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The schedule for tomorrow's matches are out and I am sure John Isner isn't happy neither is his bf Gimblestob.....he is playing in the heat of the afternoon tomorrow....LOL.....hopefully Del Po will finally put him away.

2 hours ago, Faulkner said:

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I knew all of them as well.....LOL


Ummm...yeah it looks like David was very enthralled with Murray's shirtless pic.....haha...and he took a long look at DelPo too......LOL....and he knew Thiem's pic right away......:)

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12 hours ago, Soapsuds said:

@ChitHappens wondering what she thinks of Carla's outfit.....


LMAO!  I try not to focus on CSN because she grosses me out, still!  But I'm super happy she spanked SugarPimp!  

7 hours ago, Soapsuds said:

Millman beats Roger...

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Retire Roger.....it's time...


Dozed off, woke up and was shocked!  At least it wasn't that infant Aussie that beat Fed. 

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I shouldn’t be stunned by this since he’s 37, but dude won the Australian Open this year. The results have been spotty ever since, but he was still winning select titles (Rotterdam, Stuttgart) and making M1000 finals (IW and Cincy). I wanted him to play Novak (and presumably lose). I usually like to see the great Rog beaten, but not like this.


This is... sad.


But...I’m still not betting against the guy, as he defied expectations with that 2017 resurgence. Very few saw him winning major titles after that almost five-year drought. But age claims us all. And it wasn’t just *this* match where he’s been struggling this year with something *other* than an injury.


Maybe with Roger speaking up, tournaments will take extreme heat/humidity more seriously. It’s inhumane not just to the players, but to fans, officials, and volunteers alike.

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This is a must-read and addresses a lot of what’s wrong in tennis “journalism.”




Choice quote that applies to a lot more than Federer or tennis:


Praising Federer, to reiterate, is simply good business these days in a media-centric context — but that doesn’t mean it is honest or thoughtful analysis which adds value. So much of what passes for commentary is or can be clickbait meant to stimulate emotional responses more than educate a reader about a subject. This, too, is a relevant distinction between a fan’s perspective and a professional commentator’s perspective.

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