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Y&R Discussion: Week of June 25th

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There are good stories, and the characters are interesting enough that even when the story isn't strongest I still want to watch for the characters. There are very few I don't enjoy watching on Y/R. One thing Y/R does right is it figures out clusters of characters who work well together.

This week was excellent, with the Politics story, the returns, the frenemy stuff... just about everythign across the board. I even love to hate Brad again (for awhile I just hated him).

It's definately moved up a notch or two. I absolutely LOVED Victor's face when he turned to the unsuspecting David, and really loved the entire interaction after. VI and EB work quite well together. I think the character of David has finally found a spot after being written all over the map. I'm gonna LOVE to get a ringside seat for the next Victor/David battle.:)

Had to LOVE Jack gloating, too. :D

I tend to like almost everyone on the various sides of a conflict... the battles and battlelines drawn make the shows interesting.

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