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100 Greatest CBS couples Ever!

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SERIOUSLY?? This list just continues to get worse...

61 John & Lucinda (ATWT)

60 Nick & Mindy (GL)

59 Josh & Annie (GL)

58 Alan-Michael & Eleni (GL)

57 Simon & Carly (ATWT)

NOW, I flove me some Maura...but that six month mess ranks higher than John and Lucinda? Josh and Annie?? And Henry and KATIE rank higher than Henry and Vienna? Ugh...I'm calling it now. Jon and Tammy will be their stinky number one couple. *eyeroll*

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John Driscoll is a talented actor, but I would hardly call either Coop and Lizzie or Coop and Ashlee one of the best couples from CBS. Lizzie and Coop had little to do outside their flimsy start (let's pretend to like one another to keep their families in line). Are Coop and Ashlee still together? How long did they last?

The less said about Jeffrey and Reva the better. <_<

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Loved Grant & Macy and CJ & Becky. Over the years Brad Bell fired so many great actors... Charles Grant, Bobbie Eakes, Mick Cain and Marissa Tait are just the tip of the iceberg. Ian Buchannan, Kimberlin Brown, Barbara Crampton, Rick Hearst...the list is endless! Were he the writer/producer of a show that has a more vocal fan following (such as GH) he never would have heard the end of it. He probably would not be in business!

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Sorry, PJ, but I have to agree that Henry and Katie should be higher than Henry and Vienna. H & K may not be your typical couple, but they had such a sweet devotion to each other that lasts long after Katie's many marriages. And Vienna is just annoying.

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50. Bob & Kim (ATWT)

49. Clarke & Sally (B&B)

48. Billy & Mac (Y&R)

47. Danny & Traci (Y&R)

46. Paul & Lauren (Y&R)

45. Tom & Margo (ATWT)

44. Jack & Julia (ATWT)

43. Brad & Kate (ATWT)

42. Jack & Nikki (Y&R)

41. Nick & Bridget (B&B)

40. Dusty & Lucy (ATWT)

39. JT & Colleen (Y&R)

38. Cane & Lily (Y&R)

37. Mike & Katie (ATWT)

36. Mallet & Dinah (GL)

35. Luke & Noah (ATWT)

34. Rick & Amber (B&B)

33. Paul & Christine (Y&R)

32 Lujack & Beth (GL)

31. Ross & Blake (GL)

30. Nick & Phyllis (Y&R)

29. Frank & Eleni (GL)

28. Will & Gwen (ATWT)

27. Simon & Katie (ATWT)

26. Roger & Holly (GL)

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I know some will disagree with me but I think ABC SID is doing a better job at picking their Top 100 than CBS is doing. CBS seems to be ignoring any couples past a certain point. All of them are recent and some of the ones they are picking totally suck.

Someone like Cane & Lily or Dusty & Lucy being higher than someone like Qunit & Nola. These are terrible.

ABC is remember their older soaps too.

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here´s who I think will be on top 25 (no particular order!)

Eric/Stephanie - B&B

Victor/Nikki - Y&R

Reva/Josh - GL

Jack/Carly - ATWT

Brooke/Ridge - B&B

Victor/Ashley - Y&R

Gus/Harley - GL

Lily/Holden - ATWT

Ridge/Taylor - B&B

Nick/Sharon - Y&R

Michelle/Danny - GL

Jake/Molly - ATWT

Drucilla/Neil - Y&R

Brooke/Nick - B&B

Danny/Christine - Y&R

Ryan/Victoria - Y&R (or Ryan/Nina)

Also, I would like to see Jack/Jill of Y&R on top 25 cause they were funny. I wouldn´t mind Sharon/Jack either, but I don´t think so.

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The Top 25 CBS Couples of All-Time

25. Danny & Christine (Y&R)

24. Matt & Vanessa (GL)

23. Nick & Brooke (B&B)

22. Damian & Lily (ATWT)

21. Craig & Sienna (ATWT)

20. Jonathan & Tammy (GL)

19. Ryan & Victoria (Y&R)

18 Victor & Ashley (Y&R)

17 Steve & Betsy (ATWT)

16 Ridge & Caroline (B&B)

15 Mallet & Harley (GL)

14 Jack & Phyliss (Y&R)

13 Danny & Michelle (GL)

12 Thorne & Macy (B&B)

11 Gus & Harley (GL)

10 Richard & Cassie (GL)

9 Neil & Dru (Y&R)

8 Ridge & Taylor (Y&R)

7 Phillip & Beth (GL)

6 Jack & Carly (ATWT)

5 Nick & Sharon (Y&R)

4 Holden & Lily (ATWT)

3 Ridge & Brooke (B&B)

2 Josh & Reva (GL)

1. Victor & Nikki (Y&R)

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