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AMC: SOD Spoilers

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Credit goes to Betty for posting these at Soapcentral:

Kendall & Zach divorce, Kendall tells Ryan that she wants a life w/ him, & Zach has no-strings sex w/ Liza.

Zach still loves Kendall, but knows that she wants to be w/ Ryan. When questioned why he would break up AMC's most popular duo, Pratt explains that it comes down to exploring people, who they are, & the disintegration of marriage...We always played it that up until the coma Zach knew what was missing & what was wrong (it was Ryan, which is why Kendall pushed so hard for Rylee). Pratt insists that Zendall is NOT over - this is a story about a woman who is in love with two men.

Thorsten Kaye & Alicia Minshaw speak about their feelings about the end of the Zendall marriage in the next SOD.

92% of poll respondents were HORRIFIED to see Kendall, who belongs w/ Zach, in Ryan's arms. 8% were gratified. SOD notes that Cameron Mathison's Ryan apparently isn't winning AMC fans over w/ his pursuit of Kendall.

Colby's feelings for her mom hit home for Amanda...Annie & Aidan plan to hit the road...Krystal is on a mysterious mission...

Adam is disoriented & passes out in court...Kendall tells Ryan that she wants a life w/ him...Zach tels Kendall that he no longer has feelings for her...

Brittany Allen debuts as Marissa, a woman from Krystal's past, on 4/21...

Jamie Luner debuts as Liza on 4/17...

John Behlmann last airs as Dr. Burke on 4/14, & praises Melissa Claire Egan (Annie) & Aiden Turner (Aidan) as being so good at what they do.

Editorial observation by Mara Levinsky that "Zach & Kendall are AMC's money couple, & that shoehorning Ryan into yet another situation where he doesn't fit doesn't do ANY of the characters any favors".

A letter from a viewer who was inspired by reading SOD's article about JR Martinez (Brot), a real life war vet.

A viewer questions why AMC has to have so many women get pregnant & lose the baby, leading to a surrogacy or baby kidnapping s/l.

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I have never seen the chemistry between Zach and Kendall and am glad they are divorcing. However, that being said, hopefully as they find their way back to each other (which we know they will), I will begin to root for them. I enjoy the two separately, just never have together.

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92% hate seeing Kendall with Ryan...hmm look at those statistics Pratt. When you piss all over your popular couples like Zendall and Ailee, you'll lose viewers. God even TK and AM hate the way that zendall storyline is going...isn't that a clue Pratt...

Keep ruining AMC Pratt!

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Oh Pratt..... you're having a bad week here. Zach and LIza having no string sex is just... I don't know.... just seems off.

Colby maybe walks in on them?

"Hi.... Mom"

So Marissa is obviously some child Krystal gave up for adoption years and years ago right?

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