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Bionic Woman: Discussion Thread


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BIONIC WOMAN - Episode Information and Ratings (Numbers are from Nielsen Media Research)

Episode 1.1: "Pilot"

Air Date: September 26, 2007

Written By: Laeta Kalogridis

Directed By: Michael Dinner

Viewers: 13.91 million

18-49: 5.7/14

Episode 1.2: "Paradise Lost"

Air Date: October 3, 2007

Written By: Jason Smilovic

Directed By: Tim Matheson

Viewers: 11.07 million

18-49: 4.1/10

Episode 1.3: "Sisterhood"

Air Date: October 10, 2007

Written By: David Eick

Directed By: Steve Boyum

Viewers: 10.28 million

18-49: 3.9/10

Episode 1.4: "Faceoff"

Air Date: October 17, 2007

Written By: Robert Rovner & Jon Cowan

Directed By: Paul Shapiro

Viewers: 8.62 million

18-49: 3.4/9

Episode 1.5: "The Education of Jaime Sommers"

Air Date: October 24, 2007

Written By: Elizabeth Heldens

Directed By: Jonas Pate

Viewers: 7.81 million

18-49: 3.3/8

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Katims boards ‘Bionic Woman’

‘Friday’ man new consultant for show


"Bionic Woman" is adding a new piece of creative hardware.

Jason Katims, showrunner of NBC's "Friday Night Lights," is coming aboard "Bionic" as a consultant. He's expected to help with shaping and writing scripts.

Katims will continue to focus the bulk of his energies on running the critically worshipped "FNL," which begins its second season on Oct. 5.

Hiring comes in the wake of the departure of co-showrunner Glen Morgan last week (Daily Variety, Sept. 7). David Eick remains in place as showrunner, working with exec producer Jason Smilovic.

While "FNL" is known for its gritty realism, Katims' resume makes him a good fit for "Bionic": Scribe first broke through as the creator-exec producer of UPN's sci-fi-tinged "Roswell."

And while "Bionic" is an actioner, Eick and his team are hoping to give the show the same sort of character depth as the Eick-produced "Battlestar Galactica."

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Glen Morgan exits ‘Bionic Woman’

NBC insiders cite ‘creative diffrences’


"Bionic Woman" is losing one of its showrunners.

Glen Morgan, best known for his work on "The X-Files," is departing the NBC newcomer, effective immediately. Peacock insiders cited "creative differences" as the cause of the departure.

David Eick remains in place as showrunner and will assume all responsibility for day-to-day production of the series, working with exec producer Jason Smilovic.

NBC issued a statement thanking Morgan for his contributions to establishing a template for "Bionic" and said it was looking forward to the show debuting later this month as scheduled.

There had been word around town that "Bionic" was also shutting down production, but an NBC rep said that isn't the case. However, industry insiders believe it's possible the show—which is now in production on its fifth episode -- still might take a break for a while in order to give the writers a chance to focus on refining the show's directions.

Shutting down production doesn't always have a negative impact on a new show's future. ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" and "Brothers & Sisters" both took brief hiatuses early in their run -- and went on to become hits.

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Pilots always go through changes though. Sometimes for the better (Brothers & Sisters) and sometime it doesn't really affect the show.

I'm okay with them recasting Jamie's younger sister.

I wouldn't worry about Glen Morgan leaving. David Eick is the showrunner and as long as he's there, I think BW will do fine.

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