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ATWT: Tuesday February 26th

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I loathe that Will and Gwen got that kid. Or more precisely, the way Sophie was painted as incompetant and unbalanced. She didn't do anything different than Gwen did back in the day---except wait one day too long to contest the adoption.

I have trouble accepting that anyone doesn't look at Matt and see a 35 year old who's supposedly a freshman/sophomore college wannabe.

Margo looks stupider by the hour. She's busting her butt to put Parker in jail, but telling Paul to "move on" from his own attempted murder? GMAFB.

Loved the Paul/Parker scenes.

I used to like Vienna, but now she's becoming a taller, brunette version of Katie. That is not a good thing.

Loved Carjack and Henry working together. It's been so long since Henry was a real player in Oakdale...not just Katie's lapdog or a rarely seen Diner Owner.

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