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B&B: Stephanie's Shooter Spoilers OMG


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A devestating confession is made

The Logans are in shock

Stephen, Brooke and their family vow to protect one of their own

It's a Logan, and I think most likely Storm, but I guess we can't rule out Katie still as a possibility

It certainly isn't Brooke, Donna or Stephen

Storm's behavior tomorrow is very strange, and almost creepy, as an increasingly scared Brooke is trapped in a dark house with her brother :o

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I don't see why everyone thinks Pam is so crazy, lol. I think she's kinda sweet! :P Ann, Stephanie and Pamela are such a wacky, but cute family. I only wish Ann were around full time to snark on her daughters. Now SHE should be the new Sally, not Jackie.

*gobbles down a lemon bar*

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I think it'll turn out to be Storm - I mean on one hand... you know it's not going to be the person you thought it would be but on the other it has to be feasible... It's not like a Mary Higgins Clark novel where it turns out to be the last person you'd expect simply because... well you don't expect it... I can see it now...

Alexandria Forrester: "Sure, you have a gun, fingerprints, the crime on tape, ten witnesses and a solid confession... BUT I did it! hahahahahaaaa

it's like Marlena being the Salem Stalker...

so, if It's Storm, it's in a way surprising because it looks like Stephen but then there's an almost feasible twist and it's someone you kinda like but not someone who would change the entire balance of the show

can I still hope and pray Sheila brainwashed him into doing it and she's come to town looking like Lauren? But not in the crappy Pheila way, more like Kimberlin coming later when Sheila is revealed.

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