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SOW: Blind Items

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The honeymoon is over for a top actor on one show. Though still loved by fans, he's far from beloved to cast and crew.

Behind the scenes at a New York show, some unhappy actors are hoping that some backstage changes will hit their corner of daytime sooner rather than later.

These two are related onscreen, but when posing for "family" photos at a recent event, his hand wasn't on her back - it was down her skirt!

Is Guiding Light the NY soap?

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RPG is the first name that crossed my mind. I know I'd find it hard to work with someone with such a grating, obnoxious personality. It didn't take him long to muscle is way to the top.

GL is so far gone that I don't think it can be saved. EW is focused more on her quirky side show deals and making the wrong cuts to save "her" show. It no longer belongs to the fans.

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