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Y&R Robin Eisenman as Nikki

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I wonder if anyone else recalls Eisenman as Nikki Reed Newman.I have never seen any mention of this but recall her quite clearly in the role at the time Nikki first met Jack Abbott - 198?

She went to his office to sell charity raffle tickets and the sparks began to fly.This was not just a one or two day fill in but seemed to be for several weeks.

Does anyone else recall this and have any info about why Melody Thomas was off the show during that time?

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She is also listed in one reference I have as originating the role of Jennifer on Search for Tomorrow,made famous by Morgan Fairchild in the 70's.

Nikki's encounter with Jack happened after she had married Victor in 84,so I would imagine it in 85 or 86.It was the beginning of the Newman/Abbott storyline.

Until that time those two families had not interacted - hard to believe in light of what has happened since!

Eisenman was OK as Nikki but I remember being disappointed that the first encounter between Jack(Terry Lester) and Nikki did not feature Melody.

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Was this around the time Melody was sick?

I remember hearing about this on her Intimate Portrait....yes I only watched it cuz of Soap Opera Week LOL.....that something happened to her, she had a bit w/ depression, even rushed her to the hospital at one point, so I was wondering maybe that was why Robin temporarily took over.

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Yes, Melody Thomas was off the show. I thought it was for a maternity leave, but it could have been an illness...I don't recall.

I wasn't initially crazy about Eisenman. She played the role with a kind of breathy sex-pot approach (think Marilyn) that just didn't connect for me with Nikki. But she filled the space.

But, then, the big climax happened. Nikki, fairly newly involved with Victor, was charged (as I recall) with organizing the "Mother's March" charity auction. It was held at the Colonnade, and everyone was there.

Now, at this point, Jack was trying to bring Nikki down. I forget why...maybe he was wise to the Newman plot to take over Mergeron. Anyway, Jack offered a huge amount (I'm going to say $10,000) if Nikki would STRIP in front of everyone in the Colonnade.

Of course, this was humiliating, and Eisenman played it PERFECTLY. She just carried the face of humiliation. I seem to recall audience members (Kay?) trying to protect her and telling Jack to sit down.

But then, Eisenman showed a strength and "pluckiness", and she decided to strip. As Jack called "take it off", she did....conveying humiliation, but in the process making JACK look bad for doing this...not her.

I also recall (it's all hazy) that as Nikki was down to her slip, Jack stood up and in a remarkably chivalrous moment, covered Nikki with his suit jacket.

It was quite moving, and well done, and Eisenman held her own.

Now, as I type this, I'm wondering where Victor was in all of this....

Can anyone fill in these details?

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Thanks for the info!

As for the details,I will dig through old SOD'S to see what I can come up with. I did unearth he Nov 6 84 issue which details Jack &Nikki's first encounter.

A brief summary:

The Children's Hospital contacts Nikkiand asks her to chair a charity benefit-a dinner dance at The Colonnade Room.

Victor thinks the perfect place to begin is Jabot Cosmetics-get them to donate party favors and buy a couple of tables.

Knowing Jack's reputation as a womanizer,Nikki flirts with him to get a donation.What Nikki doesn't know is that Jack has sworn off women due to all the problems they caused him!

He resents a sexy little flirt coming on to him for a donation.

"You think you can waltz into my office,wiggle your behind,make goo-goo eyes at me and I'll write a blank check?"Jack lashes out at her "Sorry lady,wrong number"

Highly insulted,Nikki storms out of his office.

Also,at this time,Victor is helping Douglas ,who is pining after Boobsie(!!)

Kay buys the negatives of Jack and Jill from Lindsey.

Dina is troubled by Brents presence in town.

Tyrone is undercover.

Lauren is getting involved with Shawn,unaware he is obsessed with her

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