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The Tennis Thread


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7 minutes ago, Faulkner said:

It’s been consistently bad for a few years now.

But this year is even worse with the whole garbage of ESPN +.....they are omitting the better matches to show just a few......this is why tennis hasn't grown outside it's "big 4"

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They made a big deal about Tsitsipas...which I loved yet they didn't show his match but instead showed some meaningless garbage match.

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I can only glance at matches online today, but Tsitsipas looks like he’s struggling in the heat.


I get that the USO has a bias towards American players, but Sock/Basilashvili is not a nighttime stadium-court match. It just isn’t. 

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Just now, ChitHappens said:

As long as it's Queen doing the taking out, I'm good! Venus is, and will forever be, "the other Williams sister"!

Ha! They’re both legends in their own right.  I’m good either way, but I’d like Serena to remain in the hunt maybe a bit more.

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