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Written By

Bridget & Jerome Dobson

Chuck and Patti Dizenzo

Jean Rouverol

Tom King

Millee Taggart

Lynda Myles

Directed By

Richard Dunlap

Executive Producer

Mary-Eliis Bunim


Susan Bedsow Horgan

Michael D. Laibson

Robert Rigamonti

Associate Producer

Brenda Greenberg

Art Director

Lloyd Rainey Evans

Associate Director

Neil Smith

Assistant to the Producer

Cathy A. Cambria

Susan D. Lee

Production Assistants

Dennis Cameron

Stage Managers

Rupert Barron

Don Mayo

Casting Director

Betty Rea

Asiistant Casting Director

Vivian Taylor

Tecnical Director

Arnie Rosenzweig


Jack Winsche

Lighting Directors

Vernon Cook

Dean Nelson


Cal Marotta

Set Designer

Evelyn Sakash

Costume Deisgner

Michele Reisch

Assoc. Costume Designer

Nanzi Adzima

Music By

Elliot Lawrence Productions

Music Supervisor

Jill Diamond

Music Directors

Judy Fowler

Set Decorators

Richard Rennick

Shawn Callaghan Diaz

Makeup Artists

June Gossett

Janet Flora

Production Supervisor

Tracey Rosenthal

Gina Sappah

Special Effects

Ron Vitelli

Supervising Producer

Stanley C. Potter

Executive in Charge of Production

Robert E. Short

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