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DAYS: Fall Previews!

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Here are the rest of the Fall Previews:


Shawn decides on a new career path and Belle doesn't like it one bit. And he won't like Phillip and Belle growing closer while searching for Tyler. Phillip's seach, however, hits a dead end. Belle goes back to Salem University.


Pocket will have a serious health crisis, and Steve and Kayla will fear the worst.


Jeremy's attempt to go straight puts Max and Stephanie in harms way. Jeremy goes on the run. Jett is shot and reveals his love for Chelsea. Nick's relationship with Chelsea is strained when agrees to take care of China Lee's children. By October, Stephanie and Chelsea will be rushing a sorority at Salem University, and Adrienne will give Max a job at the Cheatin' Heart.

I waited to comment on this because I wanted to hear word about the EJ stuff first. I figured it was a red herring but I hope JS is never fired. The show needs him. If he quits, fine but the show needs a leading man in that age group and I think a young male Dimera is needed with Tony being a good guy and all.

Now, I will start out with the negative. Whoever prepared these previews is horrible for not mentioning Bo, Hope, John, and Marlena anywhere in them. It just gives people upset with the show more reason to be upset.

Now, I think these are very much like the May sweeps previews. They are very vague, which is good, and give you enough to tell you what is coming. I remember the same comments being made back in May and then the month turned out to be great and the ratings responded. These previews are just a general overview of what is coming. I remember when Days used to give out every little thing. I don't want that and I think the show needs to limit spoilers and previews so kudos to them.

I love the Lucas changing his name to Horton one. Roman and I did the same thing in our blog. Hope it means more emphasis on the Horton's. Sami's last name would be Horton now and I love that.

I hope Chloe does return. With the exception of the scar story, I loved her. Nadia can act and I would love for her to hook up with Max. Darin and her would look great together. Sadly, she will probably go back to Philip and I hate Phloe. I always liked Broe but even they got boring. Something new would be nice. Belle does need a friend and she is a face familiar with recent fans. Her movie didn't do well so it is possible and there was that rumor a few months ago about a recasted Brady and Chloe returning for an event. It all makes sense. I just hope it's Nadia and it's without Brady. I liked Broe but they bored me by the end. I suppose if Travis wins IWTBASS he could be Brady. Interesting though.

As for Adrienne, I love having her and only wish Justin was with her. At least they are mentioning him now and I would love for him to make an appearance every now and then.

The previews, what little were given, sound good. It seems to me that we will see a reduction in the airtime of the young cast, as is typical of the Fall. Once TTS is over, I think things will be better. We'll see. I like what I am seeing.

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Belle going to SU has nothing to do with leaving town. People have been going there for years and still get frontburner status. (ie Christie Clark in the 90's). MM better not be going anywhere. She is an incredible actress.

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Well, these fall previews don't excite me at all. It sounds a lot like a summer redux, which was a dud for me. Again, I guess you have to wait and see with these types of things. But, I would think that if they're trying to save the show or the very least make a sizable dent in their current numbers, they would come up with something a lot more intense than that. Just my two cents! :-D

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So those in charge think bringing Chloe back for Philip is a great idea. Another huge mistake. The one couple that Days gave a fairytale marriage and ending being broken just for someone to pair with Philip....the nephew of her husband for crying out loud. Gross beyond words. Chloe is so vain, she couldn't do a thing but demand more attention than Belle. Bad, bad idea, Days. Don't do it.

My list of characters to cut:








There's some money in there that would free up the rest of the cast for better stories. Since Days never brought back Jack, there is no reason for the Johnson family here at all. I'd say Kayla, too but Kayla alone can add to the show same as Marlena alone can add to the show. Kate has no part really so she won't be missed and Lucas is just a pain so he needs to go with mommie. Jett is not needed. John has played his role out.

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