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AMC: Monday

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Oh, boy, I just watched my tape!!


*bows to McTavish*

I'm not worthy!

I'm not worthy!

I'm not worthy!

That was just one of the most entertaining and fulfilling hours of daytime television I've experienced in 2007.

"AMC" just does NOT stop.

Granted, I feel, as a Bosh fan, that I'm gasping for air since his psychotic-like decisions are threatening justified fanhood, but still, it's just amazing to see that Erica now knows EVERYTHING. The jig is up!

As for Zendall, I can actually call them that silly nickname because today's INCREDIBLE letter made me a fan of them. I HATED them before. Now I get it. I don't even mind that the kid is named Spike and that Zach is such a dork and calls him "The Spike Man." It's just incredible, endearing drama!

And don't even get me started on the warehouse drama. I mean, this is bordering on my excitement from 2000 when Sheridan was buried alive and Luis had to save her...this is just high stakes, AMAZING stuff.

I'll have to read some of your comments as I'm incoherent for the most part. I'm just too taken aback by all this greatness!

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