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October 13-17, 2008


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If you look at the glass half full, at least Y&R's audience is still there. There's about a 500,000-600,000 gap from Monday to Friday. I think they'll do well for November sweeps, getting about 5+ million viewers again.

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LOL! I think that was the week that kids got 2 days off.

Now for AMC - I don't watch this show but the promos looked great; so I had to tune in! The tornado was supposed to hit them on Thursday? What a freaking disappointment! I'm knew viewers would tune out after that let down. AMC should have promoted it for Friday. It was Friday that had the drama and everything.

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1.(1) Y&R: Monday: 3.5/4,970,000 (+645,000)

2.(2) B&B: Monday: 2.6/3,667,000 (+492,000)

3.(7) DAYS: Monday: 2.1/2,759,000 (+457,000)

4.(3) GH: Monday: 2.2/2,735,000 (+4,000)

5.(4) OLTL: Monday: 2.0/2,690,000 (+188,000)

6.(5) ATWT: Monday: 1.9/2,621,000 (+188,000)

7.(6) AMC: Monday: 1.9/2,518,000 (+101,000)

8.(8) GL: Monday: 1.5/2,122,000 (+179,000)


1.(1) Y&R: Tuesday: 3.5/4,750,000 (-220,000)

2.(2) B&B: Tuesday: 2.5/3,362,000 (-305,000)

3.(3) DAYS: Tuesday: 2.1/2,886,000 (+127,000)

4.(6) ATWT: Tuesday: 2.0/2,789,000 (+168,000)

5.(4) GH: Tuesday: 2.1/2,643,000 (-92,000)

6.(5) OLTL: Tuesday: 1.9/2,514,000 (-176,000)

7.(7) AMC: Tuesday: 1.7/2,277,000 (-241,000)

8.(8) GL: Tuesday: 1.5/2,228,000 (+106,000)


1.(1) Y&R: Wednesday: 3.4/4,646,000 (-104,000)

2.(2) B&B: Wednesday: 2.5/3,423,000 (+61,000)

3.(3) DAYS: Wednesday: 2.1/2,667,000 (-219,000)

4.(4) ATWT: Wednesday: 1.9/2,612,000 (-177,000)

5.(5) GH: Wednesday: 2.0/2,588,000 (-55,000)

6.(7) AMC: Wednesday: 1.9/2,535,000 (+258,000)

7.(6) OLTL: Wednesday: 1.8/2,457,000 (-57,000)

8.(8) GL: Wednesday: 1.5/2,166,000 (-62,000)


1.(1) Y&R: Thursday: 3.4/4,548,000 (-98,000)

2.(2) B&B: Thursday: 2.5/3,464,000 (+41,000)

3.(5) GH: Thursday: 2.2/2,828,000 (+240,000)

4.(6) AMC: Thursday: 2.1/2,725,000 (+190,000)

5.(7) OLTL: Thursday: 2.1/2,695,000 (+238,000)

6.(3) DAYS: Thursday: 2.0/2,672,000 (+5,000)

7.(4) ATWT: Thursday: 1.9/2,567,000 (-45,000)

8.(8) GL: Thursday: 1.5/2,110,000 (-56,000)


1.(1) Y&R: Friday: 3.2/4,392,000 (-156,000)

2.(2) B&B: Friday: 2.3/3,104,000 (-360,000)

3.(3) GH: Friday: 2.1/2,663,000 (-165,000)

4.(5) OLTL: Friday: 1.9/2,567,000 (-128,000)

5.(6) DAYS: Friday: 1.9/2,514,000 (-158,000)

6.(4) AMC: Friday: 2.0/2,475,000 (-250,000)

7.(7) ATWT: Friday: 1.7/2,186,000 (-381,000)

8.(8) GL: Friday: 1.5/1,985,000 (-125,000)

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wow. AMC is not that good at all. catching up on the tornado things and i'm FF through MOST of it. ryan and greenlee are lame as ever. had hoped that ryan would have been hauled off after punching out a cop, alas...also i had no how bad RB was as an actress. SFX weren't bad, for daytime at least, but the show needs more than that carry it. i remember when this show used to be about DRAMA and HUMOUR and FAMILY. actually, watching zach being run-down by a tornado was pretty funny. MELROSE PLACE-camp funny! :P

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I find all this fighting about AMC interesting because I'm seeing the same level of vitriol ("hack" "stunts" "OOC behavior") leveled at Pratt that I've seen (and dished out) at Carlivati about OLTL. It's fascinating because I'm on the opposite side this time. I'm actually enjoying AMC. If you had told me a year ago that I would be watching and liking AMC again I would've asked you to share your weed.

I think what were seeing with AMC is the beginning of the "shakeout." It happens everytime a new writer takes over. The show has changed and is now reflecting Pratt's vision and current viewers have to decide whether they want to stick with it. It's started a lot sooner than I would've expected. I think OLTL's shakeout took about six months to start but there was strike so that bought them some time.

But as long as were talking fanbases, it's interesting how some people want the show to revolve around their couple but don't want their couple to endure any hardship or issues. As if watching "X" and "Y" smile at each other and say how much they love each other over and over would be riveting TV. I find myself smiling at the Zendall and J&A fans cursing the scourge that is Pratt.

I love J&A to the Nth degree. There is no more hardcore member of that "fanbase" but I have no problem with their upcoming storyline. Should I freak out because they aren't running through a field of daisies? I don't need my fave couple turning into Joe and Ruth. I want them fighting and crying and laughing and shagging for as long as they're on the show. I like some of the other stuff I'm seeing but I won't lie, if there were no Hubbards I wouldn't be watching.

I think that the show is going to have to deal with some pretty vocal haters for at least the next six months.

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WOW! Y&R got a 3.2, what the hell?

Y&R got back to being boring after it got back to being its great self in August. I can tell this is not Sheffer's work at all. Maybe they only have him writing for sweeps or something.

CBS is going to have to promote for Sweeps very hard.

DOOL, got a 2.1, WTF? The show is plain terrible, but I hope it does well for that renewal.

ABC might be on its way back up during sweeps. Starr goes into labor next month so that should add some interest.

Were going to see some huge ratings during the week of November 10-14.

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I tuned in for Y&R once this week- I was busy- and I found it to be the easiest soap to jump back into after weeks/months of not watching. I think with some better promotions- trip to Paris- and returns this show will slowly stabilize. Of all the soaps, this one should not be worried about- they are doing everything in their power and getting alot of it right. I'm hanging in for Pratt- but I'm hoping his swing in the ratings shine a guiding light on OLTL- pun intended.

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It is funny, AMC went straight up in the Men's Nielsens-

I don't think they have been rated #3, or even close, in a very long time.

Maybe guys tuned in for the special effects.

Nice to see OLTL in the 2's for a change. The show is very good and very bad. The most mixed bag soap on the air right now.

Y&R's low ratings shocked me. I find the show exciting with great promise of getting even better..

And DOOL- Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. Their ratings shocked me in the opposite way.

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Yes ever since at least the Babyswitch--it's one of my main gripes with my fave show--they also act like the act of giving a baby is the only real life affirming or changing thing you can do. One reason I liked the now apparantly dropped Kathy as Demon Seed story was it actually gave a new layer to that--not just have or find a baby and then everything is fine, but gave the child some perosnality, etc.

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I gotta agree. it's FAR from perfect,a nd I'm not saying it is. But just as a long time watcher/sufferer, to enjoy the show usually to some degree *every day* is enough for me to be realtively happy. Maybe that sounds like faint praise, but yout ake what you can get. Pratt has done thing si never expected from him, like making the canvas SLIGHTLY more rounded, and adding the classic, long missed, AMC element of *humour* which always seperated it from most of the soaps (and I don't mean what Reilly thought passed as humour)

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