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Ryan all of the sudden with all this rage ready to punch Zach did not make a lick of sense. Ryan really is the one who this all falls back on but of course we don't hear that, we just hear how awful Zach is and how he played god and destroyed everyone's life. Thank goodness Kendall stood up to the witch and Ryan and told Annie to mind her own damn business. Annie was not here then, she has no right to go off on Zach or say any thing about it. I wanted for the first time to seriosuly whack Annie. Now she is going to feel sorry for Greenlee?

The best part about today was Kendall telling that witch where to go. I mean I at times love to hate Greenlee, but today I just plain hated the witch.

Adam and J.R's scenes were so intense an powerful. Jacob and David play so well off each other and how the scenes went from comedic to dramatic at a drop of the hat.

Adam: Ahh Papa Boozie, and Mama Floozy, oh what you will teach your son! :lol:

And then Adam and Colby's sweet scene at the end. I thought today's episode overall was fantastic and the dialog was awesome. Thank you Joanna Cohen for at least making the dialog insightful.

One thing I did find very refreshing about the Krystal/Babe/Colby scenes is Babe and Krystal were saying how rough it is when someone you love hurts you.... Colby then said how can you say that when both of you did the exact same thing to your husbands. Friggin right! I don't think we would have had that type of exchange under McTavish. Babe and Krystal may still be "victims" persay but at least their [[email protected]#$%^&*] aint being swept under the rug. And in a way Ryan's isn't either, the play dead fiasco, while not being played up as much as it should, at least is still being mentioned. It was like McTavish just sort of pretended it never happened. I don't think the character of Ryan Lavery will ever recover from the decimation that storyline did to the character. Never ever.

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I actually liked Annie for the first time yesterday because she had a valid point. Zach's actions had consequences for people far beyond Ryan, Kendall, & Greenlee and up until now that whole aspect of what he did has been swept under the rug.

Greenlee has now become Whinelee to me. I hope TPTB realize bringing her back was a huge mistake and get rid of her.

I liked how Krystal & Babe admitted their mistakes to Colby. I would have been better if they couldn't understand her point of view since they've always been the cheaters, not the cheated on, but still it was good.

Sean definitely needs a slap.

The highlight for me was the Adam/JR scenes.

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All I have to say is if Jonathan can get off scott free for murdering three people, holding three women hostage and beating and terrorizing numerous other women... then I don't even want to hear any of these characters (especially Ryan) act sanctimonious.

Ryan -- ESPECIALLY RYAN -- who didn't care about all of the ramifications of Zach's actions when he exposed the blackout. He just did it because he was hot for Kendall. It had nothing to do with a host of other people being affected by the blackout as well, and he was exposing it as a service to the infertile citizens of PV at large. It was all for purely selfish reasons.

But then again, RYAN needs to remember that if he didn't stage his death, Greenlee wouldn't have gotten herself inseminated on David's freakin' COUCH, thereby making her body reject the pregnancy and in turn have her not be able to carry a baby to term... which got the ball rolling.

Yes, everyone in this situation was responsible for their own decisions, but sometimes, as it was in this case, decisions are made out of desperate reactions to situations created by someone or something other than themselves -- an in this case, it was Ryan who created this situation. He needs to own it. He went to Zach to fake his death. If he left Zach out of it, Zach wouldn't have known Ryan was dead, and then Zach wouldn't have made the decision to keep his wife (the woman he had started to fall in love with) from getting pregnant with a baby of another man who was still and didn't want a child.

Yes, I will defend Zach in this instance until the cows come home (and I think Kendall had every right to chew Annie and Ryan out -- especially since they were in Zach and Kendall's house making all of this noise), because Zach's not the only guilty party. Zach's not the only one who took away people's choices. Ryan took away Greenlee's choices. Greenlee took away Ryan's choices getting inseminated and ruining sperm samples herself along the way when she broke into the clinic.

I not buying this weird story point they seem to be pushing of Kendall, Ryan and Greenlee being this close, loving trinity. If I'm not mistaken, Rylee treated Kendall like gutter shit for the better part of a year. And then about six months after Rylee's 1 year anniversary, Greenlee was gone. Greenlee and Kendall only started getting close around the time Ryan faked his death. So the three of them were never like this BFF threesome.

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