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1.(1) Ryan Chandler - Guiding Light

2.(2) AlwaysAMC- As The World Turns

3.(3) Steve Frame - General Hospital

4.(4) King- Days of our Lives

5.(5) Mitchapalooza- One Life To Live

6.(6) DanTheMan- All My Children

7.(7) R!ck- The Young and the Restless

8.(8) Actor87- The Bold and the Beautiful

9.(20) Scotty- Passions

10.(10) Kenny- Port Charles

11.(11) PhoenixRising05- Sunset Beach

12.(15) SweetNYGal- - Another World

13.(9) amcfan_19- Loving/The City

14.(21) JointStrikeFighter- Santa Barbara

15.(12) Cheap21- Generations

16.(14) DruRocks- Ryan's Hope

17.(16) AMCZendallFan- Capitol

18.(13) Joe- Search For Tomorrow

19.(26) Mason- The Edge of Night

20.(17) Keith- Texas

21.(-) DevotedtoAMC- The Doctors

22.(18) darraholic- Love of Life

23.(19) WTGH- Lovers & Friends/For Richer, For Poorer

24.(30) Drew Hamilton- Somerset

25.(22) Toups- How to Survive a Marriage

26.(23) All My Shadows- The Secret Storm

27.(28) KMan101- Return to Peyton Place

28.(38) soapsuds- Love is a Many Splendored Thing

29.(24) Chris B- Where the Heart Is

30.(32) juniorz1- Bright Promise

31.(36) Amello- A World Apart

32.(29) Na'Vell J Lee- Dark Shadows

33.(33) QSteph- The Best of Everything

34.(25) crc- Hidden Faces

35.(27) Drew- The Nurses

36.(34) bellcurve- A Time for Us

37.(-) mateo22- Paradise Bay

38.(37) winterguy125- Morning Star

39.(-) Alky Angel- Never Too Young

40.(35) Bree- The Young Marrieds


1. DaysFanJean

2. Hartless

3. Ms Walsh

4. KBT

5. psychofan

6. oakdalelover

7. Josh

8. KaneWomen2005

9. MatineeGirl

10. Matt (WELCOME BACK!)

DEBUTS: DevotedtoAMC, mateo22, and AlkyAngel!!! WAY TO GO GUYS!!!

KNOCKED OUT OF THE TOP 40: MarlandRulez, Hartless, Ms Walsh

BIGGEST RISERS: Scotty, SweetNYGal, JointStrikeFighter, Mason, DrewHamilton, soapsuds, Amello

BIGGEST TUMBLERS- amcfan_19, Joe, darraholic, WTGH, Chris B, crc, Drew, Bree

THE BEST OF EVERYTHING..... once again is QSteph! Way to defend the streak of my fave posters landing on this soap!

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