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After the fireworks, I started to come here to post about it ... but then the SON site went down for maintenance at that moment.  That was perfect timing, @Errol The day was done.


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7 minutes ago, JaneAusten said:

I really do not get this obsession with keeping the filibuster. It's a relic and the purpose it served no longer exists. If GOP senators who CLAIM to be moderate support this nonsense then get rid of it and move on. I highly doubt there is even a working contingent of GOP senators that actually want to work for the people..


Americans don't give a damn about the filibuster we want congress to work.


It's all about "norms," and "return to normalcy," and "tradition." And the framing is always against Democrats. Harry Reid only reluctantly killed the judicial filibuster after McConnell spent years tying up confirmations. Yet when the GOP rushed Amy Covid Barrett's confirmation through, many, including so-called "moderates" or "liberals," chided Democrats and blamed Reid. That is the type of thing stopping them. And it is why I won't be surprised if they end up caving in.

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No one seems to be falling for the Mitch spin this time. I have no idea if we'll nuke the filibuster (I doubt it atm), but as to the larger agreement Schumer's office is holding pretty firm on not budging to what McConnell wants as terms for power sharing (despite the cries of Rose Twitter who don't understand how that works, and are irrelevant).







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Zeke Miller, who never heard a Trump Admin line he couldn't uncritically parrot while being held in semi-open contempt by many of the WH Press Corps, tries and fails to play gotcha:




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A power sharing agreement is under discussion between Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell, but the two have hit a snag over McConnell's demands ....


The VP can break a tie but because the number of Ds & Rs in the Senate are evenly split, there has to be an agreement on who gets to chair the various committees.


With the agreement not yet reached, the cabinet confirmation hearings in the Senate committees today -- are being chaired by Republicans. 

That's because there's some sort of procedure/protocol they have to stick to -- that says that they must keep old committee chairs from the congress that just ended - until new agreement is in place for who chairs in this new congress.



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