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Ugh, it can be so frustrating working out and feeling like you're not getting anywhere. I know have, but still sometimes there is just those days where you feel like all that hard work isn't paying off! LoL

I hope everyone's having a great week, :)

^^ I hear that. All my fat concentrates in one area... stomach... and sometimes I think it's getting smaller and then I don't. Blah!!

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Hell Yeah Ryan. I saw it last night and I was laughing my ass off. Lil' Cheney cracked me up.

I loved it man. Last week's episode was good. Lil' Bush wanted to go to "Iraqistan" to buy his dad a gift from "Bagadad" for Father's Day.

Then the group made a bet on who can kiss the first girl. Lil' Bush decided he wanted to kiss Lil' Laura, but couldn't because he wasn't a sinner (she was in a prayer group). So he tried to kill Jeb so he'd be a sinner, until Barbara told him that they're all sinners.

I love when he says to Laura, "he he, you're so chubby. I could just eat you up."

Oh yeah, and Lil' Cheney got stuck in Barbara Bush's snatch so they had to do an abortion.

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How sad....you like Hannah Montana...... :unsure:

It's not sad.

I'm southern. We like seeing our kind on TV. I'm not hick southern, but it still does the trick for me.

And hello? You KNEW the song, so that means you know of the show and have seen it. It's not sad!! I'm mortified and offended that anyone could even think that! Mortified and offended!!!!

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^ I must add, however, that the show is SO stupid when Billy Ray's character puts just a moutstache on as a disguise. I mean, on that show, I think he's a former big celeb too. And allt hat keeps people from knowing him is a freakin' MOUSTACHE?!!! YOu have GOT TO be kidding me! And anyone who can't tell Miley from Hannah on that show needs to be shot, killed and stuffed in the back of a trunk and sent to the bottom of the ocean. I can't believe how DUMBED DOWN those characters are! And people think soaps are silly!

There's NO WAY that a celeb could conceal their identity like that.


It has NEVER been done.


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