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AMC: SOD Spoilers

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SOD from Betty, via NewinPV at SOC:

Viewers can expect titans Erica and Adam to take center stage once headwriter Charles Pratt’s new material begins airing soon.

*****Next week's issue will feature a joint interview with BE and RPG who are both thrilled to be part of the family at AMC.

Ryan Remembers and Ailee reconciles!

After rescuing Greenlee, Ryan is flooded with memories of the last four years. Ryan shares with Kendall that he now loves Greenlee and feels no feelings of love for his wife, Annie. Kendall thinks Annie is losing her mind and is perhaps as evil as Richie, and encourages Ryan to tell Greenlee how he feels. Meanwhile, Greenlee wakes up in the hospital realizing she wants to be with Aidan, and he moves back in. Kendall rushes off to tell Greenlee how Ryan feels, but stops when she sees that Greenlee has reconciled with Aidan and is happy. AM says Kendall is glad her friends are happy, and it relieves her guilt to know she didn't keep them apart. Greenlee tells Kendall she forgives her for the ONS. Ryan dodges Annie’s questions about whether he loves her, and then is shocked to learn Annie is pregnant after she collapses.

Thumbs Down for AMC’s not-so-goodbye’s.

SOD slams on AMC for the way they treated Julia Barr with a non-exit, and how other loved characters (Jonathan, Reggie) just disappear and then AMC tosses in a throwaway line later on down the line. They mention the recent departures of Chris Parnell (Derek), and Leven Rambin (Lily/Ava) as further proof that AMC's unofficial "don't the door hit you on the way out' policy is an insult to fans who have invested in them, and their alter egos.

Record This:

Adam shares his troubles with Krystal on Monday, July 21st.

On Tuesday July 22, Annie, who is desperate to cover up the fact that she offed Richie, gets an earful when she overhears Cassie, Dre and Colby talking about Richie.

What Will Happen:

Zach doesn't buy Annie's story

Jesse gets proof that Colby’s car was at the site of Richie's demise

Ryan gets some surprising news.

MailBag –

Letter from a viewer who didn’t like the 6/23 episode where Ryan and Greenlee discussed shoulda, woulda, couldas. Viewer notes that Greenlee called Annie troublesome and crazy when she once pretended to be Gillian, interrupted Jack’s wedding to Erica, and took Spike from Kendall. They wonder if Greenlee will ever pay for her crimes.

Letter from a viewer who loved seeing the private moments of Kendall cuddling with Spike, the Hubbard family sharing a meal together, and Tad and JR putting together a dollhouse for Kathy. Viewer would rather see more of this and less big bang sweeps moments.


Cornelius Smith Jr. (Frankie Hubbard) is named one of soap's hottest new actors.

Editor’s Opinion (Carolyn Hinsey):

She feels ABC was right to promote OLTL/GH together in a joint promo, and not include AMC who centered it’s biggest story of the moment around a character that is despised. She doesn’t feel there is any rooting value in the story, and she wanted Richie to kill Annie, and put us out of our misery. She notes that all the threats made against Richie made the outcome obvious.

Carolyn enjoys Carmen and felt the actress took a ridiculous story and still emerged an interesting character who held her own in scenes with Walt and Susan. Hinsey hopes Pratt has a new and more realistic story for Erica Kane since “being pretty isn’t a story”. She suggests Carmen dating Josh and seeing how Erica would respond to that.

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Ooooooo.. Finally Erica and Adam front and center where they belong. I also hope Angie/Jesse/Hubbard family, Tad/Krystal/Martin family will be on more and less of Zendall/Greenlee/Adian/Annie/Ryan. :)

I am excited to see what RPG and BE are going to say about AMC.

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Thanks so much for posting this here!

I'm actually very happy with all of this...well except for Rylee and this "Hey Kendall, heads up: I love Greenlee now and turns out I never loved Annie after all!" mess. Don't they remember there was a major issue earlier this year with the way Ryan was being perceived in this story? Do they no longer think that will be the case because Annie is nuts? Are they right?

I also do not like how they, IMO, have purposely avoided using/mentioning Emma to help sell this story.

Anyways love the content of the viewer letters, Hinsey's commentary (disagree about the GH/OLTL joint promo though), Cornelius' hottness being recongnized, and the slam against AMC's treatment character exits.

B&E also promised Adam and Erica would be front and centre, but I am more inclined to believe Pratt since we know he loves his "titans". He and Guza never gave a single interview at GH where they didn't talk about the clash of some titans lol.

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Mmm, MMT wanted to put Erica front and center, so she gave her and unabortion for a son. B&E said they'd put Erica front and center and they put her in jail.

Is it any wonder why I can't trust Pratt right off the bat?

Hopefully this finally something to give Erica back her dignity and her passion, unPod her.

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