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Days of Our Young & Restless Lives

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The arrival of Ed Scott at Days got me thinking.

Scott would have previously worked with

Lauren Koslow(Kate) previously Lindsey Wells on Y&R

Julie Pinson Billie(DOOL) Shiloh (Y&R)

Josh TaylorRoman (DOOL) Jed (Y&R)

Susan Seaforth Hayes Julie (DOOL) Joanna (Y&R)

Many actors have appeared on both shows e.g.

PattyWeaver Gina (Y&R) Trish (DOOL)

Deidre Hall Marlena (DOOL) Barbara (Y&R)

Barbara Crampton Trista (DOOL) Leanna (Y&R)

Judith Chapman Gloria( Y&R) Anjelica (DOOL)

Tracey Bregman Lauren (Y&R) Donna (DOOL)

Don Diamont Brad (Y&R) Carlo (DOOL)

Please add to this list and feel free to include behind the scenes talent and your opinion on what roles suted them best....

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That's mainly because all of them are west coast soaps. However, traditionally when it came to ORIGINAL casting, Days has had a long track record of casting crappy actors. GH and Y&R have had their fare share of bad actors, but they've usually had more hits than misses, when compared to Days in at least the past 20 years.

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