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AMC: Friday, March 27, 2009

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Written by (shudder)

Rebecca Taylor icon8.gif

Directed by

Conal O'Brien


A. Chandler Mansion, Tad and Colby are helping JR get ready for the custody hearing. JR's nervous, hoping he appears alert and sober. Colby and Tad reassure him. JR hopes for a miracle, when Erica enters. She says they don't need a miracle -- they have her. She tells them that she got David under control and the case will be in the hands of a fair and impartial judge. Tad says that he'll testify to Kwak's fitness as a mother and says he'll meet them all at the courthouse, and exits. Erica moves in and tells JR that she spoke to Adam and he wants JR to know he has all the confidence in the world in JR.

B. At Wildwind, David and Kwak are prepping themselves as well. David says he has a bad feeling about this. Kwak tells him that no matter who the judge is the facts still stand. Kwak says that David needs to have faith that Little Adam is going to be where he belongs. He doesn't need to resort to scheming and poisoning and bribery. David says he does go to the extreme, doesn't he? Anything to get what he wants... and asks himself why he always have to play dirty.

C. Slater house; Kendall comes downstairs and gets the morning paper from the stoop. As she enters back into the house, she opens the paper as Ryan comes downstairs and (gulp!) nuzzles her neck. She turns around, agitated, holding up the paper which has a huge headline on the front page about Cambias' Hostile Takeover. Kendall knows Ryan's responsible for this, and wants to know why he didn't tell her about it!

D. In his room at the yacht club, Zach opens up the terrace doors. Speaking to Myrtle's photo, he says it's a beautiful morning, even though he's lost everything. His family, his company... and his wife.



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I'm home so I watched AMC after Y&R. I loved how the custody case has been temporarily resolved. It is good to see Angie and Jesse tied into the Chandlers' drama. They need more to do and Little A s better off in their home for the time being.

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Really liked the custody hearing. Love Colby ready to kick ASS again. Love the Hubbards having Lil' A. Good performances, too.

Liked Zach hearing some truths. Better yet, I liked he was listening.

Erica is simply bringing it every episode, lately and I can't get enough. Can't wait for Adam to return. Loved Erica giving JR a little bit of maternal support.

Ryan at the casino, leading the business meeting. Hahahaha.

I am weary of this Kendall, I want to see her spirit back. But not to pre-tornado levels.

Enjoyed today more as a whole than many of late.

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I pretty much liked the entire episode.

I think today was a showcase for Vincent Irizarry. I enjoyed that they didn't have to make any other character look bad to make David look so human and vulnerable today. The humanizing factor has been missing with him within that story, he's had it when he's gone into other stories but not in his main story. I loved that part of the show.

Erica and the Adam love, and her with Adam's kids - just great. She's terrific on that part of the show, written so well. The other half of the show she's involved in? Not so much.

I liked Zach owning that he's been being a douchebag and probably doing it on purpose without some woman there to pet him and say pretty much "no" - well until Reese barged in. Reese who fights for her children by eagerly waiting to pet Zach whenever she gets a chance, sigh, such waste.

I thought Kendall was thinking more today and so I also appreciated that. Though if she was really thinking she'd choose to be single but that's not going to happen on this soap. She gets what Zach is doing and she gets she's playing right into it but she's sick and tired of having to fight for every single thing and not getting anywhere. So it's done even if it's not what her heart clearly wants.

If the writing was more consistent, not the most terrible stuff here. The thing about the Z/K/R (and Breese as well) story though is Pratt likes playing this 45 different ways. He's throwing 45 different reasons out of his bag for the character's 45 different actions - according to the day - and playing with them all on surface levels. One day it's all Kendall's fault, one day it's Cambias Curse, one day it's this, one day it's that and Pratt doesn't intend to sticking to any. You can't really do anything with that type of writing except be confused and annoyed most days. I don't know what the point of writing like that is. I just really don't.

The Hubbards were good although Frankie and Randi just still bore me half to death. Brot and Taylor were good, as well.

It was a well put together episode for the most part.

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David was written well today.

I agree with you. I find the inconsistencies from day-to-day in motivations to bugs me quite a bit. I agree it can get you to the point of "what's the point"? It makes it hard to really feel for the characters.

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