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SOD - 12/23/08 Issue...

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News Stories

SOAPS' Shocking Cast Changes

How GL Got Grant Back

GH Stars Sound Off On End of "Liason"

DAYS: Nicole Is Blackmailed

Meg's Baby Is Born on ATWT

GL'S Ava Returns

AMC Honors Eileen Herlie - And Myrtle

OLTL'S Marty Takes The Stand


AMC: Blink and you'll miss Frank Runyeon (Forrest), he's in on 12/12 and out on 12/15. He may be back. Adam-Jon Fiorentino plays Reese's ex, Simon, on 12/30 (I'd guess for an episode or two as well).


GH: Senta Moses plays Winnifred in late December. Interacts with Spinelli; Beginning on 12/22, Tristan Rogers returns for P/R's wedding; Sarah Brown is staying another year.

DAYS: Jay K. Johnson has re-upped.

OLTL: Tari Signor returns on 12/18; Tuc Watkin on 12/26; Justin Paul Kahn's Wes has signed on for a longer stay.

GL: Karla Mosley (Christina) has signed a deal with the show.

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Random! Adam-Jon Fiorentino played Troy on Hollyoaks: In The City...the show created by Daran Little, who now works on AMC. It wouldnt surprise me if they kept him around for a while, to be honest...he was clearly supposed to be a bit-part on In The City but ended up at the centre of the storylines towards the end. Plus, if I recall he was in Little's top friends on MySpace and if the rumours are true about Aiden Turner being on his way out, they'll need another hot body with an accent to fulfil the quota (he's Australian). Pretty good actor too, if I remember.

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Lizzie!!!!!! I LOVED her on Greek, haha. Good casting choice. What do they say about the end of Liz and Jason? That sucks btw, I do NOT want ANOTHER Jason and Sam reunion, don't make me sick, that stuff made me turn off GH for almost a year.

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