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Stefano catches Hope snooping in the DiMera mansion this week on DOOL, but Steve saves her with a kiss.

"Hope's there to look for Colleen's letters to Santo," sets up Kristian Alfonso.

And Steve arranges for an easy entry by drugging Tony, Anna and Bart. "Hope walks into the living room and sees them all passed out and piled together," explains KA.

Hope "searches everywhere, but cannot find the letters anywhere," sighs KA. "Then she checks under a cushion and there they are. She takes pictures of them with her camera phone."

But she fails to make a picture-perfect getaway. "Stefano walks in and catches her red-handed," gasps KA. "It's a scary moment. Stefano asks what Hope's done. Then he thrusts his hands around her throat."

Fortunately, Steve races to Hope's rescue, covering that she's there to see him. "He does this whole song and dance saying that they're a couple," explains KA. "Then he kisses Hope. She is totally taken aback, but she has to suck it up, no pun intended, and go along with it. Otherwise, Hope is jeapordizing a lot of lives."

Too bad that once Hope makes her escape, Steve spills all to a suspicious Stefano, who tells Tony to *let* the Bradys learn the devastating truth about who killed Colleen.

"Bo and Hope want to get to the bottom of the 25 years of hatred between these two familes," sums up KA. "They have no idea they could be opening a Pandora's box."


And Baby Makes 4

Sami and Lucas get big baby news this week on DOOL: They're having a boy...and a girl! And EJ is the father of both.

"Sami asks Lucas if he'll be able to handle it if EJ is the father of both babies," sets up Bryan Dattilo of the scenes before the paternity results come in. "For the first time, Lucas admits that he doesn't know."

But Lucas urges Sami "not to worry, there's still a chance neither of these babies is EJ's," notes BD. "He promises Sami that she can count on him in any situation. It's going to be hard, but they can get through it."

Not if meddling mama Kate has anything to say about it. She blackmails Nick into making sure the DNA tests "prove" EJ is the dad. Later, Nick delivers his made-up results to Marlena, who shares the bad news with Sami and Lucas.

"Lucas isn't happy, of course, but he's supportive," assures BD. "He has to stay strong for Sami, who is devastated and hysterical. Lucas isn't going to let any paternity test get in the way of his marriage. What they have is once in a lifetime."

Meanwhile, Kate delivers the paternity news to EJ, who can't wait to talk to Sami about custody of their unborn twins.

"Lucas knows that EJ wants Sami, so the fear of losing her is in the back of his mind," says BD.

And in front of EJ's.


-The DOOL villain that's being axed = Bart [steve Blackwood], who's being written out permanently

-Peter Reckell and his wife are expecting their first child in November


Sneak Peeks

Week of June 25

Stephanie suspects Chelsea has feelings for Jett.

Roman confesses to an indiscretion.

Max wants out of his deal with Jeremy.

Stefano accuses EJ of lying to him.

Can't miss - Fri June 29 - Belle and Phillip receive their divorce papers.

Week of July 2

Roman admits his attraction to Anna.

An argument causes Stefano to collapse.

Belle, Phillip and Claire spend a family day together.


What Did You Think of the Sopranos Finale?

Martha Madison: "It's like the audience got whacked!"

Jay Kenneth Johnson: "I liked it. I thought it was great...I think Tony was shot, because when he was sitting in the boat with Bobby, Tony said, 'When you get shot, everything goes black.' and that's what happened."

Random Quotes

"Nobody kisses like Leann. It's those lips. Those cushion lips." --DOOL's Thaao Penghlis

Public Opinion

Yay for Jay!

I wanted to thank your publication for singling out DOOL's Jay Kenneth Johnson in its June 12 Applause, Applause column as the outstanding performer of the week of May 14. This recognition is well-deserved. Producer Ken Corday and HW Hogan Sheffer wooed Jay back with promises of a 'big story'. Where is it? Jay's been delivering - this honor is testament to that. I hope Corday and Sheffer give Jay a storyline that places Phillip Kiriakis front and center. I hope the network keeps him in mind for future prime time series. Thanks again for singling out this very gifted actor. ~Steve O'Brien, via email.

Reunited, but it doesn't feel so good

It was wonderful to see DOOL's John wake up after months and months of being backburnered. the scene where he asked Marlena for a kiss and she responded was magical. Unfortunately for John and Marlena fans, that was it. I was so disappointed that they didn't even get some time to reconnect as a couple before heading off to tend to everyone else. And how annoying was Belle badgering her father about Claire before he could even say 'Hello' to Marlena? Hogan Sheffer dropped the ball on what could have been a wonderful reunion. Now all I have to look forward to is John and Marlena being Sami's 'helpers' in their 'big' summer storyline. ~JoAnn C., Boston.

Mail Call - DOOL - Thanks to EJ and Sami, fans are redefining rape and romance.


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LOL. Yes. I meant today though. I would have expected the writers to have forgotten about that, but for once they actually write something that does make sense. So Roman feel attracted by Anna nowadays too? I mean, these latest 20 years, Marlena and Kate has been the only women in his life.

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i'm fine with Roman being attracted to Anna still, he needs a story of some sort....Hopefully this leads to a Roman, Anna, Tony, Kate storyline..that would be great...

and about Roman still being attracted to Anna...People reconnect with loves/flames from the past all the time..Just ask Frankie!!! Jk, lets not go there...

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About Bart, i'm thinking either two things happen...Maybe he finds out that Tony is really Andre, and Tony kills him before he can reveal the truth...Or someone (Lucas maybe) tries to take out EJ, Stefano or Tony and Bart ends up taking the bullet...Either way i'm glad its bart that got axed and not Victor...

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Bart should never have returned. While he's good for a laugh, he made the Dimeras look incompetent. There's no way I could take either Stephano or Tony seriously with that fool around.

But I feel for the actor. To be fired in a matter of weeks when he was gone for months is humiliating.

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I have a feeling that the "purpose" of both Bart and Rolf was to showcase Tony's (or "Tony's") insanity and that, with Stefano back in control and noticing that his son is out of control, they'd end up gone.

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