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AMC: Wednesday

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Alicia and Thorsten are cracking me up today. I'm loving Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Suarez in Las Vegas!

I still can't get over how much Bobbie Eakes looks like Alexa/Babe today...even though most people don't like their characters around here, this is one of the best mother/daughter casting decisions ever made on a soap.

Babe doesn't realize where she is or what's been going on. She'll flip when she knows that Krystal and Little A thinks she's dead and Josh is hiding her from them. But it'll probably only take a day or two before she forgives Josh...blah.

Glad Bianca found Zoe.

Ok well Derek is a jerk - I understand that he's focused on finding the Satin Slayer, but the least he could do is get someone on the staff to get on this case.

EDIT: WHOA, so thank you Bianca for bringing up Terrence Frye and the entire Hate Crime story of the early 90's! And how dare Derek say that he was born black, but gays and TG's aren't born that way and they shouldn't be given the same treatment/concern as Terrence was back in the day. I'm glad this was all brought up though, as it's a relevant social issue, but I'm sure we're only going to get this 1-2 scenes about it and that's all.

Ok so there are major 'forgive JR and be sad for him' scenes, just as Zoe tells everyone that JR left her for dead...so now we're supposed to be torn on whether to hate or feel sorry for JR, just as the characters on the show are torn.

The Cambias funeral/graveyard set - hmmm, looks just the Pine Valley park and funeral sets. ;)

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Eden, Alexa and Bobbie were riverting to watch today. Loved when Bianca went off on Derek. I think she could have been alitte more fierce thou. She seemed to calm to me for the tone of those scenes. I wanted to see her go off on someone completely. Eden had alot of room there but she choose to down play her anger more or less. I think the scene would have been stronger if she reacted stronger. It seemed like she was just scowleding Derek for eating too many donuts not about Derek's bias against Trasngenders and Gays.

I love Babe/Josh but even I thought Josh went to far with the whole deciet thing. I understand they want to make sure she is safe from the serial killer and I understand that he wants to keep her safe and calm and he wants her healed so I can understand. But he better tell her the truth as soon as she gets better. Hopefully Babe won't be too mad he did after all save her life.

Jacob did an okay job today. I liked the last scenes. I almost felt sorry for him and then I remembered what an [!@#$%^&*] he truely is for leaving Zoe in the bushes and telling her those menacing things. He can go to hell. I hope Bianca does a better job chewing JR out then she did with Derek.

Zendell was boring to me. But I did catch the first scenes. I think Minshew does great with comedy she reminds me of Debra Messing

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Uh no not hardly, nothing like anything Greenlee and Ryan would do, cause for one Ryan couldn't pull anything like this off and as much as I like Greenlee in no way could I ever see her pulling off being a gangster's wife.

It was very Luke and Laura-ish

Pine Charles watch it and judge for yourself ;)

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Enjoyed the Sonny and Carla Suarez stuff (tsk, shout out to Sonny and Carly...I'll look past that). AM was working that accent, attitude. I was disappointed the accent didn't carry on while she was talking with the nurse, sigh. It was fun, it reminded me of classic building-a-supercouple adventure stuff, not contrived Ryan/Greenlee butterfly/cocoon stuff *shudders* at the memory of Rylee.

Jacob Young did a really good job with his scenes even though I just really don't care (been there, done that and I'm sure I'll say this 4 more times before the year is over in the circle of Jabe), but the Krystal/JR scenes came off like potential lovers having a discussion a little too often, AND it was the writing more than the acting. Is Bettina B. back? She has to be back, I haven't heard such "romantic" dialouge between inappropriate characters since Bettina.

Babe/Josh, been there, done that - him psuedo stalkerish, her psuedo-leading him on. I mean it has it's sweet moments, but eh... Can't they just write this in a non-fluffing (Babe), non-hacking (switches between JR and Josh, but mostly JR), non-stalking (Josh), non-repetitive (everything) way. Can't they try? Sigh.

Zach piecing it together through Babe's faked death, contrived...but good work by Thorsten nontheless. You can see him starting to drown in the demons of his past again - the pulling away stuff and all.

The thing about Bianca bringing up Terrence is it would have had more impact with somebody who wasn't 5-6 at the time and was barely in town. Jack could have said it. Livia! Well Livia is out of luck in the recurring character exchange program. Maybe it should have gone: "I remember Livia telling me...," not the indignant "I was there and you blah, blah" (she didn't literall sya that, but she was syaing it as if she was there). But otherwise, good stuff, the story has to have some not-so-understanding characters for the dramatic effect. I wonder if Bianca is going to bitch-slap JR.

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