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Cavemen from Geico Commercials get TV Pilot


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ABC Develop Geico Ad Cavemen Into TV Project

A.J. Frutkin

MARCH 02, 2007 -

As network comedy continues to suffer through an extended down-cycle, it's no surprise that the commercials running in those sitcoms often are funnier than the shows themselves. What is surprising is that ABC is now looking to those ads--specifically, the Geico cavemen ads--for inspiration.

The network is developing a half-hour comedy project based on the Geico ads. Produced by ABC TV Studio, the project revolves around three thirtysomething "cavemen" who battle bigotry in modern-day Atlanta.

The pilot was written by Joe Lawson, the copywriter who came up with the cavemen ads at the Richmond, Va.-based Martin Agency.

Ooooookay... :blink:

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On the surface, I agree. But has this EVER been done before? I brings up so many questions, such as: will the Geico ads featuring cavemen still run? And won't other advertisers get jealous and turn the pressure on ABC to center scripted programming around their ad icons?! I just get a really bad feeling about the wars that could begin between advertisers and the network.

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