America. Tony, who is a doctor, took care of Trisha when she overdosed on drugs. Nick said he had been groomed to take over the "family business," but he made many mistakes and so he was sent to Corinth to run the gambling casino.

One Life To Live

Viki told a shocked Clint she has amnesia and doesn't remember him. Charles reluctantly arranged for Jamie to be freed on bail after the mystery attacker stabbed Jamie in the arm. Diane destroyed a letter in which Cassie wrote to Dorian that she wants to return home. Clint told Viki she can have a divorce, but he wants custody of the children. Viki told Tom she loves him. Tina confronted Maria with her suspicion that Maria set her up as Allison's accomplice. Cord admitted he still loves Tina, but insisted he can't live with her. Pete joined Pamela in Malakeva, where they romped in the surf and in Pamela's bed. Asa is determined to win Pamela back. Jamie admitted to Kate he feels he's never measured up to her in their parents' eyes. Jonathan was furious Herb hauled Aggripina into police headquarters for questioning. Judith agreed to handle Viki's divorce.

Kate confided to Cord her true love, Patrick, disappeared in the African jungle while they were working on an assignment. Asa rescued Pamela and Pete when a volcano erupted on Malakeva. Maria flipped out when Tina showed proof she's pregnant with Cord's baby. Aggripina told Jonathan she's tired of playing decoy in hopes of luring Dimitri out into the open. Kate is convinced Jamie arranged his stabbing incident in the prison. Clint tried to line up witnesses who will testify in court that it would be a mistake to let Viki have custody of her children. Asa, who claims he was injured during the volcano eruption, fumed that Pamela wouldn't reconcile with him. Jonathan encouraged Dorian, who wants to work for prison reform. Jamie, who needs money to buy a fake passport, forced Diane to steal one of Cassie's rings. Maria kept Cord from getting Tina's message that she's pregnant.

Cassie returned home with music student, Keith, who was headed to South America to perform. Keith disappeared after Jamie offered to drive him to the airport. Maria nixed lending money to Max Holden, who is the son of a friend of Maria's. Max wants to buy a ranch in Buenos Aires. Jamie, who has Keith's passport and other papers, planned to go to South America. Jamie locked Herb and Judith in a walk-in freezer. On a tip from Jonathan, the police arrested Aggripina, who arranged for Dimitri's thug, Orestes, to attempt to kill Jonathan as part of Dimitri's revenge plan. Kevin, who ran away from home, was rescued by Rick Gardner, who is a friend of Kate's. Diane is jealous of Cassie. Charles sent out some agents to capture Dimitri. Jamie told Judith that she and Charles caused Jamie to become a bad apple. Maria intercepted a letter in which Viki begged Thomas not to return to El Paso.

Tina, who wrongly believes that Cord knows she's pregnant, was upset that Cord won't reconcile with her. Herb and Judith were rescued from the freezer. Jamie skipped town for South America. Maria offered to pay Max to romance Tina away from Cord forever. Mari Lynn is attracted to Rick. Dorian coddled Herb after the freezer incident, and was jealous to see Herb comforting Judith. Just as Clint and Viki were getting closer, Maria showed Clint the letter in which Viki asked Thomas not to leave town. Diane intervened when Murray stole Cassie's purse and earrings. Rick, who chased Murray away from Cassie, admitted that he had met Cassie before, that he likes her, and that he followed her to Llanview. Thomas decided not to leave town. Rick is training to be an Olympic skier. Judith and Charles split up.

Ryan’s Hope

Siobhan reluctantly made love with Max so Joe (Erik) had time to search the secret room in Max's office. Max's henchman, Hartman, realized someone accessed the computer in Max's office. Dee arranged for Maggie to think a drunken Roger had slept with Dee. Melinda admitted to Dakota she hasn't told Pat about why she was reluctant to accept Pat's marriage proposal. Rick and Ryan reminisced about Maura, the woman who looked like Ryan's mother, Mary.

Max gave Siobhan a key to his private office, then watched on a monitor as she searched the place. Hartman warned he thinks Siobhan is betraying Max. Melinda admitted to Evan her mysterious illness will someday kill her, but she nixed having medical tests. In a phone call, Max agreed Jacqueline can come home. Max came close to seeing Siobhan and Joe (Erik) smooching. Maggie overheard Dee tell Roger Maggie's ruined his life. Jack is curious about Siobhan's connection to Erik (Joe).

Maeve is worried about Melinda, who fainted while having her wedding dress fitted. Melinda and Pat were married on schedule. Dakota had Melinda drink an herbal concoction which seemed to make her feel better. A returned Jacqueline is sure that she's met Erik (Joe) somewhere before. Dee nixed Dakota's suggestion that she stop chasing after Roger. Roger fumed when he learned that Dee blabbed to Maggie that Roger lent Dee money. Siobhan lied to Max that she accidentally found his secret room. Siobhan pretended to reject Erik's (Joe) kisses when Max caught them in a clinch.

On their wedding night, Melinda admitted to Pat that she's gravely ill and Pat promised to find a cure for her illness. Max drugged Siobhan's tea. Jacqueline realized that Erik's (Joe) eyes reminded her of Joe. Dee romped in the sack with Roger, who later called out Maggie's name in his sleep. To protect Sean, Siobhan sent him to visit her sister, Kathleen. Ryan set Lizzie and Mark up on a date. Lizzie admitted that she's smitten with Rick, while Mark said he's interested in Ryan. Devlin worried about Jack, who is keeping tabs on Erik (Joe). Maggie told Roger that she wants a divorce.

Santa Barbara

Warren returned to town and wasn't pleased to see Lionel has feelings for Caroline. Eden was knocked out by a ski-masked black man who stole the receipts from Eden's restaurant. Julia agreed to defend Gus, who was arrested on suspicion that he robbed Eden. On his first day at the Abernathy Stables, Ted was taunted by a long-time employee, Jake, who took a liking to Hayley. Jeffrey feels Mason's been spoiled and pampered all his life. Tori insisted she won't use her baby to trap Cruz. A black man wearing a diamond ring stashed Eden's stolen money in Gus's apartment. Sophia assured Kelly she'll be able to come home soon. Cruz forced Eden to admit she can’t prove it was Gus who robbed her. Lionel told Caroline he's falling in love with her. Julia made love with Mason, then accused him of being coldblooded and ruthless. Cruz is convinced Gus isn't guilty of robbery.

Jane was shocked when Caroline admitted she is Alice's mother. In a shootout, Cruz wounded the black man who really robbed Eden. The wounded man took refuge in Gus' pad. In hopes of taking over Mason's job as district attorney, Keith is determined to prove Mason is helping to hide Kelly from the law. Caroline told Warren she really cares about Lionel. Mason kept mum to Tori about his relationship with Julia. Alice almost stumbled upon the robber, who hid in a closet. After an angry confrontation over Gus' case, Julia said she's not sure she wants to have Mason's baby. Jane insisted Alice has a right to know she's Caroline's daughter. Mason realizes Jeffrey doesn't like him. Brick and Warren mended fences. Mason was upset to learn Sophia and Pearl contacted Kelly and could possibly have given away the location of Kelly's hiding place.

Gus fled from the courtroom after the judge ordered him back to prison. Later, Gus rescued Alice, Lionel and Caroline, who had been held hostage by the real robber, Zack. Realizing that he was being tailed, Pearl sent Jeffrey to Zurich to give Kelly a sealed letter explaining C.C.'s plot to fake Kelly's kidnapping. Jeffrey wound up "rescuing" Kelly from the fake kidnappers. Cruz wounded Zack, who wounded Gus before the hostage melee was concluded. Eden was happy for Cruz, who decided that he wants to rejoin the police force. Keith freaked that Jeffrey and Kelly eluded the Interpol agents Keith sent to pick up Kelly. Keith gloated to Mason that he has tapes of Mason admitting that he's been harboring Kelly, who's still wanted for murder. Sophia and C.C. decided to send Cruz after Kelly and Jeffrey. The Swiss police caught up to Kelly and Jeffrey. Julia urged Mason to fight Keith, who wants Mason's job.

Kelly and Jeffrey eluded the Swiss police, hid in some crates that were shipped to the United States and then stowed away in a moving van headed for California. Hayley gave a drunken Jake a ride home. Jake mentioned that his father used to beat him up. Keith gloated that Mason had to relinquish his district attorney job to Keith once everyone knew Mason was guilty of harboring a criminal — Kelly. Gus was cleared of all criminal charges and reunited with Alice. Caroline told Gus that she wants to help him get back on his feet again. Brick hired Gus to cook at Brick's restaurant. Pearl played matchmaker for Eden and Cruz while the three of them were traveling on the Orient Express. Lionel was upset when Caroline rejected his offer to live with him.

The Young And The Restless

During Philip's adoption hearing, Jill announced Kay was responsible for the death of Philip's father. Psychiatrist Steven Lassiter tried to help Ashley, who's very withdrawn. Cricket is jealous of Danny's relationship with Terry. Jill told the judge a drunken Kay killed Philip Sr. in a car accident after he returned from divorcing Kay. John made Jack acting president of Jabot, but warned Jack to treat Brad with respect. Rose made arrangements to sell both of Stephanie's children to a childless couple, Tom and Ann Warren. Rose fumed when Stephanie stalled turning the children over to her. Vince lied to Nina that Rose is in South America. For the sake of his daughter, Betsy, Evan is determined to find out if Michelle is alive. A terrified Ashley was put in a room with other mental hospital patients, Ruth, Wanda, and Julie. A hospital orderly, Fred, took a liking to Ashley.

Nina held Rose at gunpoint while Rose demanded big bucks to reunite Nina with her baby. Nina put the soft touch on Philip, who borrowed the money from Kay. Steven rescued Ashley, who was being sexually assaulted by Fred. Ellen was shocked to learn Jack is a member of the wealthy Abbott family. Stephanie took her children and split from her pad, foiling Rose's baby-selling deal with the Warrens. The judge gave Kay temporary custody of Philip while he makes his decision about Philip's adoption case. Lauren learned Faren is pregnant. After comparing photos of Faren and Michelle, Evan is convinced Faren is his missing wife. Philip screamed that he blames both Kay and Jill for his father's death. Paul told Lauren he's not sure they can work side by side at his detective agency. Traci and Mamie suspect Jack's fallen head over heels for Ellen.

Rose took the money and ran after she took Nina to see Mrs. Harris, who supposedly bought Nina's son. After Nina forked over the blackmail money, Mrs. Harris called the cops, who took the baby, which was really a girl, away from Nina. Evan confronted Lauren, who finally admitted that Michelle (Faren) is pregnant and in love with her new husband, Andy. Ellen told her assistant, Ron, that she suspects Jack is the person who contributed the money to keep her shelter operating. The police didn't believe Nina, who said Mrs. Harris and Rose are in cahoots in a baby-selling business. Rose and Vince headed for South America. Evan went to Faren's nightclub show and was shocked to see that Faren is his missing wife, Michelle. Nikki decided to see another doctor about her symptoms of illness. Ashley admitted to Steven that she's too ashamed to go home, even though she wants to.

Ashley was aghast when one of her mental hospital roommates, Julie, came on to Ashley sexually. Philip confronted Kay after Jill told him that Kay ruined Jill's life when she was younger. Jill insisted that she loves Philip, but hasn't been able to relate to him as a mother because he reminds her of his father. Evan was upset that Michelle (Faren) didn't recognize him. Faren (Michelle) told Andy that she was frightened by a strange man (Evan) who acted like she should know him. Victor insisted that Nikki would be destroyed if she learns about her illness. Evan told his housekeeper, Janet, that he found Michelle (Faren) and that she's suffering from amnesia. Ashley got upset when Steven asked her if a man is the cause of her problems. Victor is concerned that no one knows Ashley's whereabouts.

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Hillary stayed on in Paris and dated Jean Louis Brouet, a Frenchman

Hillary returned to Pine Valley a changed woman after her Parisian experience.

Changed, how? Was she gone long enough to have a baby? (Please say yes.)

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Owney. Miss Spitz. Zophie. :wacko: That reminds me of Cabaret, when the Jewish girl confided in Sally that her gigolo boyfriend had "taken her...on the library room zofa."

A hell of a lot of people were leaving GL at this time.

Everything I've seen about Matt on AMC, he seemed like a dud character.

AW - Reginald, never a fan of his. This was the start of that prostitute story that drove poor MJ off for good. Was the Brittany stuff as bad as I've heard? I used to hear people talk about how awful she and the story were.

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