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SOW: Blind Items

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Believe me RPG does within the industry. As the spoiler indicates, he has his fans but the insiders see the real person. He's fooled some of his fans, but some have caught onto his act. I've seen actors roll their eyes behind his back during last years gathering. His nasty behavior at last years Marco Island event when he stomped off the stage having a hissy fit showed his true colors. He has a short fuse. I feel Grant A. would still be on the show if it weren't for Ricky.

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>> The honeymoon is over for a top actor on one show. Though still loved by fans, he's far from beloved to cast and crew.

My best guess? Michael Easton. But the rest of OLTL's cast probably just resent that he's obviously Frons' darling.

>> Behind the scenes at a New York show, some unhappy actors are hoping that some backstage changes will hit their corner of daytime sooner rather than later.

AMC and OLTL already have experienced backstage changes.

Some ATWT actors MIGHT be unhappy with Jean Passanante's writing...but I tend to think they're talking about GL here. Especially with the "sooner rather than later" part.

It's no secret that PASSIONS' move to DirecTV leaves GL in the very unenviable (and vulnerable) position of lowest-rated soap. Add to that the steadily growing apathy on the part of viewers toward storylines, the questionable allocation of an already meager budget, and the string of cheap promotional gimmicks that have only served to make GL the biggest black eye (more so, I'm afraid, than even Y&R) on CBSD's schedule and a laughingstock of the industry, and you have the ingredients of a franchise that is truly on the brink of extinction.

>> These two are related onscreen, but when posing for "family" photos at a recent event, his hand wasn't on her back - it was down her skirt!

Bryton McClure and Christel Khalil? Nah. Too easy.

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