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AMC's two SoapNet marathons Jan 12-13

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when do they air? i will set it up tomorrow and make sure it works for ya then send you.

i would love to use dvd's.. no idea how i assume u just buy a dvd thing where you can rec ontot a dvd. but ??? .. im still trying to figure out how people make those damn fan videos on youtube. or upload a video to youtube. im behind.

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From Soapnet.com:

Three major characters are returning to All My Children this month, and SOAPnet is putting on a can't-miss television event to help YOU celebrate!

Rebecca Budig returns as the original Greenlee Smythe on Wednesday, January 16. Debbi Morgan is back as Dr. Angie Hubbard on Friday, January 18. And Darnell Williams returns as Angie's true love, Jesse Hubbard, on Friday, January 25.

Catch up with these stars and relive some of their biggest soap-opera moments during "Welcome Back Weekend" on Saturday, January 12 and Sunday, January 13.

Here's the dramalicious line-up:

Saturday, January 12

AMC: Why We Love Greenlee! airs 2-6 pm ET/PT

2:00pm Back in Pine Valley: Greenlee, Angie and Jesse -- A SOAPnet Original Special!

2:30pm Episode #8528 (first aired 2/3/03) Greenlee, Kendall and the women of Fusion cook up a new lipstick -- with disastrous results!

3:30pm Episode #8781 (first aired 2/5/04) Greenlee rips off Kendall's dress in court, revealing that Kendall's been faking a pregnancy.

4:30pm Episode #8854 (first aired 5/18/04) After she wrecks Ryan and Kendall's wedding, Greenlee fights with Kendall in the swimming pool.

5:30pm Back in Pine Valley: Greenlee, Angie and Jesse encores.

Sunday, January 13

AMC: Jesse & Angie Are Back! airs 2-5:30 pm ET/PT

2:00pm Episode #3588 (first aired 11/7/83) Jesse sees his newborn son for the first time, but soon learns that Angie has already signed adoption papers.

3:00pm Watch for a surprise Jesse & Angie episode!

4:00pm Episode #4507 (first aired 5/21/87) Jesse kills Angie's scheming father, Les.

5:00pm Back in Pine Valley: Greenlee, Angie and Jesse encores.

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Thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing the episodes from the 1980's. I wonder why they didn't describe the 3:00 pm episode? I do remember the 4:00 pm episode when Jesse killed Les (wasn't he played by the guy who played Huggy Bear in Starsky & Hutch?)

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Horrible selection of episodes. I still haven't forgiven Greenlee for ripping Kendall's dress off in open court, and I have yet to get over the disgusting and insulting way Rylee began. So these episodes are NOT why I love Greenlee and are NOT incentives for me to watch when Becky returns. As a matter of fact, it's a fresh reminder of why I was happy to see Becky leave -- I grew to hate Greenlee.

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