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DAYS: Friday, September 28

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Loved the show. This week was great all around. Best full week since the Lumi wedding.

The sorority story started out well. Rachel was great today and loved Chelsea's attitude and how we delved a little into her rejection fear, The girls at the house were well-casted and could act. Not too bad.

The Santeen scenes played out great. Loved the slow motion and music. I am one of the few who could buy this as a realistic reason for the feud and it played out as great as I thought it would. Good job by all and Frank Parker showed me alot this week. Nice seeing the vets alot this week too.

SN was great at the cemetary. The jacket scene was heartbreaking. Loved seeing Abe too and Jim was great as well.

All around a great week. I think the tide has turned.

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