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All: Serial Drama's "Best & Worst of 2007"

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IA with most especially these:

Worst Heroine: Lulu Spencer, General Hospital

A little over a year ago, Lulu would have been our choice for Port Charles' heroine of the future. She's a legacy character played by a very good actress, and she had just enough of her mother's traits to make her lovable and heroic, with just enough of her father's traits to make her interesting and conflicted. Then something happened. Something very bad. Someone, somewhere (our money is on Bob Guza) decided that what Lulu really needed to be was a younger version of the latest conception of Carly Corinthos Jacks. It pains us even to type that. Now Lulu is judgmental and shrieky, a mob apologist with no apparent educational or career ambitions, self-centered enough that there are Lulu/Carly scenes in which Carly isn't the most selfish person in the room. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Make it stop. And also stop throwing every single young male character at Lulu, and give Julie Marie Berman an opportunity to actually build a couple. She and Josh Duhon could have done that, if their courtship, getting together, and break-up had taken longer than three and a half weeks to happen.

Worst Hero: Jason Morgan, General Hospital


Best Villain: Richie, All My Children

Richie Novak is bad, knows he's bad and is okay with being bad. He's a murderer with a violent temper and a psychotic need for revenge. He has a burning hatred for Ryan and Annie Lavery. He's pretty much the best thing to hit Pine Valley in years. There's nothing better than a villain who revels in being a villain.

Best New Character: TIE! Richie Novak, All My Children and Kate Howard, General Hospital

Richie and Kate were breaths of fresh air in their respective towns. Richie's a cunning sociopath, but stands out amongst the rest of the Pine Valley sociopaths by being relentless in his hatred of Ryan Lavery. Kate's a successful fashionista who deplores organized crime. These things are about as rare as ABC Daytime treating its actors and characters with respect!

Best Rebound Couple: Sam and Lucky, General Hospital

There are a lot of reasons not to like Sam and Lucky together (their first hot tub hookup was skeevy, she allowed his son to be kidnapped, she arranged for his sons and wife to be scared by gun-wielding goons), but...Kelly Monaco and Greg Vaughn are so freaking gorgeous together that it actually hurts to watch them sometimes. Soooo pretty!

Most Offensive Plot Twist: Jax's "Betrayal" of Carly, General Hospital

Did you know that you're breaking your marriage vows if you have the nerve to get raped? You totally are!

Best Soap Child: Cameron Webber, General Hospital

Every time Cameron is onscreen, he makes us laugh. Usually because of his open hostility towards Jason Morgan, but also because of his adorable relationship with Greg Vaughn and his hilarious storytelling skills.

We all know what Cam would have said, had we even considered giving this to someone else...

Worst Soap Child: Michael Corinthos, General Hospital

We get why the Quartermaines are upset that Michael has been basically cut out of their lives, but, really, all they need to do is take one look at his wannabe Jason hairdo and hear one of his violent soliloquies to get them out of that funk with a quickness. "Oh, it's cool, Sonny. No worries, you can keep him. No, really, we don't want to have him visit on the weekends, it's okay. We'll...we'll be pen pals with him, maybe...if the FBI can examine the letters that he sends us before we open them."

Most Disappointing Show: General Hospital

General Hospital has all the potential in the world -- great history, fantastic cast, occasional flashes of Awesome Writer which hint at good writers somewhere beneath the rubble created by the current showrunners' blowing up the place -- but it continues to suck. "Disappointing" doesn't even really capture it, you know?

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i wouldnt say they are biased. they make it clear about what soaps they watch and judge them and only them.

its like, how can you judge the best move of the year if you did not watch every single movie released within that year? or listen to every single cd that came out how can you say what one is the best? i get there are tons more of that stuff, but still.

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IA. They speak like fans and like someone who would post here. Its no different than anyone else here would make a list as we would put mainly the shows we are familiar with. Im not going to nominate GL for stuff when I dont watch it bc that would be ignorant and uninformed which they are trying not to be. At least they arent some official publication that would pretend to watch everything and make their choices that clearly dont make sense

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