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OLTL: Which couples are working?

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I was curious what everyone thinks of the couples on OLTL.

There are a bit. I would say that the following are actual couples, but which ones are working?

Viki and Charlie

Gigi and Brody or Rex

Rex and Adrianna (even though she left they are still married)

Jared and Natalie

Nora and Clint

Micheal and Marci

John and Blair? (are they considered one?)

Starr and Cole

Markko and Langston

Antonio and Talia

Cris and Sarah

For me the only ones that interest me now are Viki and Charlie, Rex and Gigi, Jared and Natalie. Antonio and Talia are slightly stalled and the rest either fall into they should never go there category (like Nora and Clint, Blair and John) or indifference (Cris and Sarah, the teens, Micheal and Marci who seem to be the only married couple on the show but are split up). Dorian and David I think should get back together, and the teens to me should be reversed. Adrianna with Rex, Brody and Gigi would be a really interesting quad if done right, while I think Jared and Natalie and Viki and Charlie are the only two really solid pairs with great chemistry and lots of storyline possibilities (I just hope they continue to show romance for the over 40 crowd like Viki/Charlie and I actually would have really liked Clint and Lindsay and think Bo and Tina would be really interesting)

Who is working for you as a couple, or who should be or not be couples?

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As much as I love this show I am faced with a dilemma. I reviewd your choices and none of those pairing really appeal to me. Call me a classic romantic but for me Blair and Todd work, I am waiting for Tina and Cord to share a sceen together, I would like to see closure or reuniting of Bo and Nora. Am I the only one who thought RJ and Lindsey were very hot as well as Vincent and Natalie. I am not a fan of John with anyone, and I thought Nash and Jessica tested off the hot radar and how they ended his contract I just dont understand. Christian has more chemistry with Layla than Sara and I am not really into Gigi and Rex, and I kind of love Vicki scenes with David though I still think David and Dorian need to work their mess out.

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IMO, the strongest couples are Jared/Natalie and Viki/Charlie.

Rex/Gigi are cute but I'm not yet on the G-Rex bandwagon. They lack a certain "oomph" with me but I won't write them off completely.

Antonio/Talia don't evoke a strong reaction out of me one way or the other.

NuMichael and Marcie need to be given a real chance. I'm frustrated with their story.

Cris/Sarah aren't working at all IMO. Cris is too much of a bore and Sarah lacks "something" that I can't put my finger on.

I wouldn't wish John on anybody <_<

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Viki & Charlie

Rex & Gigi

Brody & Gigi (lately)

Starr & Cole

Langston & Marko (more screen time, please)

David and Addie were cute

Todd & Marty's affection is suprisingly good, however unrealistic & manipulative it is

Not working:

Clint and Nora. There's no compelling reason for these two to be together, and the actors have no spark together.

John McBain with anyone. He's never had chemistry with any of the women they've paired him with on the show, but like Robert S Woods & JP, Michael Easton and Trevor St John seem to enjoy working together. And no, I don't mean romantically

Antonio Vega with anyone. Cris Vega with anyone. Like Michael Easton, Kamar de los Reyes and David Fumero have never had any chemistry whatsoever with any actress they've ever been paired with. Ever. Unlike Easton, Reyes and Fumero don't have chemistry with any of the actors on the show, and never have. The show should have recast or written them off a long, long time ago

Pairs who work together as just friends/family/whatever

Viki and Dorian

Viki and David

Bo & Rex

Todd & John

Rex and Natalie

Rex and Shane

Gigi and Shane

Roxy and Charlie

Nigel and Jared

Lindsey and anyone

Blair and anyone

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Viki and Charlie---------WORK, one of the best couples/best chemistry on the show, hoping this fall that Viki & Charlie


Gigi and Brody or Rex--------Gigi & Rex are working, great chemistry; Mark Lawson(Brody) isn't a very good actor, has

improved only slightly since joining the show. Give Lawson some acting classes or re-cast and the triangle (or quad)

might work better.

Rex and Adrianna (even though she left they are still married)------good chemistry, I wish ONE LIFE could get Melissa

Fumero to sign a new longterm contract to return, or they should recast.

Jared and Natalie------good chemistry, The writing did almost (IMHO) ruin Natalie beyond redemption, I do hope they

redeem Jared due to John Brotherton & Melissa Archer's chemistry and John B's good acting.

Nora and Clint------good chemistry

Michael and Marcie-------love them, hope they get back together, IMHO Chris Stack's the best Michael.

John and Blair? (are they considered one?)-------first didn't think I'd like them together, but they're growing on me (and yeah they're starting to be a couple).

Starr and Cole--------good chemistry, improved when Brandon Buddy's acting much-improved. Buddy's got maybe

better chemistry with Brittany Underwood(Langston) though, but I don't want the show to go there since Starr &

Langston are such good friends.

Markko and Langston-----good, but Markko needs to be beefed up, maybe bring on his family.

Antonio and Talia-----like them

Cris and Sarah----probably the weakest couple on the show

you forgot about Addie & David whom I hope they'd keep together. Both should be on contract IMHO.

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I think Jerry ver Dorn(Clint) and Hillary B. Smith(Nora) have chemistry, although I agree that it'd probably been better if Nora was paired with someone else besides her former brother-in-law.

I disagree about John McBain-Michael Easton. He had chemistry with Renée Elise Goldsberry(ex-Evangeline), Melissa Archer(Natalie), Christina Chambers(ex-Marty) & does now with Kassie DePaiva(Blair).

Also Kamar de Los Reyes(Antonio) has some chemistry with Beth-Ann Bonner(Talia) and some with Bree Williamson(Jess), but had GREAT chemistry with Sheri Saum(ex-Keri), whom he later married in real-life.

I also think David Fumero(Cris) & Kamar have wonderful chemistry with Patricia Mauceri(Carlotta) & Kamar has great chemistry with Saorse Scott(Jamie). Now Fumero did have chemistry w/ Melissa Archer(Natalie), but no so much w/ Justis Bolding(Sarah).

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Great thread.

Love Jared and Natalie -- but it's wearing thin with the current story. Their fire is sadly diminished with all the woe is me garbage. Need to get them in fight mode pronto.

I like Nora and Clint. I am thrilled that somebody is thinking about how to wrestle BE from Dorian's grasp and that could be interesting. Wish Natalie and Jared were a part of that.

Honestly, I love Blair and think KDP has sexual chemistry with a brick wall. John and Blair are pretty and sexy, but the graffiti spraypainted under every bridge in the US says they're putting him with Marty so I just can't get on board.

Antonio and Talia were hot once upon a time. Not so much anymore.

Cris and Sarah are great characters individually. Together I am not really liking them.

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Viki & Charlie - I think these two have some of best chemistry I've seen in a long time, and I love how they compliment each other.

Jared & Natalie - totally HOT!

Rex & Adriana - I LOVED bitchy bangs, never was an Adriana fan until they had her go bitchy, then I LOVED her and Rex together.

Bo & Lindsay - don't know why, but I just love these two together.

Not Working:

Blair & Todd - I am SO glad that they are broken up, I was getting very tired of these two together.

Clint & Nora - I was warming up to them until I saw JvD with LC, I really liked their chemistry together.

Cris & Sarah - WORST couple every.

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Frankly I hope OLTL doesn't ever reunite Todd and Blair. They are too destructive, too dysfunctional and too toxic for one another. I'm over the drama. Plus I hate Todd.

I agree that JvD clicked with CH in a much more sizzling way than he has with HBS. I don't think Nora and Clint belong together. I'm still scratching my head that RC had Asa will his mansion to Nora.

Question---do you like Rex and Gigi?

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Out of this bunch, the ones I like are Jared/Natalie, Gigi/Rex, Marko/Langston and Tonio/Talia. John and Blair are good but dont want them bc I want him with Marty and dont want to see them do battle for him. I should also add Bo and Lindsay, whom I adore

I hate Nora and Clint and want them to end that already. Unpopular opinion but I hate Charlie and Viki. He is so bland and boring and dont want him to be with her. I want her back with Clint and have for the past 15 or so years

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The only ones working are Jared and Natalie. However, I really li.ked David with Addie and/or Dorian.

The Vega boys don't have chemistry with anyone. Cris and Sarah are awful. I can only tolerate Tonio and Talia because I love Bethann.

I cringed with the love scenes between John and Blair. John is another one that doesn''t have chemistry with any of his pairings. Although I thought John and Vange had some chemistry in the beginning but then it fizzled. I agree with whoever said that ME and TSJ have more chemistry with each other than their pairings. :)

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Natalie & Jared

Gigi & Rex

Viki & Charlie

Cole & Starr

Markko & Langston

Michael & Marci

David & Addie -- best divorce ever


Christian and Sarah

Antonio & Talia

Clint & Nora

Bo & Lindsay


Roxy & Miles!!!!

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For me...


Jared & Natalie - Hot and loads of chemistry. They are the only ones that have made me go WHOA! :P

Not working:

Clint & Nora - Clint was a fave of mine when played by CR and I've never liked Nora. I can't get into Clint much since he's been with Dorian and Nora. He's more interesting to me when he's dealing with his family, not with Nora.

Cristian & Sarah - maybe an unpopular opinion here but I like Cristian. Sarah comes off as too "young" for him. There's just something teenagerish about her.

Antonio & Talia - I feel like half of it happened offscreen. Plus, Antonio's girlfriends and wannabes have a tendency to go obsessive on him or degrade themselves somehow for him and I'd rather see Talia keep some semblance of sense!

John & Marty or Blair - I just don't care.

On the fence:

Viki & Charlie - the momentum has gotten lost since they've been sidetracked by what's happening with all their kids but I'd like to see how things progress

Rex & Gigi - couldn't stand Adriana so I'm willing to give this a chance

Bo & Lindsey - I'm kinda rooting for them but I'm also a little tired of the redundancy of ooooh, Lindsey's got a secret that's gonna blow up her relationship with Bo. Been there, done that.

Michael & Marcie - mostly because Marcie grates on me, sometimes.

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