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AMC: Wednesday, September 17, 2008

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Too bad. She's out. Feel free to follow her and her bitchtatorship over to Y&R. I'm sure she'll be happy to have you spaz down already and power trip on someone your own size.

I, along with the Amanda L. Beall Hate Coalition, put in too much damn work pushing our agenda for some pollyanna to come in here and praise her horrid tripe. Beall, her dialogue, and Billy Miller's teeth can run amuck as much as they want over at Y&R. I'm just glad BOTH highly overrated "artists" are gone from a show I've been watching for the past 2 decades.

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I loved it--great to have a funny episode, except... I thought the script (who wrote it?) let down some of the story and actors--some of Petey's lines felt justa bit off, as did some of Erica's and a few other things. Oh and how are they gonna taint the perfume bottles *after* they've all been filled? Aren't those bottles sealed pretty tight? I don't get that at all...

"Adam: Winifred never acted like this. In fact Winifred never had a birthday."

I heard that line as "Winnifred never had a personality" and was like *what*? haha

Detroit I know you hate him but I love Petey--yeah he can be almsot a bit much but so were some fo the teens back in the 80s on AMC--I think it's classic AMC to mix the sad/serious stuff with almost over the top humour/caricature (Agnes Nixon used to say as much)

*edit* so it was Beal as writer! Well I've never felt the hate (or love) for her but I stand by saying the script let down the situation and everything else *a bit*. And Pratt and the others are responsible for what happens for the most part each episode--the breakdowns--Amanda for the actual writing which had a few *great* lines but yeah, wasn't quite up to the actual situations which is where the humour was.

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