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Characters who in theory still exist in a soap town but we never see...

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OK so this topic is kinda vague but I was watching an old OLTL on youtube from 1997 where I was surprised to see Larry Wolek made a few return appearances back then (has he since?)

SO it made me think waht are some other formerely major characters (ie not just bit parts) where the character in theory still live sin their soap town--sometimes might even be name dropped but we never see anymore...

AMC has Tom Cudahy (I assume? I know he moved away with Livia for a while but I assum ehe's meant to be back now that she is)

Brooke (GRRRR)

OLTL has Larry Wolek who I really wish they'd remembewr and build up his family (iknow the actor a few itmes has said that he'd come back anytime they wanted him). I'm sure there are tons more...

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Yeah I was going to say Mickey, ever since John Ingle left last year they've referred to him as working mostly even on holidays.

I always thought it would be funny if they snagged Wally Kurth to come back as Justin for a few eps he could say he just saw Mickey at the hospital or something. I now I'm a dork.

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On AMC...

Becca Tyree

Anita Santos

Brooke English (of course)

Kevin Sheffield

Grace Keefer (sidebar: I noticed both AMC and GH writers spelled names like these with double E's instead of the "ie" or "ei" like Keefer instead of Kiefer or Keesha Ward instead of Keisha Ward)

Axel Green

Enid Nelson - she's on the PVH board of directors

Sydney Harris

Langley Wallingford

Shannon, Mindy, Heather, Marcus, Kenny

Zeke McMillan (who never showed up for Simone's funeral :unsure: )

Alfred Vanderpoole

ETA: Petey Cortlandt

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Mickey Horton - It sucks that they won't just address the actor's absence. I mean, how long are they going to continue saying that Mickey is out of town? He missed last Christmas. It's going to be pushing it to have the character miss this upcoming Christmas as well. I don't think John Clarke will come out of retiremand, so I think it would be smart to just kill the character off. I think they should do it now before it's too late. And when I say too late, I'm talking about when it is time to lay the character of Alice Horton to rest. Are they really going to try and tell us that Mickey is caught up with work and can't make it to his mother's funeral?

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