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Inside the Head Writers office?

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I remember on AMC's Biography on A&E the writers' room (when Culliton was writing) had this big dry erase board charting out the five episodes they were writing that week. It had the episode numbers, VTR/AIR dates, time of day the episode took place and which characters and storylines that were going to be featured each day.

They also had a big round table with a speakerphone in the center (most likely for the telephone conferencing).

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INT. AMC Writing.

B&E: Opal? Whose Opal?

Bealle: Well, She puts the ick in Psychic, the tarot in taroble. The uh...Void in ClairVoidyant?

Bulger: I'm sorry. What page are we on?

B&E : (to Bulger) You... family of the one we do not speak of. Try to keep up. We're trying to come up with a special Spike is deaf rap episode starring ZACK ZACK ZACK ZACK ZACK and Kendall. Bealle?

Bealle: Deafness is whack. I'm feeling you Zack. Don't have an attack. Greenlee should pack.

B&E: You having an off day Mandy? There wasn't one bitch rhyme or pun in that entire rap. I don't know what that is but it's NOT All My children.

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