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AMC: Wednesday

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WOW! Those last 5 minutes were intense, as well as the previews for tomorrow. Can't wait!

Cameron Mathison BROUGHT it today - he had me tearing up at the end. I haven't felt this bad for Ryan in forever. You go boy!

I know I'm in the minority - but I'm totally 'drinking the kool-aid' or whatever cute little cliche you want to use. I am feeling for my girl Greenlee - granted, I am totally rooting for Spike and Zendall and their baby #1 - but I really do still have a soft place for Greenlee Smythe and today I found myself rooting for her to survive. I LOVED the retro Millicent/Greenlee flashback. It was so Cold Case with that music and lighting. Anyway - even though Millicant may have been De-SORASed, that's ok! Hell, I'm just happy they haven't forgotton about that old, cold bitch! Keep bringing that history alive! Go 'head!

Leven was way impressive with her coked-out act today. Those first few scenes with Adam were dynamite. I loved Adam's line "Is it cold?". But of course Jonathan had to ruin it all for me. I just don't get why he has to bully everyone. He is such a threatening accuser....and I hated how he treated Adam.

Great episode! I can't wait to see more of B&E's work - and see what other good storylines they can come up with in the near future.

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I am so behind in the online world this week. Been so busy. Let me tell you what my thoughts are on B&E's first official script.

I thought the show was well written and directed as some of you have said. I though did feel the Greenlee flashback party went on far too long.... and Greenlee's eternal struggle for that phone! Argh! It took too long. That was my only real complaint. I maybe felt a bit of sympathy for her for one second but as soon as they flashed to Kendall that all disappeared. How on earth can Greenlee get past this? I dunno, B&E have quite a feat ahead of them... wait and see I suppose. I had to laugh when the paramedics all crowded around Spike and Greenlee is just left lying there.

Cameron Mathison gave the best performence of yesterday's show. Bar none. Cam really upped his game and proved to us he can act. I loved his portrayal of Ryan yesterday. It was more than just the classic stare.

Erica's Kane Women speech... awesomeness! And Kendall (Lish) had her A game too, everyone did really.

Overall impression, intense, emotional (I cried) and definitely impactful. It left me craving more.

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I was impressed that B&E reactivated Greenlee's motivations on their first day, showing that they get the character more than McT ever did.

I too thought that the casting of Margaret Reed as Millicent was odd, especially in the second flashback where Greenlee was supposed to be a teenager, although I have to admit initial excitement at seeing ATWT's Shannon again.

I also agree that Cameron Mathison was the best actor in this episode. He finally showed true emotion for the first time in years!

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