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AMC: SOD Spoilers

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Thanks to Betty at SOC:

Annie steals a gun from Adam & goes gunning for Greenlee. At the last moment, Annie can't go through w/ it, & is then hit w/ cramps. Annie goes to the fire escape, never having been seen by Greenlee, & miscarries. Annie returns to Chandler mansion, where she's visited by Ryan, who is in violation the restraining order Annie has obtained against him after claiming that Ryan roughed her up. Annie & Ryan fight, & he rushes her to the hospital, where they learn that Annie has lost her baby. Annie is heartbroken, & wonders how she could have used her children to try to hold on to Ryan.

Alicia Minshew will marry Richie Herschenfeld on 10/26 in NY, in a simple wedding, performed by a rabbi, & by her father, a priest. Alicia's dress is a simple off-white sundress, & she'll carry purple orchids. Only family will attend, but AM did hire Cameron Mathison (Ryan) to photograph her wedding. A party for friends will be held at a later date.

Editorial observation on how neither Ryan nor Greenlee honor the memories of their late spouses, Gillian & Leo..

Frankie, who is leaving for Iraq, promises to come back to Randi...Adam pushes Erica's buttons...Kendall finds out what Adam's up to...Annie puts her plan in motion...JR becomes suspicious of Adam...Angie asks Randi to convince Frankie not to return to Iraq...

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I guess MCE says that karma hits her the moment she picks up the gun, cause Annie doubles over in pain.

Sorry but it's NOT karma for me until Annie actually pays for killing Richie, I so hope that's not gonna be swept under the rug...

Awww Alicia's wedding sounds like it will be beautiful

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    • A podcast celebrating Dallas 45th Anniversary with Omri https://www.ewingbbq.com/podcast/episode/203b8c1b/after-the-barbecue-1-omri-katz   Oh and I can just hear him Peter! Peter! Peter!

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    • I watched. With all the cursing they were doing, I can’t imagine anything being audible with all the bleeping they’d have to do for the Bravo broadcast. I know Lala and LVP are apparently on somewhat good times, but Lala needs to watch her mouth. Very disrespectful.
    • Yes, I was just about to say @Liberty City that there is an extended cut...and here you have it. lol. Though I think I want a different kind of extended cut of it. If that makes sense.   I'm an old school raver so I understand.   I live for remixes.     
    • Glad to see Diane get freed.  So wait Noah has now moved to the UK and has now opened a glam club there while Allie now lives in Paris? I doubt we’ll ever see them again.   Nate & Audra are fun to watch.
    • Maybe she can rent a room from Edward Snowden before they both get shipped to fight Ukraine.
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